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What to Wear on St Patrick’s Day Parade In NYC?

st patricks day parade at NYC

It’s always fun to join New York City Street’s St Patrick’s day parade. But many people run out of ideas while preparing for the outfit. They have to wear green to avoid getting pinched and simply to maintain the St Patrick’s Day spirit. There are many creative ways of clothing on 17th March.

I will show you how to wear green in different ways.


Leprechaun costume clothes

Dress like Leprechaun

If you want to go all green and have fun, you can look like Leprechaun by having these items.

  • Pilgrim Style Green Hat and Orange Beards.
  • White shirt.
  • Green Bow tie.
  • Green Vest Coat with Shamrocks printed on them in Golden Color
  • Green jacket with black cuff and collars.
  • Green Pantaloons
  • White Socks and Buckle Shoes.

Extra: Get a leprechaun Pout of Gold and Pipe.


st patricks day accessories

St. Patrick’s Day Accessories

There are different accessories for Saint Patrick’s Day Parade are available on amazon or other websites. Some are a Green hat, rubber bracelet, and necklace. These accessories can be an addition to your wearing.



St patricks shirt

St Patrick’s Shirt

Everyone tries to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day. You can try alternative by wearing a green T-shirt with Irish beer printed on it. Funny mustache printed tee is also a good idea.


green socks for st patricks


Whenever Saint Patrick’s Day comes near you can find plenty of green socks with different patterns in the online or offline market just buy one of those which suits you.


st patricks day shoes


Outfits look incomplete without proper shoes. There are Saint Patrick’s shoes available which come in different styles. Most people ignore shoes while shopping for St. Patrick’s Day parade. But shoes are the first thing people unconsciously notice. Get yourself a nice pair of shoes.


face paintint st patricks day

Face Painting

Face painting is very popular during St. Patrick’s Day. People paint their faces green with different designs or make shamrocks on their faces.

green hair for st patrick day

Dye  Hair or Wear a Wig

Dyeing hair with green color is another way to stand out on Saint Patrick’s Day; however, you can alternatively wear a wig if you don’t want your hair colored.

These are simple ideas you can easily adapt as your NYC St Patrick’s Day parade costume. You can either try one of them or the combination of maybe two or three, but make sure you check your closet before making the purchase; there are chances you may already have some of these items. Let us know in the comments which one you found the most interesting.

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