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What you need to know about Cotton Jackets?

cotton jacket

Jackets are not just style options but essential gear. An undeniable staple that has been rocking menswear for decades. Throughout the year, we noticed prominent changes as well as new innovations in regard to style, features, and construction. Since there are timeless additions, it is hard to decide which one we should pick for our daily purpose?

We already have leather jackets, but you not always wear them due to their heavy construction that does not stick well with hot weather conditions. There we have cotton jackets that are light, fit the purpose and also ensure you don’t get sweaty. I’m not comparing cotton with leather here, both are different materials in terms of quality and functionality. Cotton is more summer-friendly which sort of replicates a leather outfit in its absence but still there is no match.

Since you probably want to know more about cotton jackets, we’re here to help you understand.

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History of Cotton Fabric:

raimond klavins MEpFIkVMBQM unsplash

The fabric has been around in this world for more than 7000 years, dating back to the Greeks. It expanded throughout the world after the discovery made by Alexander the Great during 300 B.C., who noted that it is enough comfortable fabric than wool. In the 18th century, production expanded because various industries utilized heavy machinery as well as the workforce to produce cotton, but it was still not enough. The textile industries in Europe and North America saw a drastic fall during WW1, which is the reason why South Asia today leads in exporting cotton fabric.

Advantages of Cotton Jacket:

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The key feature is its weight. It is lightweight that works pretty well in every season, especially in summer times when the weather condition is hot and dry. In some regions, cotton fabric is not very popular because of cold weather. So, people in those types of locations usually go for shearling leather jackets.

Here are five key advantages of wearing a cotton jacket.


hans isaacson bSNM WNiJt unsplash

The first thing that comes to mind for cotton fabric is comfortable. It is stretchable and soft enough for every type of skin. People with skin allergies can easily wear cotton, and what’s more, it is environmentally friendly.


priscilla du preez WQFYrmDo unsplash

Cotton often has water and dust resistance, but that only depends on the quality of the fabric. Any jacket made of 100% cotton will offer resistant support.

Cotton is consistent it remains the same after many wears and washes. With little care, it can last several years and still look great.



Unlike leather jackets that cost more than $200, cotton fabric jackets are price low as $49, which is not expensive. If you compare the cotton apparel price and the value it adds, you will know how much affordable it is.


ricardo aguilera YVkcShzKAPk unsplash

Cotton naturally facilitates its wearer by absorbing sweat and water. The reason is the fiber that has a lot of space to carry water without ruining the structure. However, you may feel heaviness if the jacket is completely wet. But once you dry it in a proper way it will be smooth like a new one.

Styles of Cotton Jacket:

There are multiple cotton jacket styles from where you can choose. I have listed some of the best variations of these types of jackets below.


varsity jacket hoodie skinny jeans large

One of the variations is bomber, which is a seasonal-friendly option and literally lightweight. Letterman Jackets are the coolest styles for athletic as well as casual purposes.

Shirt style

shirt jacket long sleeve shirt crew neck t shirt large

The most common option is the shirt-style jacket. Similar to the ESB version of Star Wars worn by Han Solo, which was up for auction for $1 million.


windbreaker chinos low top sneakers large

Another lightweight version is the parachute. It is a lightweight jacket and best for any regular commuter. These best for rainy weather because they provide water resistance.

Now, you now know why a cotton jacket is good for the summer season.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I enjoyed writing it. Keep posted for more cool fashion blogs.

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1. Is cotton jacket good for winter?
A cotton jacket is meant to be lightweight and it is not recommendable for winter because cotton fabric absorbs the moisturization and traps it next to your skin. Save the cotton jacket for summer, it will provide you extra moisture to keep you cool.

2. Which jacket is best for summer?
Jackets come in multiple styles and fabrics but there are only a few jackets that are suitable for summer and cotton jacket tops the list for summer. It allows flexibility while protecting the skin from sunburn.

3. Are cotton jackets in style?
Cotton jackets are perfect for those who have allergies to fabric like wool and fleece. These jackets work almost every season and they are very affordable when it comes to budget.

4. Which is warmer cotton or polyester?
A cotton jacket is best for summer because it traps the moisture that can be useful for hot weather. Polyester is much warmer than cotton and suitable for winter.

5. What fabric is used for varsity jackets?
The varsity jacket is made from wool while sleeves are made from leather but many manufacturers make cotton varsity jackets and people love them because they are more practical and budget-friendly.

6. Does cotton jacket shrink?
100% cotton shrink after washing but not all cotton jackets shrink because jacket manufacturers mostly use preshrunk cotton to make jackets. Make sure you buy your cotton jacket from a reputable brand.

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