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T-Shirts, Shoes, Action Figures: The Most Complete Guide of The Walking Dead Merchandise

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We are writing this guide about Walking Dead Merchandise because, The Walking Dead is everyone’s favorite show, even for those who aren’t the horror type fans. The story and twists make the show fascinating to watch. As new characters come and go at the unexpected timing, nothing can be sure about what will happen next. It’s a highly recommended and rated television series that is currently giving competition to the other genre in the small screen category. It has completed more than six seasons, which is a great achievement in today’s competition of ‘survival.’

The Walking Dead costumes are a must for Halloween events, but there is much more that the fans love. Boys and girls are all about wearing something cool, funky, extraordinary, and stylish when it comes to them dressing casually and that is where the walking dead clothing comes in. T-shirts are the obvious choice along with the hoodies. Therefore, this AMC the walking dead merchandise guide includes a collection of the best-looking walking dead apparel for him and walking dead clothing for women.

The list starts with the amc walking dead apparel;

The Walking Dead T Shirts

Beginning the walking dead merchandise list with a collection of the most ruthlessly cool the walking dead t-shirt…


Walker To Do List T-Shirt


Hands Blood Splatter Logo T-Shirt


keep calm Tshirt walking dead

Keep Calm And…Zombie AMC T-Shirt

walking dead if daryl die riot black t shirt

Daryl Riot Girls T-Shirt


Beware I Bite Reversible Shirt

walking dead black t shirt

Wall Decal Sticker Long Sleeve T-Shirt

walking dead grey shirt

Negan Zombie Shirt


Four Survivors T-Shirt


Two Fire Logo 2015 T-Shirt


Grimes Dixon 2016 T-Shirt


Because Daryl Said So T-Shirt


Daryl Dixon Wings and Walker Patch T-Shirt

walking dead shirt

Walking Dead T-Shirt

Here there are some brilliantly printed the walking dead shirts including the forever popular the walking dead daryl shirts including the Daryl Dixon wings shirt. Of course, nobody follows the basic rule of a t-shirt being made for a particular gender. Teenage girls will put on walking dead shirts for men and roam around. They are more than welcome to do that with these shirts as it comes under the walking dead t-shirts women category too. However, if there are particular boys and girls out there that prefer specifically stitched clothing, they can choose which rick grimes t-shirts and guys walking dead Daryl Dixon shirt they want as they are hot favorites. There are various colors other than the most preferred, black. The attractive element lies in the print as you can see in the walking dead survivor t-shirt. The walking dead shirt logos will show people that you stepped out of your comfort zone by wearing a dark and violent design and making it look good.

The Walking Dead Hoodies

The next collection of the walking dead merchandise you can check out is the walking dead sweatshirts.


The Walking Dead Walkers Attack Hoodie

dixon angel hoodie

Daryl Dixon Wings Zip Up Hoodie


Fluffy Angel Wings Zip-Up Hoodie


Zombies Eat Brains So Don’t Worry You’re Safe Hoodie

walking dead hoodie

Crossed Guns Black Zippered Hoodie


Dixon Archery Mens Pullover Hoodie

walking dead rick grimes hoodie

Rick Graphic Hoodie

These are the walking dead hoodie items that you would normally see someone wear for jogging or during the winter. But the only difference here is that the logos make it more unique. You will end up looking more presentable especially in the Daryl Dixon hoodie. If you are tired of wearing black hoodies, don’t worry. We got you ‘covered.’ The hoodies in the list come in various colors, and the girls will love it. These are also unisex clothing, but there are some that are made specifically. Therefore, while placing your order for the walking dead hoodies above, you can select which color and type you want.

The Walking Dead Shoes

You saw the t-shirts and hoodies. The next Walking Dead merchandise for you to check out are the walking dead shoes.

dead man daryl shoes

The Walking Dead Casual  Shoes

walking dead luminous shoes

Walking Dead Luminous Shoes

walking dead canvas shoes ladies

Walking Dead Lace-Up Low-Top Canvas Shoes

zombie shoes

Zombie Hunting Sneakers

walking dead shoes womens

New Walking Dead Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes the trendy shoes of 2016. Girls and boys are wearing this more often than they wear slippers. The Daryl Dixon shoes and other footwear that you see on the list are for men and women. Keep in mind, the pricing of the shoes depends on the size. Different retailers will impose their prices, so it’s not on all the shoes. Moreover, they have been made especially for you to wear with any other casual outfit. Each of these can complement your look immeasurably. It’s about time that fans show their love for their favorite television show.

The Walking Dead Toys

That was the clothing section. The next of section the Walking Dead merch that fans can have as a collectible item is the toys and action figures.

walking dead action figure

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Action Figure


The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon With Chopper


The Walking Dead TV Dale’s RV


Morgan Jones With Impaled Walker and Spike Trap


10” Michonne Deluxe Figure


Series 9 Beth Greene Action Figure


Series 3 Michonne’s Pet Zombie


Negan Vinyl Bust Bank

Including Negan’s toy was a must. He is cast as the new villain in the latest season of the Walking Dead. The remaining action figures are quite famous as they have appeared in the show too. Negan is a hot favorite character in the comics, and now he’s brought that same amount of popularity to the new season. These are perfect for collectibles and are highly demanded by all fans. These are the best-selling action figures, so you need to hurry up and order if you need it soon.

As the AMC Walking Dead merchandise collection ends, there is one thing that all those who are die-hard fans can use. Since everyone likes the classic board games other than the walking dead clothes, there is three recommended Walking Dead board game that your family/friends should play.

  1. The Walking Dead TV Board Game
  2. The Walking Dead Trivia Game
  3. Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition)

Of course, these are three very different games that you and your friends and family can enjoy when it’s raining outside, or you have nothing else to do. The age limits are written as well, so be attentive about that. Furthermore, board games, shoes, t-shirts, and hoodies can become great gifts for birthdays. It’s a unique take, but it pays off. Hopefully, you will follow the walking dead merch guide and pick your favorite item, like how everyone goes crazy after the set of Daryl Dixon merchandise or the walking dead sweater, and have a great experience with it as every fan has in the walking dead gift shop.

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