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David Tennant Doctor Who Suit

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David Tennant Who 10th Doctor Suit

We got inspired and took the liberty to bring you the Dr Who Suit. It is your turn to display a classy style wearing the 10th Doctor David Tennant Suit made from premium quality blended fabric, ensuring a professional lookGood for a formal occasion and also to portray the character. Place your order today. 

Tenth Doctor Coat and Trousers Specification:

  • External: Premium Quality Blended Fabric
  • Front: Notch Collar and Front Four Buttons Closures
  • Pockets: One Flap Pocket on Left Chest, Two Flap Waist Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Pant: Fitted Style with Two Slant Side Pocket and Two Jetted Back Pockets
  • Color: Brown

Note: For Made to Measure sizing additional $30 will be charged, kindly fill out the most appropriate measurement after placing your order. Click Here

More Information About This Product

About Drama Doctor Who is the most watched and one of the best ongoing TV series of all time. Lots of different characters are also introduced in the show since it was first transmitted on air in 1963. This drama serial was presented by BBC and is based on science fiction that means this serial is full of technologies and other scientific things that can blow your mind and of course, this series has used lots of techniques in it. As from the other planet with lots of powers with him in which one was a sonic Screwdriver, that helps in fighting with the evil sources, who are after to harm the innocent people and try to change the history as well. But the Doctor fights with the evil forces and protects the people of planet Earth with his powers. The Doctor is also capable of regenerating the damaged body and can transform his personality and appearance into another character whenever he wants to. He got this power from his planet. In this show, there is also a time traveling machine called Tardis in which the Doctor traveled from his planet to planet Earth. The design of this machine is a Police Box that appeared in 1963 and still hasn't changed. Still Tardis is in the show and is the source for Doctor to travel from one planet to another. The thing that makes this drama serial a big hit is that it always comes up with new ideas in every new series that makes it best for viewers. These ideas can be a new story with new thrill, obstacle, character, script or monsters. Also, you can feel a big change in fashion life of this serial with every other episode where they introduce latest fashion life like his Tenth Doctor Suit. About Character David Tennant, who is one of the most handsome men on Earth and the most attractive guy in the serial, has worked as the Tenth Doctor of the serial from 2005 to 2010. He has given this series some massive appearance in lots of episodes and individual shows as well. His acting as a doctor is still loved by lots of fans of this drama series. The show got a big hit premier “Rose” in 2005 after the absence of 16 years. After this, BBC announced that Christopher Eccleston is not going to be a Doctor in the second series. Later, BBC promoted David Tennant as the next doctor of the show. In 2005, David Tennant first appeared on this show at the end of “The Parting of the Way” for just 20 seconds, indicating the regeneration from Christopher Ninth Doctor to Tennant Tenth Doctor. As the process of regeneration, the personality and appearance of Doctor changes and Tennant got the chance to introduce his style in the show. The first appearance of David Tennant as the doctor was in a mini-episode “Children in Need” and in “The Christmas Invasion” a Christmas special episode in 2005. It was depicted in the Doctor Who series that he was noticed wearing the Dr Who Suit. He’s looked great; it’s in brown and many fans kept staring at it. The reason because he changed the whole concept of formal and that’s something everybody should follow as new innovation keep showing up. This is how David Tennant rolls that’s why he has been loved by all.

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  1. Wow! This is a fantastic suit! 5

    Posted by Richard A

    I love this suit! It is well made and the material is thick, sturdy, and comfortable. The best part is it fit perfectly right out of the bag! I usually have to get them tailored, at the very least the slacks will need hemming. Not this suit! The pants were perfect. The stitching is excellent, the lining is well done with a fun material.The best suit I've ever purchased.

  2. On time and excellent quality. 4

    Posted by satisfied customer

    On-time and excellent quality. Pants needed hemmed but otherwise a great fit. Highly recommended.

  3. Great Buy! 5

    Posted by Randall

    Love it. It fits like a slim fit with a tad more extra room. It’s like a tailored suit but at a great price.

