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Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 Star Lord T Shirt

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Star Lord is famous for his blaster and jackets, but now he is known very well for his versatile tee. Presenting to you the new Guardians of the Galaxy Shirt that Chris Pratt wore as Star-Lord.

This Heather grey Long Sleeves shirt is made from 100% soft ring-spun cotton fabric. This alien-like symbol is an official language that is featured in the movie. Last but not the least, Star Lord Shirt is a perfect item for daily wear.  


  • Made from 100% Soft Cotton
  • Front: Gear Shift Logo
  • Color: Heather Grey
  • Sizes: S to XXL


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More Information About This Product

About Star Lord

One of the popular characters in MCU is actually a human-alien hybrid assuming the name Peter Quill a.k.a. Star Lord to the Guardians. Raised by Yondu, who abducted the young Peter and brought him to another planet. After reaching adulthood, he was tasked with a mission to find the Orb by the Ravagers but soon finds out the reality that turns the table. Betraying the Ravagers that made him the most wanted man with a bounty on his head. After some time, he met with other superhuman members inside the Kyln Prison to form the team of Guardians that includes Drax, Rocket, Groot and his future lover, Gamora.

Star Lord Shirt

The fan-favorite character is also particularly popular for his appearance. Apart from his Red Jacket and Walkman from 80’s era, the “Gear Shift Tee” is also popular in MCU. Now that similar style apparel can be purchased from our store that includes pop art style printed logo of the Legendary Outlaw. This Screen Accurate fashion piece is made of 100% cotton and comes in original grey color with a v-neck collar. If you’re looking to channel your inner Peter Quill, this cryptic Klyn logo tee shirt is the real deal for you.


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  1. Great fitting

    Posted by Jessaray56

    I’m pretty sure that my 5’6 stature would easily fit in a Medium size shirt. I have ordered plenty of shirts online, and after seeing the measurements, I ordered medium. It fits perfect, and it did look as good as in the picture.

  2. Secure Shopping

    Posted by Joseph Edward

    I enjoy shopping here and never once got disappointed by the service or the quality. I bought this tee from my allowance which I specially saved for Star Lord Shirt.

    Hoping you'll add alternate colors for this shirt.

  3. Caught My Attention!

    Posted by Mike from California

    A killing style that actually fits my athletic body. I was thrilled to see the price and decided to order it right away. I am still wearing it and typing this review.

    So Far, It's a worthy pick for casual fashion.

  4. I m Pleased

    Posted by Robic

    I totally impressed by the printing design of my order. The quality is way above excellent, and the color is also good. My friends also asked me, so I told them about this site.

    I hope you add more cool stuff.

  5. Words Won't Do!

    Posted by Johnny

    I just don't know how to express my feelings about this amazing shirt. I tried different versions of Star Lord's Tee but they were not accurately designed. This one is a clear cut version of the original. For such price, It's the best pick.

  6. It has a good and durable print

    Posted by Greg Ambrose from UK

    From the picture, the letters below the logo are kind of too small to notice. The site takes great care in making sure even the tiniest detail is made clear. For the print itself, I will give it full marks because that’s what impressed me more. The quality of the fabric is satisfactory and fits just like my average shirt. It’s a good purchase, and I’m super happy.

  7. I am Truly Blessed

    Posted by Shawn Reeds

    I just can't explain how lucky I am feeling right now. I searched everywhere to find the exact match Star-Lord's Tee and almost lost hope untile my friend introduced me to this site. My thoughts:

    Product Delivery - Quick
    Quality - Totally Epic
    Printing - Match 100%

  8. Fascinating

    Posted by Kevin Black

    This tee is my kind of style. I always prefer to wear a Long-Sleeve Tee as I am a skinny person and short sleeve shirt looks really odd on my appearance.

  9. What A Tee!!!

    Posted by Clark Gibson

    Omg!! I can't believe it; I am so impressed by the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Starlord shirt. It fits me perfectly even though I had doubts before ordering. The color and pattern are same as Peter Quill's version. I've also recommended my friends to buy from here.