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What Do Guys Wear To Prom – 7 Wickedly Chic Ideas For 2021

Prom Suits

Excited about prom this year? Chances are you want to look sharp and well-groomed, well who doesn’t! it’s one of those days that can become the highlight of your high school life, secondly chances are you might also grab the attention of your crush, we’ll leave that for later, for now, let’s talk about your prom outfit, what are you going to wear? Haven’t thought of it yet, that is why you’re here. We’re going to share with you 7 wickedly chic prom outfit combinations that will not only grab attention but also win hearts. We’ve gathered outfits that is a mix of timeless and trend so you can pick one accordingly.

Our styles are based on prom suits for men and classic tuxedos, if you’re on a tight budget you might think it best to rent one and how much does it cost to rent a tux for prom? Generally renting a tux can cost about $150 to $200 and you still might not get the one that drapes well because it not tailored, secondly, you’re going to pay such a huge amount for something that you’ll have to return. What if we tell you can buy a tux that tailored for you at the same price make sure you read till the end to find out how.

Black Tuxedo for Black Tie Event

Black Prom Tuxedo

This style is the first one that makes it to our list, it is also the most formal compared to all the outfits mentioned below. If your prom is strictly black tie, you will have to adapt this look, for this you will need a solid black tuxedo with peak or shawl lapel, white formal shirt, cummerbund, and a black bow tie. Even if the event is not strictly black-tie it should still be your number one option.

Ivory White Dinner Jacket for Prom

White Dinner Jacket Prom

Dinner jackets do not follow the traditional style of a tuxedo, the jacket does not need to be the same color as the trouser, this particular style is perfect for formal social gathering like prom and it does look sharp. We recommend going for sophisticated tones like ivory white, grey, blue and maroon.

Red Dinner Jacket For Guys

Red Dinner Jacket

This is an unconventional take on the classic dinner jacket, here you will go with something louder like orange or red, make sure you’re confident wearing such colors or it won’t come through. Finish off the style with a pair of black oxford shoes.

Grey Three-Piece Suit Men

Grey Three Piece Suit

If a tuxedo is not your thing and you want something basic that can be worn later on, try the three-piece grey prom suit for men, grey is actually the perfect color because it’s so elegant and also versatile at the same time. Wear it with a deep blue bowtie and a white pocket square.

Modern Textured Dinner Jacket for Prom

Maroon Prom Tux

Textured dinner jackets have been trending for the past 2 or 3 years and you may come across some of the people wearing them, the trend is still fresh so better you try it right now before it looks overdone. Avoid pattering that is too complicated or loud or you’ll look like the odd one out.

Classic Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit

Classic Double Breasted Suit

Classic double-breasted suits are on the league of their own, and also our favorite one on the list, you can try some basic patterns like pinstripes and check and pair it with brown or oxblood shoes to complete to look.

Match Your tie With Your Partner

Black Mens Prom Suit

If you’ve asked someone to join you this prom matching your necktie with her would look cool, make sure you don’t overdo it, simply matching your necktie or pocket square with your partners’ dress would look cool enough.

By looking at all the styles above by now we assume that you’ve already picked the style you’re going to try this year. Now the question is where to buy a prom suit or tuxedo? And are they expensive? We’ve solved this problem for you with our ready to wear prom suits and tuxedo and that’s not all they’re also available with made to measure options so that can fit you right out of the package, you get all this value at a very minimal price.

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