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Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Coat

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Firefly Nathan Fillion Malcolm Reynolds Long Trench Coat

Suede trench coats can cost a big fortune but here, you are lucky to get it for a very low price. If you want a superstar’s outfit, then go for the Firefly Coat. Nathan Fillion acted as Malcolm Reynolds in the TV show Firefly.

Although this Malcolm Reynolds Coat is made of suede leather, the front closure of it is the attractive factor. It has a buckle closing style. As it heavy as it looks, it is quite comfortable and flexible. It has a long lasting comfort factor because of the viscose inside. To get this stunning coat, place your order today.


  • External: Suede
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Peak Style Collar and Front hook buckle Closure
  • Pockets Two Outside and Two Inside Pockets
  • Color: Brown

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  1. Makes a browncoat proud

    Posted by Tuck Davion

    The fit is nigh-on perfect, and the feel is downright fit for a companion. So whether you're lookin' for a crew to do a job, or just wanna be lookin' fine, this coat is for you.

  2. A perfect match!

    Posted by Mike

    I was nervous ordering this because there were only pictures from the show & not of a model wearing the jacket. No worries, it looks EXACTLY the same as the one Captain Mal wears! Great fit and high quality construction & material, too

  3. Too Late

    Posted by Kyle

    I was thinking of wearing the Malcolm Reynolds Coat while on a trip to France but it arrived after my departure. Now I'll just wear it on the next trip.

  4. Comfortable Length To Walk Easily In…

    Posted by Justin Sparks

    It was a shame that my order arrived after 2 days otherwise I would have given it full marks. The coat is the right length for those who want to walk to work or anywhere else. It reaches slightly below the knee and is nicely stitched. It’s not as heavy as I expected it to be because if it were, then I would be getting very irritated with it hit my leg.

  5. When it snows, this is what you need

    Posted by Jeffrey Arthur Brown

    I wore a short sleeve crew neck shirt and jeans with this coat and walked 10 blocks in the snow. I didn’t shiver at all. The cold was very bearable. 5 stars for the quality.

  6. Very Unique In Its Own Way

    Posted by Michael Hill

    My colleagues can’t help but be excited to see me in this coat. They are very fascinated by the closure. I have been a big fan of Nathan to today. His work in Castle is exceptional. But this was where I first notice his acting skills. Anywho, this is a well-made coat that I wear confidently for years.