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Bat Logo Beyond Jacket

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Red Logo Batman Beyond Leather Jacket

Ever wanted a new styling outfit? Then check out this Batman Beyond Jacket. That’s right, the costume seen in animated TV series, the same has been recreated and made into a jacket. This is the Terry McGinnis version and the Red Logo has been made the same in the center.

In order to make this Quilted Leather Jacket in a brilliant way, it is made from Synthetic Leather. You can wear in the season of winter too, as it will keep you warm and make you look stylish like never before. This can be one of the best Men’s slim fit wear of all time for you to style in front of everyone. 


  • Screen Accurate Design
  • External: 100% Real Leather / PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Front Zip Closure
  • Sleeves: Zip cuffs
  • Pockets: Two Inside Pockets
  • Color: Black

More Information About This Product

About Movie

An animated television series that narrates the story about Terry McGinnis, who becomes the new Hero and gets trained by Bruce Wayne. It’s one of the DC characters that made its huge mark in the eyes of all fans. It all started with the aging of Bruce Wayne, who suffered a minor heart attack when he was on a mission and wore his high-tech Suit. All his friends like Lucius Fox and his long time guardian Alfred Pennyworth passed away while the others like Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake grown up, left Bruce Wayne and decided to follow their own path. It’s, therefore for Bruce Wayne that he quit being the Hero and closed down his Cave. Then Bruce Wayne started to live in his own Wayne Manor alone but not completely as he has his guard dog named Ace. The main comes from Terry McGinnis, who is a 17-year-old high school trouble making student has his sense of his personal justice.

Terry McGinnis, who once disobey his father of not following his Curfew so that he can meet up with his girlfriend named Dana. Soon after, he discovers that his father has been murdered by the hands of the Vengeful Jokerz. He then discovers that his father was involved in some Illegal Chemical Weapons merged by Wayne Powers. Terry then goes after Bruce Wayne for help that he refused, realizing that he’s too weak and old to go out. But then Bruce Wayne decided to offer Terry McGinnis an opportunity to become the New hero wearing the complete costume, and trained him hard to fit into that role.

About Character:

Terry McGinnis is an ordinary 17-year-old trouble making student, who wants to be involved in justice. The youngest who got the opportunity of becoming the new Hero, thanks to Bruce Wayne. It all started when he wanted help from Bruce Wayne to do something about the death of his Father who died at the hand of the Vengeful Jokez. Bruce Wayne couldn’t do anything due to his old age, but then given Terry the chance to become the new Hero. Terry McGinnis have now been known to the role of the New Hero, wearing a full Costume with the Red logo on the center chest. Since Terry McGinnis was more of a fast teenager type, the costume on him made it appropriate to his personality. He, therefore, looks slim and trim and can easily tackle any villains that he comes across.

His new suit has been loved by all. It’s his costume that he utilized in many missions, which by the difference has no cape like how Bruce Wayne costume looked back then. His complete black costume also covered up his face, enabling to look more of a camouflaged, since he’s the new protector, and crime fighting is his game in the night. He looked, therefore, stunning, heroic and fast. Terry McGinnis has been a role model for every fans, especially to those teenagers who haven’t heard much about Bruce Wayne and fell for Terry McGinnis, which this character has been considered new to them.

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  1. Something Special than Ordinary Jacket

    Posted by David K.

    I have all types of leather apparels in biker’s style of casual outing, but I didn’t have any relating to superhero. This is my first purchase here, and it went well. Found the price good, the quality is just okay for the price and impressed by the delivering speed. Nice Jacket!

  2. Comic-Con Outfit

    Posted by Alan Malchow

    I planned to wear this outfit this time at the Comic-Con but then this Batman Beyond jacket inspired me a lot, so I placed my order for this one. The red logo on the chest look amazing and the fitting is perfect. Somehow, the sleeves are long few inches but it was a great fit throughout the body. Best purchase for the best price.

  3. Finally!!

    Posted by Hector Hegwood

    Finally, I get to own a clothing piece of the new superhero. I follow this character throughout my childhood and have tons of comics, watched every movie and episode but seriously never got the chance to actually own something that I could wear. All I had were comic books and movie cd's. I finally have this amazing Batman Beyond leather jacket at my place and today I am going to wear it for the first time. Hope it fits me.

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