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22 Unusual Skull Wedding Rings for Couples

Some people choose simple ways for getting married while some couples throw huge parties and pop bottles of Champaign but have you ever seen couples wearing black funeral outfits or scary costumes with zombie face paints during this occasion? Yeah it’s a popular trend because there are couples who likes to represent and share their lifestyle interest with the world. You may find punks who grace the wedding spotlight with a twist of rock metal music or bad-ass bikers that wear fierce outfits and bring a whole notorious club gang at the celebration. Yeah and the most important thing they do is exchange rings in a shape of skull. You and your sweetheart too can exchange the same because below I’ve prepared some rare and bizarre styles of skull wedding rings to add a spooky look.


gothic couple

Gothic Crown Ring Gold Rose

Crown Prince Gothic Women’s Ring (Product Page)

Crown your adorable princess with this beautiful as well as frightening womens skull ring. A very popular choice among dark and scary couples.

Skull Ring with Flower

Rose Pink Knuckle Rings (Product Page)

Create a statement with this beautiful skull knuckle ring that features a pretty flower. High quality and comfort fit, add it to your cart for a rose funeral merch set.

Cubic Gothic Skull Ring

Skull Cubic Vintage Gothic Ring (Product Page

Offer a ring that’ll remain in the heart forever such as this unusual and wonderful ring for a Gothic wife.

Gothic Alien Mens Stainless Steel

Gothic Alien Ring (Product Page)
This one is a non-tarnishing and last longing skull ring for men to endure the relationship. Not to mention how ghostly it looks.

Mens Vintage Gothic Ring

Black Skull Gothic Stainless Ring (Product Page)

It doesn’t get scarier than this, a classic style Gothic ring that goes extremely well with the dark outfit and fashion accessories like a necklace.

Red Stone Women Gothic Ring Jewelry

Skull with Stone Ring (Product Page)

This is one of the best choice Womens skull wedding rings to extend the relationship.

Skull Bracelet With Flower Ring

Skull Bracelet Ring for Women (Product Page)

Another beautiful and most elegant design women’s bracelet ring with a skull on the middle. Also a nice piece of accessory for Halloween.

Tribal Gothic Skull Band For Men

Men’s Skull Blue Stainless Steel Ring (Product Page)

This eye-catching two-faced ring will add a twisted touch to your wedding occasion. In comparison to other rings, this one deserves to be part of your celebration.


Rock and Metal Couples

Men's Stainless Steel Evil Skull Ring

Skull Evil Punk Ring (Product Page)

Looks evil from the outside but made especially for men who extremely love his fiancee more than anything.

Him and Her Stainless Skull ring Set

Him and Her Stainless Skull Ring Set (Product Page)

A set of skull rings for couples who like to flip middle finger and listen to rock metal music. it’s a worthy gift for lovers.

Skull Ring Silver Cubic Zirconia AdjustableSkull Silver Cubic Adjustable Ring (Product Page)

There are different styles of skull ring for ladies but this one is unique and adds a total beauty to a wedding occasion.

Vintage Punk Skull Head Rings

Head Skull Vintage Ring (Product Page)

Keep it closer and stick together forever but you got to proof it. Do it with this ugly design skull heads ring.

Resin Stone with Frontal Skull Punk Ring

Punk Rock Frontal Skull with Resin Stone Ring (Product Page)

A cool and yet, awesome style of ring for rock metal fans. It also features a resin stone, best to offer as a wedding token.

Punk Skull Sapphire Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring Punk Skull Sapphire (Product Page)

Get a load of this most impeccable and rocking design ring with featured skull and sapphire stones.


Blue Aquamarine Black Skull Ring

Skull Ring Black w/ Blue Aquamarine (Product Page)

Another beautiful and worthy choice for ladies. This black trendy ring defines the value of relationship and makes it stay alive forever.


Bikers Couple

Cross Skull Biker Ring Blue Glasses

Blue Glasses Skull Biker Ring (Product Page)

Heavy bikers prefer something extreme and evil. For a Bad-ass biker, this exclusive Skull Blue Glasses Ring is just the deal.

American Skull Flag Ring

Smoking Skull Ring (Product Page)

Show your patriotic impression with featured American Flag Skull Ring specially made for Heavy Bikers.

Bikers Stainliess steel Ring

Stainless Steel Skull Biker Ring (Product Page)

Don’t know what her reaction will be when you offer this biker ring. Who Cares! at least your girlfriend loves it so buy it.

Womens Bikers Ring Fashion Sterling Steel

Skull Angel Ring for Women (Product Page

Extreme girlfriend with funky tattoo needs to have this precious skull ring for women because it is beautifully crafted and represent biker’s interest.

Biker Punk Blue Skull Ring

Stainless Steel Blue Skull Ring (Product Page)

An ugly blue skull is perfect to add an accent of love into your relationship. What really attracts is the way it looks.

Skull Coffin Vintage ring

Skull Coffin Vintage Ring (Product Page)

It’s not a ring for dead but rather a pure vintage design coffin stainless steel jewelry for bikers.

Scorpion skull ring

Scorpion Skull Ring (Product Page)

A very scary but freakishly awesome design skull with scorpion ring. Comfort fit and stainless material for Bikers.

Now you realize how many odd rings are there in different designs especially the one listed above especially some mens Gothic rings type. Yeah it’s true not everyone will choose them for their love, but still, these skull wedding rings for men and women represent own their uniqueness. No matter what other think of your interest, there is always something available to make it more appealing. Stay posted for more cool ideas this season. Also share it with other antique collectors.

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