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Why Some Leather Jackets Are Different In Weight

weight of leather jackets

It is very common confusion about the leather jackets. Do buyers usually want to know why same style jackets have different weights?

There are a few things responsible for the weight of the jackets that are necessary to know before buying a leather jacket.

1. Real Leather vs. Faux leather

 real vs fake leather

When you find two same jackets of different weight, it means they are made up of different material. The heavier one is real leather because it is up to 100% pure and the lighter jacket made from artificial pieces like chemically synthesized polyurethane.

2. Different Quality of the Leather

quality of leather

There are different types of real leather such as Aniline, Semi-Aniline, and Pigmented.

Aniline is the purest form of leather. Creases and marks remain visible so no surface coating is applied to this type of real leather. It is lightweight.

Semi-aniline is a medium type of leather in which creases and marks are not clearly visible because surface coating never fills the empty spaces completely. They are heavier than aniline.

Pigmented is the finished type of leather. Crease and marks are filled by surface coating. Due to this, they have a shiny look and resistant to stain and scuffs. Mostly products made up of this because they are durable and they are heavier.

3. Different Thickness of Leather

different thickness

Some company makes a leather jacket for daily use and some only for the winter that’s why they use different thickness of leather with respect to usage.  Normally, the thickness of the leather layer varies from 0.4 mm to 1.2 mm. Thin leather jackets cost is low as compared to thicker jackets.

4. Inner Lining

Inner lining plays an important role in increasing the weight of the jacket. Because of the inner lining wearer feels comfortable and remain warm in winter that’s why thick lining jackets are expensive.

cotton lining

Cotton lining is lighter and rarely found nowadays. Cotton lining jackets price is cheaper than viscose and shearling jackets but it is also a good lining material for a leather jacket.

viscose lining black

Viscose lining is a little bit heavy and most favorite kind of lining. It absorbs the sweat and gives comfort feeling to the person. It is usually used in biker and bomber jackets to allow them to wear a jacket all day. These type of jacket sales more due to its lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

shearling lining

Shearling lining is the heaviest type of leather jacket. It varies in thickness and also comes with hoodies and provide a stylish look. It is mostly used in extremely cold areas such as snowy because it keeps a person warm all day.

These are some important factors that act directly on the weight of the jacket. Properly check the jacket including all accessories before buying. Most important thing is to know about the difference between PU leather Vs Real leather and you should keep in mind that genuine leather jackets are always expensive than artificial one. If you found a leather jacket anywhere in cheap price then it means it is made of fake leather.

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