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Barry Allen Maroon Jacket

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Grant Gustin Barry Allen Maroon Leather Jacket

The inspired outfit of the 'Fastest Man Alive' is here. This Flash Leather Jacket is now available. It is the outerwear that was seen in the second season of the TV series titled, The Flash. Grant Gustin wore this stylish clothing while filming.

This Flash Jacket is made from synthetic leather. Inside there is viscose, the material to provide durable comfort. With this extraordinary outfit, you can style it wherever you hope. It’s a slim fit apparel that is designed according to the latest trend. If you really adore one of the most iconic heroes, then you should go for this piece.


  • External: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Erect Collar, Front Flap, and Zip Closure
  • Sleeves: Zip Cuffs
  • Color: Maroon/Red

More Information About This Product

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The flash costume guide is the fastest costume guide that will guide you through all the details about the costume in a flash. The guide contains outfits of the speedsters we have seen in the CW’s classic series i.e. The Reverse Flash, Hunter Zolomon, also the latest villain for season three Rival Flash, and of course the fan favorite and the main protagonist in the story The Sultan of Speed aka The Flash. All the four suits are broken into parts so that you have a costume that is affordable and wearable long after the costume party is over. Just go through our costume guide, and we assure you that you will have the best costume among all the other cosplayers.

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  1. Rock On!

    Posted by Howard Fin

    It's the best-inspired jacket that is not just for casual but my cosplay attire. Indeed, it helped me alot during last week party and now, I am fixing it for casual outdoor. Also considering a Jay Garrick Jacket but I am out of money.

  2. Best jacket ever

    Posted by Armando Y. Goode

    The jacket was not like how I had it in mind, I thought there must be some flaws or defect in such a low-cost jacket, but to my surprise, I was astonished to see such fine tailoring and the material is excellent. It fits perfect, and the best part is the Flash logo that is very neatly stitched.

  3. Nice jacket, Not so good service

    Posted by Brian J. Mack

    This is a jacket I always wanted, to be just like the Flash. Ordered this jacket online and was surprised that they were so lazy to respond. The jacket came 5 days late, and I thought that I have lost my money. But it finally came, they said that there was a problem due to which the jacket would be delivered late 1 or 2 days, but it was 5 days late.

  4. A little problem

    Posted by Earl J. Fields

    The Flash is my favorite character and for that reason, I would want everything to be in perfect shape. I bought this jacket, and when it came, I was very happy to see that it was the perfect size for me, and it was so comfortable. But then I realized that the stitching along the right arm was not neatly done. Although I got good comments from people but, I wanted it to be 100%.

  5. Different and Good

    Posted by Michael A. Drake

    I have the fascination of going for something new. So I choose this Flash jacket, which looks way different that those vintage ones, and black are always common. Never seen this type of outfit worn by my friends so far, so how about I give them a little introduction about me displaying this in front of them.

  6. Casual Style Jacket

    Posted by Matthew Barham

    This Flash leather jacket fits very well. It’s not a slim fit style, but it's not the baggy as well. It has standard fitting and that the coolest this about this style. The white lines on biceps and waistline increase the attraction of this outfit. Recommended!

  7. It’s Good

    Posted by Sam Moore

    It’s good and plain, suggested by my mom as she loves something colorful. For a moment, I was thinking to go for Batman Jacket but here at my place we don’t allow Black. Don’t know their voodoo stuff but still I’m not allowed to wear black. I anyways love the maroon jacket, and it looks good on me. It’s something different that I own now, but very soon I’ll convince my mom to allow Black outfits in this house or I’ll never shop again.

  8. Better With A Logo

    Posted by Damon Gibbs

    Funny that they call it Maroon jacket but I don’t see the logo on it. I purchased it anyways of the color, and those designs make it more attracting. It’s a good fitting jacket, but since I had Barry Allen in my mind, I would really expect the logo. Anyways I hope you guys are planning to put the logo on it soon. Seriously it will look real good.