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Adam Jensen Human Revolution Coat

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Adam Jensen Human Revolution Trench Deus Ex Jacket Coat


  • External: Nylon Fabric
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Stand Up Collar and Front Zip Closure
  • Sleeves: Open Hem Cuffs
  • Pockets: Four Outside and Two Inside
  • Color: Black


From the action-packed Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we bring you the Adam Jensen Coat. The protagonist wore this stylish outfit while executing his missions in the game.

Human Revolution Deus Ex Jacket is constructed with Nylon Fabric while viscose lining has been stitched inside for comfort. The coat is very skillfully made so that you can get a perfect matching outfit. Four pockets are added on the outside and two on the inside. Update your personality with this inspired Puffer Jacket.

More Information About This Product

About Game:

Do you fear about the new world order, where people are free but their minds are enslaved, where people are alive, but their hearts are dead? Do you fear the future? Do you fear that the advancement in technology will on lead to worsening of humanity and ultimately cut it by its roots? If so then this installment of Dues Ex is tailor made for you. Focusing on many important real world topics Human Revolution will take you the future to combat uprising conflicts resulted due to unsupervised development in technology. Human Revolution is game set in future but not a distant one; the game shows a time where the world has significantly evolved in the field of science and technology and has countered many of the universal problems. Such as global warming, curing numerous deadly diseases and inventing artificial organs.
The advancement in technology has led to the invention of artificial organs that are more resilient and capable than the original ones. These organs called the Augmentations have divided the people into two groups, one with augmentation and ones with godly made organs. The division has caused tension in the air and results in open conflicts. Serif Industries are a leading company of the cutting edge technology of augmentations. They now have taken augmentation technology to a new height by introducing the type of augmentations what will not require the use Neuropozyne (A drug necessary to take for augmentations to work). The plot of the game unfolds on the night Serif industries are going to launch their new technologies but are attacked by anti-augmentations extremists.

About Character:

Adam Jenson is the lead character of the game, as an infant he was one the children subjected to experimental genetic therapy and was the only infant to survive. The experimentation facility was burn down but Adam was rescued by a worker who gave him for adoption. Most of his youth was spent under the care of his adopting parents, not knowing anything about the experimental procedures that had genetically altered his biochemistry. He graduated with a degree in criminal justice and joined the local SWAT team where he excelled quickly but was asked to leave when he denied following a questionable order.
After his dismissal form SWAT he joins Serif Industries as a security guard. He was on duty on the night of the attack and was badly injured in attempts to save the researcher Megan reed and her colleagues. He was badly injured in the process and apparently the attackers killed Megan Reed and rest of the scientists. The CEO of the company David serif uses the advanced augmentation technology to save Adam Jensen. The new augmentations bonded with his body without the use of Neuropozyne and gave him superhuman abilities. Upon recovery Jensen sets out to on a quest to find the people responsible for the attack.


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  1. Original attire 4

    Posted by P. Martin

    Played both Human Revolution and Mankind Divided so thought should get myself the good 'ol fashion coat too. The design is close to the original attire and makes me look awesome from every angle.

  2. Definitely one for cosplay 5

    Posted by Karl Leal

    It looks very latest and has the accurate details that are worth using as a cosplay item. I just need to cut my hair and get the military gear to look like the character. Halloween is going to be lit this year for me. Can’t wait.

  3. The Coolest Coat I Have Ever Seen To Date 5

    Posted by Robin Walters

    I hate leather coats because I found it to either be bulky or just uncomfortable to walk in. So for the winter I prefer wearing wool or cotton coats. However, having never tried one made from nylon, I just had to get it. The color looked amazing and the designs even more. When I got this delivered to me, it was exactly how I saw it in the store. All the features were there and best of all, I was praised by my friends on getting this stylish Adam Jensen Coat. Awesome without a doubt!