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Bat Logo Knight Red Hood Jacket with Vest

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Bat Logo Knight Red Hood Leather Jacket

Jacket Specs:

  • Screen Accurate Design
  • External: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Zip Closure
  • Padding: Padding On Shoulders And Sleeves
  • Sleeves: Belted Cuffs
  • Collar: Erect Belted Collar With Hood

Vest Specification:

  • External: PU Leather
  • Front: Red Hood Logo
  • Color: White


There is nothing that can be compared with this stylish Red Hood leather jacket. This jacket is inspired by the Red Hood character in 2015 game. Now the infinite fans out there can easily avail this outfit, which has been created in the exact manner.

More Information About This Product


DC Comics released tons of games when technology took over everyone’s lives. Whether they were PC’s or consoles, a child could not resist buying a game that had Batman or one of the superheroes on the cover. As a teenager or as an adult, it doesn’t matter what your age is; you will want to play a superhero game. Of course, as a child, you would expect your favorite superhero never to lose in intense combat. That’s what makes the Batman: Arkham Knight so unpredictable. Anyone can one-up each other. The 2015 game revolves around the life of Batman and how he tries to stop the Scarecrow from causing more havoc by creating toxins and several bombs in a now empty Gotham City. But this time, he isn’t alone. In one of the highest rated games ever, Scarecrow brings together all those who Batman got locked up and tried to take him down once and for all. However, the Batman has really got his work cut out for him courtesy of a supervillain that teams up with the Scarecrow. He’s known as the Arkham Knight-someone who knows Batman and Bruce Wayne all too well. This is also the game that has one of the most shockingly fantastic plots that would leave gamer stunned. From mind control to personal differences and misunderstandings and major twists, this game received nothing but positive reviews. With the Joker being ‘in spirit’ and the Batman departed for good, there is still some good that comes.


While every villain has something or the other against Batman, the Arkham Knight as a bigger and much more unarguable reason or we thought so. Apart from putting villains in Arkham Asylum, Arkham Knight was never captured by the Dark Knight. Instead, he was left to die by the hands of another bad guy. If that isn’t ringing a bell, this would. DC fans will remember the Batman: Under The Red Hood animated film or the story regarding the second protégé of Batman. The Cape Crusader was training young blood to take over the mantle of the vigilante when he retires. There was a Robin that was captured and brutally killed by the Joker in the famous story. That Robin later turned out to be Jason Todd as many would famously know him as Red Hood. By using this same shocking death, the hint was given to the player that the Arkham Knight is none other than Red Hood. However, to avoid any confusion, this alter-ego was only created for the game. Coming from the torture by the Joker and with full intentions of killing the Batman because he couldn’t save him in time, Arkham Knight later ends up saving the same person who trained him in every combat style known. After the death of the Batman, there was still someone who looked liked the Dark Knight but without the cape and had a different choice of weaponry. It’s possible that Arkham Knight decided to become the hero Gotham needed.

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  1. Not Good But Excellent.

    Posted by Leslie Sharpe

    Customer service was trying their best to confirm that they would ship it soon since I needed before a comic con event in my city. I didn’t want to miss the first day of it. I took off from work just to attend it, so I wasn’t expecting any mess up. I made it very clear to them that I wanted it before the date I had given them. The reason for being late with the delivery would say that it would be sold out – that’s if they were late. Nevertheless, I put the requirements in front of them and got the tracking details to be on the safe side. It wasn’t the first time I ordered from here, so I know the quality they are capable of providing having ordered the F7 jacket from here. Fjackets have really earned by respect and appreciation for making the effort to fulfill a customer’s requirements. The jacket was delivered four days earlier, sizing was perfect, stitched very well, and looked very cosplay-like. Service was as convenient as it could be. I will order my attires from here for all the costume events I will attend. It could make me a cosplayer without knowing it.

  2. Please add another option..

    Posted by August J. Sherwood

    I got this combo, and I’m happy with it. Can’t say that about the delivery, though. I just hope that it was available in other colors too. It has the most amazing logo and being made on leather adds the icing on the cake. No doubt about the fact that you’ll did any amazing job on it. If there were another variation like I saw on the Finn jacket, I would highly appreciate it.

  3. Fabulous Artistry

    Posted by Unknown

    Got the Red Hood jacket. Fabulous artistry and it fits like a glove!

  4. It’s comfortable and durable.

    Posted by John S D'Abreo

    For the price, yes it’s good…actually, more than good. I’m near 6ft tall, and I got a medium. The length was just below my waist line. The vest was nearly touching my waist. Seeing how the character wore it in the pic, I think it’s perfect. I feel no discomfort at all.

  5. Small Size Delivered. Returned & Got Medium

    Posted by Jackson Cross

    The store had delivered the wrong size to me. After I emailed them and followed the return process, the jacket came at the same time, and I got a better fitting one. Just get a size higher if you have doubts.

  6. The greatest clothing store-period.

    Posted by Anthony Ry

    It has been three months since I got this and I’m happy that they listened to my idea about making a vest. This is good shopping for any superhero fan like me. The customer service was quick with their replies as they can be. The product did come a day late, but it’s cool. I still recommend it.

  7. Awesome Jacket!!

    Posted by Chris

    This is the first jacket I got from here, a friend recommended these guys after getting a star wars jacket here. He said I wouldn't be disappointed with my order & neither will you, I definitely recommend this Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood jacket to all you Red Hood fans.

  8. Best Thing About This Jacket

    Posted by Joseph Rivera, Phil

    The best thing that I found about this Batman Arkham Knight jacket is the hood. Over all is great, and i thought I'll get the front logo with it as well. Turned out, it's printed on the vest, but it is made at the back though. Fitting good it is.

  9. Best Red Hood Jacket

    Posted by Johnnie Baker, Washington

    This is surely the best jacket for this kind of price. The material and the fact that is light weight made it quite radical and I can even try wearing it for a cosplay party. Loved my purchase!

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