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Assassins Syndicate Jacob Frye Coat

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Jacob Frye Syndicate Assassin's Creed Trench Coat


  • Screen Accurate Details
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose lining
  • Front: Button Closure and Wide Lapel Collar
  • Back: Quilted with Hood
  • Waist: Adjustable Belt
  • Color: Black and Brown


Recreate the 19th Century look in The Assassin Syndicate Coat, made from high-quality PU leather and features viscose lining inside to keep you comfortable. Top quality stitching has been done throughout, making it long lasting and strong. For all gamers, the black and brown Assassin's Creed Leather Jacket is a must grab to become a notable figure. 

More Information About This Product

Jacob Frye Assassin's Creed Trench Coat

It is mostly wearable in winter, but in the new modern world it is used as a daily commute for fashion purposes. Assassin's creed jacket is the most precious attire we have made, so be positive and believe in our making, You'll surely love this masterpiece.

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  1. great looking warm coat 5

    Posted by Daniel Solie

    It arrived quicker than i expected and when i opened the package, i knew it would be a good coat. It has good solid leather and seams. and it is plenty warm. It is a great product and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice fall/early winter jacket.

  2. Well made Coat 5

    Posted by Lisa K. Jiskra

    This was my son's part of Halloween costume. I was surprised how well made it is. It's solid fabric and even lined. The stitches are strong and stay on well. So many gamers immediately recognized the character and were quite impressed by it.

  3. Follow the size chart 4

    Posted by Jenkin Muller

    The costume is great but it runs large. I sewed the costume in approximately two inches in the back, tapering on the top under the good attachment and tapering on the bottom to meet the slit in the back. What a hit at school. Best costume there.
    I ignored the size chart and ordered a bigger one that was my mistake still, the seller was kind he asked me to send it back we will send you a smaller one but I am happy with it

  4. The quality is good, the coat look is fantastic 5

    Posted by Shane R.

    The quality is good, the coat look is fantastic. It was a fitted nicely on me. I'm a large person and the XL version of this was perfect for me.

  5. My bf loves it 5

    Posted by Nikki Haatja

    Have you ever tried to find a great costume for a picky 26-year-old guy? My bf wanted to go as the assassins creed guy, and we looked everywhere for ideas and read tons of costume reviews. Ended up choosing this coat and it hit a home run! He loves it. I was impressed with the quality.
    So far, worth it!

  6. Would love to buy again 5

    Posted by Aaron Baker

    Bought the L and I weigh 240lb 6'2" 38" waist and 40" chest

    The large size fits me perfectly! It was just the right size,

    I give the coat look 10/10

    The quality of the hooded cape and upper part 9/10

    The quality of the material 10/10

    Overall 9/10

    I'd buy it again if I had to, this will be going into my costume collection.

  7. Shipping was fast... great coat 5

    Posted by Kailyn L.

    Great costume! Each area is very detailed. The price is right, affordable! We love it... thanks Fjackets for fast free shipping

  8. For the price, it's a fairly good deal 4

    Posted by Turner Paul

    When I purchased this, it was for the purpose of just having fun in it as I am a big Assassin's Creed fan. Wearing it for Halloween was just a plus for me. When it arrived the day before Halloween, I tried it on, only to find it just barely fit. After asking my friend to help evaluate this, it seems my broad shoulders were to blame; I always face the issue because of my shoulders, good news for someone trying to lose weight... It still fit, but it is a tight fit. I like the material and the way it was made, The buttons are just barely sewn tight. I tried running around in it.

    This is a rather sturdy product, and I like the way it is made, my one advice to anyone buying this would be to buy it in size in your size with size chart

  9. Got first place because of this 5

    Posted by James Summers

    Needed another costume for a school costume contest. I was lazy and didn't have time to create or really shop for a costume. Bought this one and wore it my old costume glove and boots Well, I won 1st place so yay! A lot of really great compliments and everyone knew this was Assassins Creed! Very popular! Will def. keep this in my closet for future costumes. Great job, looked amazing as well as felt amazing.

  10. It was best gift for my son 5

    Posted by Shilloh Marie

    This is all my son wanted to be for Halloween, we looked at every costume for Assassins Creed and ultimately decided on this one. With that said, it is worth every penny, it is great quality, the colors are perfect,it looks exactly as it should, and it is true to size!! My son is 5’11,208 lbs and we ordered a large.It came with every piece described AND fitted nicely

  11. Wow!! deatiled coat 3

    Posted by Frank Black

    looks at food for the price and the coat didn't come with gloves! Just the top/jacket combo with the hoodie and Overall I am happy with it. it detailed looks premium but wanted pair gloves with them

  12. Perfect for costume 5

    Posted by Ashley Gwell

    Although somewhat lacking in some fine detailing, this coat did not disappoint. I think it was a very good item for the price. I ordered the adult medium, and at 5'8" and 190 lbs, it fits perfectly. The buttons and buckle are sturdy enough if you're mindful of how you're handling them. I've buckled, buttoned multiple times, and they are still fastened to the costume as they should be. In my opinion, It is ready to wear. The belt is also well made
    I Highly recommend it

  13. Looks Good 5

    Posted by Pamela Bempall

    The leather is decent. Buttons are sewn tightly (a little care in handling and they do stretch. It does have a liner, but not for warmth. I live in Colorado about 6000ft. Its good here down to about 40 degrees(little humidity), however, a liner from a thrift store and its good down to 0! 5'10" 200lbs and large fits just right for me

  14. Fabulous Coat! 5

    Posted by Mark Edward

    First time I bought a costume and it's really the same as the original coat. The leather used is very gentle and expensive and the cut is perfect! I would recommend Fjackets.

  15. Great coat for the money! 5

    Posted by Bradley Stones

    My son admires the Assassin Creed game and wanted his coat. It almost took a week to reach. Quality is very good and XS fits my son perfectly. He is now happy because this winter he has a very different outfit from his friends and everyone praises him.

  16. Great Jacket 4

    Posted by Matt Gerards

    Definitely worth it, definitely much better than expected. Looks like the real deal. Point on hoods a little long but other than that, great

  17. Thumbs Up for Assassin's Creed Coat 5

    Posted by Ken

    Quick delivery and great quality.

  18. Late Arrival 4

    Posted by Daniel Wisker

    It was arrived late, No problem regarding the coat.

  19. As a gamer 5

    Posted by Bobby Taylor

    I would say it's the best design from the visuals and deserves more stars. Quality is very good, no problem acquired while I was wearing it. I wish there was an alternate version in the stock but I ordered this anyway. One more suggestion, can you add other items like the cane stick, hat, wrist cuffs and boots? This will help me complete Jacob Frye costume

  20. Inside Is Comfortable & Works Amazingly 5

    Posted by Timothy Steven

    I didn’t know what viscose was or what was the use of it until now. It really does make me comfortable. If the jacket is heavy then it’s another thing but if the Jacob Frye Jacket is made of synthetic leather then obviously, it will be soothing to wear. very comfortable and fits my arm perfectly.

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