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Ben 10 Leather Jacket Alien Swarm

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Ben 10 Alien Swarm Leather Jacket

The attire that you loved and witnessed on television has now appeared out for real. Here you have the Ben 10 Jacket, similar to the series worn by protagonist. Made for Ben 10 fans, which is slim fitting and is perfect for casual dressing. This is something different and unique which we see more on screen and less in reality. 

This Ben 10 Leather Jacket is created with PU leather, in green with 10 Logo placed on the left chest along with white lines designed through it and another two white lines made on the right sleeves, enabling to give an extra touch. Upgrade the style: 


  • External: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose lining
  • Front: Snap Tab Collar and Front Zip Closure
  • Pockets: Two Waist Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Sleeves: Zipped Cuffs
  • Color: Green

More Information About This Product

About Movie: Ben 10: Alien Swarm is the movie based on Cartoon Network that released in the year 2009. Ryan Kelley played the role of Ben Tennyson who still wears the Ben 10 Jacket. The film opens when Ben, Gwen, and Kevin negotiate with a group of black market dealers, who aim to sell alien nanochips to them. Elena reveals herself to be the childhood acquaintance of Ben and Gwen. Elena was also a plumber's kid. She explains that she had set up the negotiations to entice Ben out into the clear, and excuses that her male parent has been snatched and that she needs their help to obtain him. Ben later decided to save her. Kevin considers it as a double cross, though Elena insists that she is not responsible. When the dealers escape, Ben transforms into Big Chill and drives away the interloper. Elena escapes the confusion suspicions from Kevin. Though Gwen supports Kevin but Ben is not falling for it easily. When arrived at their headquarters underneath the Bellwood auto repair shop, the threesome, along with Grandpa Max have studied the chips which later found out that they are Techno-organic material/a hybrid of organic and technical factors. Elena when being followed, the trio, breaks in. Max orders her to impart, explaining that Elena's father named Victor Validus, was an apprentice who got released for the stealing of chips that are original. Ben refuses to believe that Elena could be like her father. Then breaks rank with his grandfather and teammates in order to assist her. About The Character: Ryan Kelley got selected to be in the role of Ben Tennyson. He’s a young kid whose life changed when he went on summer vacation with his Grandfather, Gwen and Max when suddenly he was walking through the woods he witnessed the crash of a weird capsule from space. The capsule that occurred from space happens to contain Omnitrix which is a powerful device that that fixes itself in the left wrist of Ben’s. He’s the boy of justice, who would love to save anything using his watch that transforms him into various aliens. Though it seems like he really enjoys his work but something can go carelessly wrong. Not only he works alone, his sister Gwen and his sister’s boyfriend Kevin teams up with Ben’s Grandfather to save the day. So basically the character of Ben is supportive and though. In his shows which we once seen in Cartoon Network, he kept wearing his Ben 10 Green Jacket with 10 Logo on the left chest. To him it could be a normal casual style wear but to us it’s an attire. That’ what we saw in the animated series and now the very same has been shown in Ben 10-Alien Swarm movie. The green, well made jacket is the first thing what all youngsters are keeping their eyes on, because no doubt on Ryan Kelley, it matched him perfectly in that age. He wore it in many scenes and there’s no way we have seen him without that jacket. The movie, the actor as well as the costume is just epic.

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  1. Wonderful! 5

    Posted by Caleb Peyton

    arrived in a nice bag, the material is perfect and the color which I thought might be too vibrant was just the right shade.

  2. Promise fulfilled 5

    Posted by Hector Lopez

    I bought this jacket for my oldest son because he loved Ben 10 as a child. I promised him the jacket at least 15 years ago but I could never afford to. But now my promise has been fulfilled. He will probably not fit in it but maybe it will give him motivation to loose some weight. Thanks.

  3. This is soooo Awesome... 4

    Posted by Aaron

    What a jacket! Thanks alot for adding this, I Love collection Ben-10 Merchandise and this one goes straight to my closet. Add more colors and I'll give 5 stars.

  4. This Is Awesome 5

    Posted by Ronald Sanchez

    This is one of the unwatched items I have ever come across. By looking at the 10 on the left, I understood it would be of Ben 10. Funny that I didn’t know about the movie, I checked Ryan Kelley name on their description. Never heard of him but Googled him and first came was the Ben 10 jacket he wore. His style admired me and then thought of getting this for myself. Real good I must say in terms of fitting and look.

  5. Dream Come True 4

    Posted by Richard Kim

    Ben10 is my son’s favorite cartoon program and I wanted to find something that was related to the show. He always wished he could own a jacket of Ben10 and now you’ll have made his dream come true. He totally adores his Ben 10 Alien Jacket

  6. Not a bad themed birthday experience 5

    Posted by Jack Morrow

    I had worn this to my cousin’s party the other week and I was bit shy cause I thought they would think it would be kiddish. But to my surprise they actually liked it. They had their opinions but it wasn't bad for a first timer.


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