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8 Ball Michael Hoban Jacket

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Michael Hoban 8 Ball Leather Jacket


Here is the jacket with the fantastic combination of colorful hide. This style is from the late 80's and its Michael Hoban’s fashion. This jacket is seen worn by Patrick Warburton while playing the role of David Puddy in Seinfeld TV series. The Michael Hoban 8 Ball Jacket is accurately same as the one on the show.

Real Leather is used in making of the Michael Hoban eight ball jacket. This bomber style jacket has two outside zip pockets and shirt style collar. There is rib knit on the cuffs and waistline. The color combination of the outerwear has yellow, red and black with 8 ball patch on sleeves and back.


  • External: Real Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Pockets: Two Outside Zip Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Collar: Shirt Style Collar
  • Rib-knit: Rib-knit on Cuffs

More Information About This Product

DIY Michael Hoban 8 Ball Leather Jacket Guide

David Puddy wore the great Michael Hoban Leather Jacket in season six of the television show. He is portrayed to be a mechanic who then became a car salesman and a boyfriend of Elaine Benes. When it comes to his relationship, Puddy and Elaine have always had break ups and patch ups. It became so regular that they broke up twice during one international flight. Puddy was the name more commonly used. Moreover, he may not be a series beginner but Puddy did become a favorite recurring character. His deep voice and dialogue in certain conversations or situations are easily recognizable.


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  1. No issues at all! 5

    Posted by Romero Barnes

    This was the most relaxing delivery ever. I didn’t have to be after them for the order to ship. Updates were coming on request, and there was no issue with the 8 ball jacket too. Right size and very comfortable on the body.

  2. If it was entirely in black 5

    Posted by Karl Edmonds

    Man, it would look so cool in black. Is it possible to do that? The thing is that the jacket looks good because of the type of leather you’ll use. I would really appreciate if it was possible so I can order it in black the next time.

  3. I Think The Length is An Inch Short 4

    Posted by Shaun O'Brian

    See how the model is wearing it. He has stretched it comfortably enough to go below the belt. The Eight Ball Jacket is a reaching the belt, and I can’t pull it anymore. Well…as long as I don’t look like I’m wearing a kid’s jacket.

  4. A Very Retro Outfit.. 5

    Posted by Unknown

    I like this kind of stuff. It reminds me of the show I grew up watching even if it was the last season. I wasn’t expecting much, but there are mind-blowing details that would impress you. One of those details is the huge patch on the back. Instead of being printed - it’s stitched. I’m sure the people who made this were very innovative and experts in ingenuity. They know how to recreate it without any designing flaw. The colors are on the mark, and the fitting is as well. I don’t look too fat in it.

  5. For what I see… 5

    Posted by Benjamin Flynn

    There is absolutely no difference between the eight ball jacket in the series and in this one. Maybe the side color was black instead of the grey, but it doesn’t matter. I’m happy with the service and quality I got from here.

  6. this is the definition of funky 5

    Posted by Jayden Cross

    So far, I haven’t come across a leather jacket that has so many colors and still manages to look good. The 8 ball jacket I got had the zips that were very tough to close. I took wax and applied it on the zipper and after did it continuously unzipping it till it became smooth. The fabric was tough but still easy to fold.


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