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Bat Logo Black Leather Jacket

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Black Leather Batman Logo Jacket

If you keep calling yourself Superhero, then prove it by wearing this Bat logo Jacket. It’s simple heroic attire with the features that identifies you to be superhero. You can pose it in front of your buddies, who you want to prove it to and can also be applied as a costume, making yourself the new version.

The leather applied onto the Jacket is of PU Leather. As for the outlook impression, embossed line designs are applied on both shoulders and elbow, and surely the final touch, which is the embossed Bat Logo in the center.

  • Screen Accurate Design
  • External: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Erect Collar and Front Zip Closure
  • Pockets: Two Inside Pockets
  • Sleeves: Zip Cuffs with Webbing
  • Color: Black

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DIY Batman Costume Guide

Here is another vintage but most beloved superhero of all time. Batman is the most commercially successful vigilante both in comics and on screen. On screen, the Dark Knight is the most adored character and has dominated in all three formats that are TV, movies, and animated series. On every Halloween thousands of people try to dress up as the prolific superhero, some buy readymade Batman costume while some make their own. If you are thinking of making DIY Batsuit then this guide is a special device for you which will help you beat the other cosplayers and win the best costume award of the year.

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  1. Bat Freak

    Posted by Clifford Lang Sr, AUS

    I bought this for my son since he is a superhero fan. I wanted to give him something special since I could not gift him anything last year for his 14 birthday due to the training I had abroad. He does not have anything of his fav superhero, except his pencil box. Nevertheless, I was in search for something totally cool and that he would not expect ever. The item arrived in due time and I was able to gift him something this year. That made me feel better and there was a big smile when he opened the package. He now wears it every alternate day to school.

  2. Superhero Biker Jacket

    Posted by Jason Keith Evans, USA

    Now that is something awesome! A special superhero edition of a biker jacket is completely out of the blue and I am sure nobody had the idea of looking at this jacket that way. Anyway I will be showing off this to my friends because it looks so cool that the whole day they’ll ask where I got it from. The hidden logo completes the whole look of this slim biker jacket. I was honestly contended with the delivery service and it did come on time. In the future, I will be my outfits from this online store.

  3. Not 1 But 2

    Posted by Anthony Rodrigues

    You know, I became such a big fan of this jacket that I got lured in to buy one more. So there I sat, staring at the page on the screen and wondering which jacket should I go for. That was when my eyes went on the Beyond jacket. That was something extraordinary. Since I bought this masterpiece, I want to get the other one but with the color on the logo. And now, I finally got it. 2 brilliantly stitched jackets for a cheap price. Totally worth it man, seriously!

  4. Finally! The Wait Is Over

    Posted by Aldo Essary

    I have genuinely bought this quality leather jacket, and I was looking for this jacket for years. When I saw Christian Bale wearing this jacket, I became a big fan of this jacket that was looking fresh to me. I then made my first visit over here via Google and placed my order after reading the specs and checking the price that was in my budget. The service team responded me well on time, and I got a high-quality leather jacket and it arrives 2 solid weeks before then the expected time. It was great to purchase this jacket from here and also I would recommend this jacket to anyone looking for similar.

  5. Best For Fan

    Posted by Robert

    While ordering this jacket, I was a bit of doubtful about the material as I heard that it was synthetic leather. I haven’t worn such kind of leather, and it’s new for me. Although, the smell was not good, after the jacket arrives well on time, I have to wait for 2 days keeping the jacket in air so that it releases the smell so I can try it. I ordered the medium size. I’m 5ft9in 160 lbs, and the medium size was okay for me. However, it was tight from shoulders and sleeves are short a little bit but that’s cool. At least, I got the style of superhero. Yayy!!

  6. Quality Jacket

    Posted by Carlos

    I loved the style and the creative making of this jacket. Once I didn’t think that a costume can be converted into a jacket but after watching this jacket I’m impressed. The quality of leather is good and as a superhero fan, this jacket is a superb choice for me. Also, I got no problem with the size and other features, and it was packed well, and the smell of leather was also great. I received lots of compliments for my style, and still I like to wear it usually. One important thing I would love to tell you is that the jacket is also good to wear in summers. I’m writing this review while there’s summer season going on and still I wear this jacket among my friends whenever we go out for outing. This is the best jacket for every Fan.

  7. Better Than Other............. jacket

    Posted by M. Fulmer

    I came across the Super jacket in black. But then at the same time I noticed the Batman logo Jacket that looked cooler than Super. Of cause I support both, but this is the one I find it best. The logo is small as compared to other, and I don’t want a cosplay . So I choose upon the Bat logo and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

  8. Gothic Gotham

    Posted by Tommy Choi

    Check out my idea here. I wore a slim fitting hooded jacket which the hood cap fits my head real good. Then on top of that is this leather jacket, and trust on this, I looked awesome you got to believe that. I even applied mascara, to depict as the Gothic Gotham. Should put that in the comic, don’t you agree?

  9. Justice League of 2099

    Posted by Norman Weddle

    My friends and I, we’re going to be the Justice League, and I’m going to be superhero. The rest got their new improved Superhero designed costumes and mine will be this jacket. We’re going to be more like Justice League of 2099. I’m going to wear my hand made mask along with the jacket and hope we win the contest.

  10. Didn't Disappointed me, not at all

    Posted by Michael G. Cummings

    Didn't disappoint me at all, should be the top rating jacket, my saying. The quality and the entire designs are made to its standard mark, which loads of my friends can’t stop staring at it. Mine is shining, and the smell, really the smell, wow better than smelling fuel.

