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Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt Jacket

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Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy Leather Jacket with Shirt

  • Screen Accurate Design
  • High Quality PU Leather
  • Viscose Lining Inside 
  • Pockets: Two Inside Pockets
  • Front: Mandarin Collar and YKK Front Zips
  • Color: Maroon
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Gear Shift Logo
  • V Neck Collar
  • Grey



This stylish jacket was worn by Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star Lord in "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2".

The Biker Style Jacket is made of high-quality PU leather, along with comfortable and soft viscose lining. We GUARANTEE you that the features and designs of our product will give a superhero look.



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More Information About This Product


Whenever Marvel releases a movie that has familiar characters like Captain America or Iron Man in it, you know what to expect since they are old but famous. Now that they have expanded their squad, other superheroes can jump in to do a cameo, making it more exciting to watch. Therefore, seeing how things were going with Iron Man and Captain America movies, the directors of the Marvel movies decided to take a step that could maintain or break their strong momentum of superhero movies. One would expect a sequel or another film that brought a loveable hero or heroine forward. Instead, it was a movie about superheroes tasked with guarding space in Guardians of the Galaxy. It had no cameo from a famous hero but rather from a villain. Other than that, it was completely new for the fans. The members of the team are slightly new, but they positively made a tremendous impact on the Box Office. It became the highest-grossing movie of the summer and the sequel titled Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will look to do the same. The sequel will release next year with the same squad along with new faces and villains as well. The team includes Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, and Chris Pratt reprising their roles as Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord, respectively. There are expectations regarding some of the characters to have a bigger role to play. James Gunn will return to direct.


It’s a pretty obvious thing that when a movie becomes an instant hit, the characters rise to stardom. This was the case with Star-Lord, the hero of the film. Chris Pratt was the actor that began his rise to fame by playing this character. Peter Quill was Star-Lord’s real name. In the comics, he was created by Steven Gan and Steven Englehart. He possesses the skills in strategic planning and fencing. According to the comics, he possesses staggering strength when he wears his signature suit. In a month or so of the release, his costume was being recreated or/and worn by cosplayers. Have a look at the way our customers have dressed up. It looks like they were signed for the film. Of course, the jacket and the coat were both worn in the movie, and there was a debate about which was the most appropriate hero-like attire. It came down to who was more comfortable in it. Nevertheless, Chris Pratt wore these as his Star Lord Costume when he was chosen to lead a team of misfit alien hooligans to save the galaxy. Being the only human in the team, Star Lord was less than equipped with the skills of leadership, especially knowing that the people he has lead were capable of killing him easily. Nonetheless, he manages to get them on the same page and save the galaxy. As for the upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, there’ll be a new costume that he will wear.



Our Awesome Star Lord Jacket Owners:

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  1. Awesome jacket

    Posted by Step

    I bought it for my son. I was very surprised about the fast delivery, and how great the jacket looks, it also has a soft feel, and not heavy. I would buy from here again

  2. Worth the extra wait...

    Posted by Maria Urrutia

    I bought this because it's such a cool looking jacket. It took some extra time to arrive due to some complications but, when it arrived, it was all worth it. It's beautiful!
    The best part is you can wear it casually. It's comfy and it keeps you warm when it's a little cold outside.
    I recommend it.

  3. It's the Same Style

    Posted by Eden

    The jacket style seems accurate but lacks shininess. That's maybe because of the leather material but apart from that, I am satisfied with the quality and only reason I am giving 4 stars is because my product arrival was late.

  4. Shut Up and Take My Money!

    Posted by Gregory J. Adams

    Fjackets proved they are the best clothing designer in the market today. I ordered this Star Lord Jacket and almost wear it every day. When it comes to buying movie inspired apparels, I only choose this site and also recommend others to do the same.

  5. Finally Found gift for my Husband

    Posted by Ashley Roth

    It was a gift for my husband, and it's a good jacket. The size was just as described and fits perfectly on him. I have previously purchased my Star-Lord jacket from this online store and it was a wonderful buying experience. I still have that Jacket in my wardrobe. The quality is excellent, shipping speed is okay, and you can see the price is reasonable too. Highly recommended.

  6. Awesome jacket!

    Posted by Chris

    It looks and fits just as hoped. Thanks for the prompt delivery! :)

  7. The best I got from here.

    Posted by Mickey Ceaser, VIR

    I bought one before this, they are so amazingly made and this one too. According to specs it is made of synthetic but, while receiving on hand it is actually screen accurate and hard to find difference from original one, I BET! :) Perfect looks, as it is in images. Very clear images to see the actual features, which is GREAT. Wonderful support team, I had corresponded with!

  8. The Store I trust

    Posted by Kevin

    Can say I can trust this as they have provided me the service which none can do. Ordered the jacket a week back. Though it took long, it didn't come out bad. Service is good, easy to correspond with and happy with the jacket.

