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What Color Shoes to Wear with a Grey Suit

Grey Suit and Shoes

Black, blue, and grey are three of the most timeless suits and you’ll see most men switching between them for different occasions, it won’t be wrong if we say these suits are a staple. But just like any formal wear, you can just wear it with anything to call it a day. However black suit is the king in terms of formality all you need is a plain black oxford and you’re done.

Today we’re going to talk about timeless grey suits and what shoes, shirt, and tie are you supposed to wear with them.

We’ll start off with the most formal, and go towards more casual styles. Here is what color shoes with grey suit are the most appropriate, plus a shirt and tie combinations.

The Charcoal Suit

Charcoal Suit Men

What shoes to wear with charcoal suit

The charcoal suit is lesser formal compared to the black suit, but it’s still the most formal of all the shades of grey because it’s darker. It’s best if you wear it with oxfords, capped toes, or whole-cut shoes. As for colors sick to darker tones like black and burgundy to maintain the dressed-up look.

Shirts to wear with charcoal suit

For a charcoal grey suit, a white shirt is hands down the best option, because it’s something that’s very formal, a shirt with a spread collar and no chest pockets are the most appropriate style to go with your suit. A white shirt can also go with almost any color you can think of; therefore, you should have one no matter what. Alternatively, you can also try a pastel blue or pink shirt if you don’t want white.

Tie colors that go with charcoal suit

Everything that you wear with your charcoal suit should be dark except for the shirt, and we can’t emphasize enough that. Let your tie be deep colors like navy, deep burgundy, maroon, dark green, and red.

The Medium and Light Grey

Light Grey Suit

What shoes to wear with medium or light grey suit

Black again would be an appropriate choice of shoes for your light grey suit, but we wouldn’t recommend it because you want to look more casual, brown shoes in this case will look richer, more interesting, and refined, and you can nail the no-tie look with it. As for the type of shoes you can wear capped toes, Derbys, brogues, and even Chelsea boots.

Shirts to wear with light grey suit

The same rules apply again, a crisp white shirt will complement any suit color. However, with the light suit, you still have the freedom to try different colors as it is lesser formal. Some of the popular colors are pink, blue, and navy, experiment with the medium to light tone to see what suits you best.

What tie to wear with light grey suit

The color of your tie is depended on your shirt, if your shirt is dark for a lighter tie to create a contrast and vice versa. Some of the popular colors that go with are true blue, different shades of maroon, red, and forest green.

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