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Brown Leather WD Trench Coat

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Brown Distressed Watch and Dogs Jacket

If you're a gaming geek and wish to trend just like your favorite characters, then check out the attire that Aiden Pearce displayed in the Watch Dogs. 

The Aiden Pearce Coat is designed with quality real leather, which gives a smooth texture for attraction. Viscose lining has been added inside for comfort and durability. The brown leather trench coat is created with keen interest, focusing on every detail as seen in the game. So, surprise all and become the mastermind hacker. Grab the exclusive style Now!


  • External: Real Leather
  • Internal: Cotton lining
  • Front: Stand Up Collar, designed along with Belt and Velcro Strap Closure
  • Pockets: Two Hand Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Color: Brown

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  1. Nice One!

    Posted by Jonah Flag

    Ok service great product

  2. Thank you

    Posted by Bill Robert

    I am so proud to receive my Watch Dog Jacket. I love the structure and looks absolutely amazing.

  3. Aiden Pearce The Big Guy

    Posted by B. Fraise

    I worked extra hard at the gym just to make sure that my watchdogs jacket may look good on me. It did actually as it arrived yesterday and man my arms looks good when I flexed it. Designs are radical too, really satisfied. Will make sure to visit again soon.

  4. Still Perfect

    Posted by Paul

    Nice fitting jacket, just what I wanted. The color is good; thank goodness I didn’t get ripped out with the color as experienced before on my t-shirts but that’s different story now. It’s the coat I’m talking about, Fjackets really have done a great job on this.

  5. Really Helped me

    Posted by Richard L. McKelvey

    Nice, comfortable and the quality of this jacket is good. Service was really good, the people of Customer service really helped me when I had problem with the sizing. I couldn’t understand the size chart till they provided me separately which was more understanding. I discussed with my girl friend and gave my order accordingly. Really warm, so basically my winter shopping is done. Thankyou so much guys, will come to check more soon.

  6. Phew! Satisfied

    Posted by Gilbert F. Sage

    The brown leather trench coat looks good and it looks like it the same as in the game, but the problem was sizing. I ordered the medium and it looks like XL. Yup it’s bad for me and became useless till my dad rejects it. It wasn’t for my dad, I was like saving myself from return it back but I had to and ordered myself the medium. It came little late (Bearable) and finally got the medium. So real thanks, now I’m satisfied.

  7. Going to make It a Winter Jacket Too

    Posted by Joseph D. Wiggins

    For a moment when I made my order of this watchdogs coat, I first planned that I’ll wear it for Halloween. But then when it reached to my place I figured that it can work without being in the sense of costume. I mean if you just look at it, the design does not look bad at all, it is not necessary to be a costume. Since winter near too, this can be my plus point to wear during that season.

  8. Best jacket I've ever owned

    Posted by Sherlock

    I've owned quite a few jackets, but none of them were quite as good as this. It's perfect for my cosplay, yes I'm wearing it to comic-con, and it's just overall a very comfortable, good-quality jacket.

  9. Just According To My Expectations

    Posted by Gary M. Rath

    I found the watchdog outerwear cool. I believed it will keep me warm, that’s why I brought it. It’s reasonable, and is comfortable, as well. This can work well, if I wear it for winter, which to me I don’t find it as a costume type. It will not look weird. Yes, it’s a certain if I come across any costume party, then surely I’ll wear this. But most important I was right about keeping me warm.

  10. Love The Idea

    Posted by Marion L. Swan

    I’ve never seen a front zipless covering. They added a strap instead, which indicates to be a single closure. By looking at it I started to consider as Good Idea. Strap is better and simple. The price is good too for this piece, which I can’t believe I actually got the coat of Aiden Pearce. Thanks for the service too.

  11. Really Looks Good

    Posted by Philip Dickson

    I’ve watched the trailer of Watch Dogs and I love the style of Aiden Pearce. Then I also checked that Fjackets got the coat. I was like, isn’t that early? But the coat fascinated me. Made me think of purchasing it and now is with me. It’s fitting me perfect. I love it.