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What to Wear to a 1920’s Themed Party

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The 1920s has to be one of the greatest eras when it comes to fashion, it was a time when suits were a staple for men, and women were also very particular about their styles. With movies and TV series based on the 20’s theme, these outfits have become inspirational for many so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly invited to a 1920s themed party.

Now you might be thinking about what you’re going to wear, we’d say it all depends on what style you want to recreate whether it’s the English style peaky blinder or sophisticate Gatsby, we’ve gathered to perfect list to inspire you.

Where to buy 1920’s clothing?

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of assembling your 20s outfits you can find ready to wear 1920s suits at FJacket, we also have custom sizes available. All you need to do is select the suit you like and choose the right size and place your order. Here are some suits to inspire your next dress up.

The Great Gatsby suits

The Great Gatsby has to be at the top of the list because the movie is responsible for recreating vintage 1920’s men’s suits and bringing them back to life, we’ve seen Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) rocking classic suits like a boss, you can copy the same style with these suits below.

Leonardo DiCaprio White Suit

1920's theme party outfit

This is the signature style of Jay Gatsby in the movie, a white linen suit with peak lapel and dark brown waistcoat. For a similar style, you can wear the suit with a sky blue shirt and gold tie. Complete the look with a pair of white and brown winged tip shoes.

Tobey Maguire Three Piece Suit

Tobey Maguire Three Piece Suit

The Nick Carraway suit is another popular outfit in the show, the colors selected for this character is highly sophisticated and would truly reflect the 20s appeal if you adopt the same style. The Nick Carraway outfit is a light brown three-piece suit with a darker waistcoat, what makes it stand out is a wide lapel and front-facing pant pockets. Complete the look with a pair of capped toe leather boots.

The Peaky Blinders Suit


Here’s another hit TV show that represents the 20s era of England, if you’re looking to add some urban touch to the theme party this the outfit you should try. The peaky blinder getup is so popular that you don’t even need to tell anyone who you’re dressed up as. Here is what you need to assemble your peaky blinder outfit.

The Hat:

Newsboy cap was a usual hat of choice in the 1920s era as seen in the peaky blinder show. Opt for basic colors like brown grey and blue.

The suit:

The Peaky Blinders wore a three-piece suit made of wool or tweed, the colors were muted for example grey, navy, green and brown. The patterns were usually solid or pinstripe.

The OverCoat:

Lastly, you will need an overcoat, peaky blinder overcoats is heavy wool material with side pockets and wide lapels, the coat should extend below the knee. The overcoat is optional and totally depends on the weather

The Accessories:

Accessories are an essential part of the peaky blinder outfit these include necktie, bowtie, pocket square, pocket watch, and tie pin. All these little detailing matters.

1920 Themed Party Sport Look:

1920's theme party clothing

Now that we’ve covered the classic business look, it’s time for the 1920 sports style, if you want to get a little more creative with your 1920 outfit this would make a great choice.

For a 1920 golfer look wear a chunky knit sweater with relaxed fit pinstripe trousers, button-down shirt, and knitted necktie. Keep your outfit on an off-white scheme to mimic the classic look. Complete the style with a pair of white sports shoes.

Working Men Style


Working men didn’t have tailored three-piece suits, they wore a cotton shirt with jeans or trousers along with suspenders and newsboy caps. Boots were an essential part of the outfit because of the nature of the work.

The wrap things off, whether it’s a working outfit or a 1920s business outfit, you can easily nail any look inspired by the styles above, chances are you might fit some of the items already lying in your closet now you know What to Wear to a 1920’s Themed Party.

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