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Top 10 My Little Pony Backpacks That Appeals To Younger Audience

My Little Pony Backpack 810x558

When you talk about cute and colorful characters, different ideas will pop up inside your head such as Hello Kitty, The Minions or even Pokemon. But there some unusual talking unicorns that have captured the fashion industry. Next time you think about purchasing cute merchandise, go for My Little Pony because the franchise serves as an ideal inspiration for young girls similar to PowerPuff Girls. The story focuses on colorful female unicorns that include Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Rarity and more. Sure every girl loves them as well as their collectible merchandise. To buy something super and exceptional based on the cartoon series, go for a My Little Pony Backpack to enjoy seamless transportation experience. Here are 10 suggestion with colorful unicorns.

My Little Pony Backpack With Keychain Charm 300x284

My Little Pony Comic Bag with Keychain (Product Page)

Go for something cool to travel with. I would suggest you this comic style with official characters such as Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Twinkle Sparkle and other unicorns.

My Little Pony Characters Backpack With Keychain 300x284

My Little Pony Drawn Art Bag (Product Page)

Here’s another one you should add to your shopping list. It’s the coolest gift and good travel companion that features characters from the show.

My Little Pony Princess Travel Bag 194x300

Princess Pony Land (Product Page)

There are extensive collection of the most successful franchise but since you want something cool, try out this 10-inch backpack. Broad and easy to carry.

My Little Pony Girls Plush Mini Backpack 284x300

Plush Pillow Style (Product Page)

Rainbow dash is one of the main pegasuses in the franchise who is an entirely tomboyish type of unicorn. She represents the element of loyalty who went soft in the featured plush bag. Something every girl need to carry while going to school.

My Little Pony Dash Backpack 218x300

Rainbow Dash (Product Page)

Rainbow Dash is everyone’s favorite unicorn, and since that’s the reason, I want to show you this popular school bag with the iconic character.

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Pony Backpack 207x300

16-inch Multi Pinkie Pie Pony Bag (Product Page)

Say hello to this pinkie character from My Little Pony. It features extra front zip pocket to carry more items. Adjustable and most importantly, fashionable.

Colorful My Little Pony Backpack 247x300

My Little Pony Backpack (Product Page)

Here is something simple that appeals to the younger audience. The flexible bag is designed especially for child’s use and features extra pockets.

My Little Pony Awesome 16 Inch Backpack 204x300

Awesome My Little Pony (Product Page)

Searching for cooler style, here’s something you should consider for daily use. A pink choice that is just seamlessly awesome.

My Little Pony Backpack And Lunch Bag 300x271

My Little Pony Backpack and Lunchbox (Product Page)

Check out this sleek and durable set that comes with Insulated Lunch Bag. Also, features your favorite cartoon characters.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Spin Off Backpack 217x300

My Little Pony Equestria Girls (Product Page)

There is also a spin-off of the same series where unicorns are recreated in Adolescence universe. The fantasy just got real. Nice backpack by the way.

These suggested products look promising, and you can carry them around anywhere you want. The market is loaded with contemporary merchandise but what you see here the best to use for transportation and school. I hope you don’t hate Pink…..

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