  11. Best Deal

    Posted by William Hennessey

    I fell in love with the jacket that I bought. It was fitting me so nicely and then I spotted that you’ll sell another jacket and it persuaded me to place an order for the jacket. So now I have 2 Batman begins leather jackets. I still prefer this one over the Beyond one because it has that fitting factor. The other one is alright. This site of yours is really thinking for the customers benefits, in a sense that the prices are low.

  12. Time To Hit The Road

    Posted by Jeffrey Roberts

    Instead of making it my casual outfit like the others, I will do something different. I will wear the jacket as a biker jacket. For some it might sound weird or something but I decided to wear this when I go back to Detroit and go bike riding with my buddies. I am excited and satisfied by your site and its delivery pace. It came in due time.

  13. The Designs are incredible, wish for more of that

    Posted by Ben Babb

    The designs which you guys call it embossed it’s a pretty good feature. So I wonder if there is more of it. Na I don’t want Superman, Flash would. Do you guys have that in the stock? You should you know, it would be awesome. But about the jacket I love the way it looks, I love the way I look in it and I love how people complimented me.

  14. Mine better than the faded

    Posted by Dennis Sandler

    Yesterday I saw a guy wearing a Batman leather jacket and have the faded print which the middle contains the Bat Logo. It looked really cool, kind of illusion type but then here in this store I noticed this Bat logo jacket jacket which looks even better. By checking out that, I started to find the faded one over printing. Now I’m the owner of this jacket, which is very comfortable and the designs are kick-ass. Good fitting too.

  15. I love my jacket but I got an idea

    Posted by Roy Pierce

    I received the Jacket last week and I already started wearing. Comfortable and durability are all in this jacket, but is it ok with you guys if I share my ideas? I’m not going to wait for that but I’m going to tell you anyways. I checked the issue 52 of superhero and the costume is grey with black logo. So can you guy make a Batman Begins jacket exactly in that color. You can Google it and find out, I’m sure it will be a hot sale if you do so.

  16. For Me and My Bro

    Posted by Steven Boyd

    I ordered two of this, which one is for my bro and another for me. We gave our measurements by the help of our favorite jackets, which we once ordered online. My bro is on the healthier side while me just the medium. So his was large, and mine was medium, and they provided us the same. We were worried, but then everything went great. It fits us good that all it matters.

  17. My Parents Loved It.. Wow

    Posted by Shelton Grant

    Shockingly my parents loved it. They frequently find it stupid in whatever I purchase, and they were like For the First Time I Did a Big Man’s Work. Ordered in medium, and it worked. My selection of my measurements was not good, and I had doubts that wouldn't turn, but then it got me smiling.

  18. The Best I Own So Far

    Posted by Patrick Hardin

    This jacket is the best thing I ever had. Seriously man this type of jacket you won’t find it anywhere around, but this online store made it happen. Even though I’m tall, it fits good and very comfortable. With my black t-shirt inside, I look even more fantastic.

  19. Perfect Costume Type

    Posted by Wayne Lambert

    It’s the good thing the pockets are not made outside. Ruins everything because the outside has all the hero type designs which makes it look a lot like a costume. I posted this jacket on Facebook and man the comments and likes I had were more than the rest of pics. It’s very comfortable when I wore it. So I’d this is the best for all Fans.

  20. The Smell was Hectic

    Posted by Andrew Delaney

    Everything in the Bat logo jacket was spot on, except for the smell. I left it on my table and didn't touch it till the smell goes away. The next day it still smelled which I became serious and started taking some measures of getting rid of it. It involves some remedy which I’ll tell you later about this, but one of them also includes of leaving it outside. Though it smelled bad, I still wore it on to check, and it’s perfect in term of fitting. This is the reason why I still have it with me.

  21. Great Job On The Work Guys

    Posted by Freddie White

    I’m impressed with the way the jacket is made. The shoulders area is fitting well, and so does the waist area. The designs are really fantastic, which gives the outlook of this leather apparel into different way. The service of reaching the package here has also impressed me because it reached here quickly, which I thought it would take long.

  22. Need For The Rest

    Posted by Patrick

    I have friends who I made them my Bat Family. It’s good for me that I have this Batman Jacket which, by the way, is so good. Then comes to me thinking about the rest of my friends who call themselves Batwoman, Robin and Nightwing. So guys can these character’s jacket be made as well?

  23. The Price, Seriously

    Posted by Ronald Marte

    I showed my friends, and they all loved it. They can’t even believe that the price of this piece is reasonable. I don’t know how they find it reasonable as to me it is high. Ok, I’ll agree at the fact that it’s not in the range of $1000 but still it can be little less. Overall this jacket is stylish, love the designs and good the entire is in black and not the logo in yellow.

  24. Batified Myself

    Posted by Junior Zhou

    Well, I’d say that whoever came up with the idea to turn a suit into a jacket is really a genius. That is coming from a true fan here, who owns cotton hoodies and t-shirts of superhero but not a leather jacket. I love the fitting for real, best on my blue pair of jeans, and I wore my boots along with it. I just Batified myself, and I love it. Any fans would love this.

  25. From looking at the Screen, to now Owning It

    Posted by Joshua Waite

    What can I say, this is my first purchase and I never knew it would turn out so good. It reached me early. Just exactly what I wanted. It’s been around 5 months I've been staring at this jacket on screen and now I finally own it. The fitting and designs are just incredible. Really love this.

  26. Forgetting The Past, Now Enjoying It

    Posted by Alfred Larson

    I ordered the batman begins logo leather jacket because I love this character, and want to be like him someday. I found Fjackets’ online store more preferable as the price is great.

    Here’s a slight annoying part, the jacket was bit loose. I quickly returned it back for an exchange and in caps lock I wrote MEDIUM. It took 7 days for the exchange. They sent me a message that they sent me a wrong one, but then as time passes I got the new piece. Way better than the first, which is fitting and the Bat logo looks appropriate because the previous was a bit broader.

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