  4. Great fit. 5

    Posted by Gary Harper

    You would think that I spent over $500 from the compliment that I received from those who seen me wearing it. And I didn't have any alterations for it to fit.

  5. Nice suit 4

    Posted by michael ealey

    Looks good, may have to taper the legs if you want a more modern fit. Got a lot of compliments.

  6. Amazing! 5

    Posted by Mychael Atwood

    The suit looks almost identical to the one in the show!

  7. Fast easy and exactly what I thought 5

    Posted by Catherine Austin

    This David Tennant suit was a perfect fit and price very affordable for those of us who cosplay those two things are very important I went back and bought the blue suit as well because well I love to cosplay and I will be back from where I am sure I highly recommend them good product great price good service

  8. Great suit 5

    Posted by Jay Hutchings

    Good quality, good luck, very good fit. I love the suit. Feels very much like the doctor's own.

  9. Pricey but worth it! 5

    Posted by Michael Pietro

    Well made. High quality. Arrived quickly.

  10. Very Happy 5

    Posted by Matthew Barrett

    Got the custom fit one and it fits like an absolute charm. The pinstripes are slightly harder to see than I expected, but overall I'm happy with what I got.

  11. Perfect 5

    Posted by Gary Colla

    Perfect fit, Nice quality. It looks just like the real thing

  12. Good price for what you’re getting 4

    Posted by Rosalie Pion

    This is a great product, there are a few cons for this product but pros as well, pros are being mostly screen accurate to the suit worn by David Tennant, being great in size since I bought this suit for my son, coloring is about right, and finally this product seems to be able to withstand normal use, I will see if my son uses this for a formal occasion and if so we’ll see how it lasts but overall good, only cons I have is with the material and pinstripes. The pinstripes on the suit could’ve been a bit more prominent but still looks fine, just needs to be under right lighting, and secondly is the material, it feels a bit “different” but should be fine as my son gets used to it, overall great product and will shop again (this review is not endorsed by FJackets and is by my own words) btw FJacket team hit me up with a sample, I would like to try the trench coat for the doctor who 10th doctor for my son as he is a big cosplayer!

  13. Perfect Tenth Doctor Outfit 5

    Posted by Padraic

    I have bought three Doctor Who coats and one Arrow jacket. They are almost exact tenth doctor costume
    replicas of what was seen in the TV shows. Almost. This Dr Who Brown Suit was off on the color and texture. Not enough to return or complain, just a little off.

  14. Brilliant! 5

    Posted by J. Williams

    Last year, I pieced together a 10th Doctor cosplay by going to different thrift stores. I eventually found a suit jacket and pants (slightly mismatched) and a trench coat. It still did the job and people knew who I was dressed up as. My fiancee and I are going to have a Doctor Who wedding where I'm dressing up as 10 and we both wanted me to have a better looking suit. fjackets.com came through with flying colours! My suit arrived today and it is fantastic! Absolutely brilliant! I ordered the trench coat tonight and can't wait for that to arrive.

  15. Best For A Date 5

    Posted by Gregory Fannin

    I was going to have a date on the New Year night and was worried a lot that what to wear. After all, I have to give my best impression on her. Then I saw this 10th doctor suit at your store and ordered it, and there where I got worried about that will it reach me on time. And yes, it was right on time and I was in best fitting as I love to wear. Although my date was a great success, and she liked my suit too. Thanks fjackets for making my day best….

  16. Excellent Choice 5

    Posted by Brian Rodriguez

    Looks like a mafia suit to me because of the lines on it. Nice fitting by the way which I always wanted. It’s in style now so definitely I wouldn't one of those who want a bit loose suit. The color is nice like more of a dark chocolate type. Never go for light and the features are good looking too.

  17. The Suit of New Era 5

    Posted by Jake T. Jones

    Now this is something I would like to call, The Suit of New Era, that’s the Heading. Never before seen and wore it, but now I get to do both and I love it. I appreciate the service, as it was well communicated. Didn't find it loose, just fitting that’s all I wanted. All ready for my cousin’s wedding because this is going to be my dress code.