  9. The Accident That Made Me Look Good

    Posted by Billie Grand

    My bro called me stupid when I brought this jacket. He was like I’m Insane and Blind that this type of jacket would work and for real I have no idea what was I thinking. My bro made me wear that round neck t-shirts with this jacket and then I realized that it looks perfect.

  10. Good Appropriate Service

    Posted by George Stroud

    Something that I though wouldn't work actually turned out great. Nice fitting, just like it and made in a creative manner. I’m glad that I reached here earlier. Didn't take that long which normally nobody likes that but I’m enjoying it that’s for sure.

  11. Admiring it

    Posted by Michael Bauer

    Very comfortable, and my friends loved it. I gave them your site and I just told them that they will get even better than what I have. Now I guess they’re making their way now.

  12. Gotta Jam Like Chris Pratt

    Posted by Mark Matthews

    The reason I purchased this is because I truly admired Chris Pratt as the way he acted in the movie. Comedy guy truly and some of my friends compared me with him. So that made me feel more good and that’s why I got this good looking jacket of Chris Pratt. I started dancing like him, cracked jokes and even did some gestures which I think I should not mention here lol. I’m good with the service, very pleased with it.

  13. A Convenient Online Store

    Posted by Richard McLaughlin

    I was searching for Chris Pratt’s jacket ever since I saw the premiere. It captured my attention and I thought to myself that this is the jacket I want. I searched everywhere but, it was just coming but this website immediately developed it and made it available for the customers. I just couldn’t believe that the jacket I wanted was just a simple click away. I will recommend this site to all my friends so that they too can have the luxury of free shipping and fast delivery.

  14. Not Perfect but I Don’t Care

    Posted by Jordan Sam

    I have paid very close eye on the original star lord clothing and there are some flaws in yours version. The color shade is little different but I don’t mind. I bought because I expected it to be comfortable and perfect fit and that exactly what it was. The comfort factor over powers the flaws easily and that is why I like this stylish jacket. I make sure that it is kept in good condition and nobody else wears it.

  15. Double Advantage…

    Posted by Thomas Martin

    The great thing that I found in this Star Lord jacket is that it can be used for a dual purpose. The way they made this outfit, is really remarkable. The attire can be worn for Halloween and costume parties And, the jacket can also be worn when I want to go out for any reason. I used it for both and it gelled well with the situation.

  16. Satisfactory Level= 100%

    Posted by Herman Fisher

    I just can’t tell you how satisfied I am with your red jacket. It is no surprise that many people are rating this as the best selling jacket. It has all the necessary factors of being tagged as one. I too am a big fan after wearing it. It fits like a glove. I am satisfied by the delivery and free shipping advantages that this platform provides. Everything especially the jacket makes me a satisfied customer.

  17. Irresistible

    Posted by Walter Allred

    The moment I saw this jacket, I just found it hard to resist. I didn’t want to pass the opportunity that I got thanks to this site. The online store was giving a big discount and the most affordable price tag for it so it obviously made me want to buy it as soon as possible. This site is the most convenient site because it gives you a lot of advantages. So I am satisfied and happy customer

  18. Worth The Wait

    Posted by Anthony S. Palmer

    I had given my order, gave my size, received the confirmation email for the order and that was it. I just had to wait patiently for the jacket to come. I had literally spread the word that I will be getting a Star Lord Design, that too before my birthday. I first planned to wear it as my birthday outfit. I was a bit impatient that I kept emailing the customer service. It came 2 days before the expected delivery time and I was very happy. Just in time and worth the wait.

  19. Me and Chris Pratt, Close Enough

    Posted by Saul Sanchez

    Just how Chris rose to fame with his acting as Star Lord in the movie, I too somewhat became known in my new class. It was my third day and I decided to wear this jacket because obviously I liked it. But what I liked more was that the students started to make conversations with me. And now, the whole class knows me by this jacket. I feel really happy with having an expectation before that nobody would talk to me. I have friends is because of this jacket. I definitely refer this jacket to them and to all who want a cool look.

  20. Faultless Match

    Posted by Douglas E. Moore

    When it comes to taking inspiration from movies or TV series, there is no other site that can compare to this site. It is like literally taking it out from the screen and wearing it. The way this jacket has been made, every detail matches the original flawlessly.

  21. Star Personified

    Posted by Donald J. UK

    There is no surprise that this jacket would be the best seller after the blockbuster movie of Guardians of the Galaxy. I personally love this jacket because of screen accuracy. First things first, the quality is too good. It can easily be identified as a very durable jacket. The details does make it very fashionable and a good casual outerwear.

  22. Friendly Customer Service

    Posted by Stanley Nickel

    When contacting the customer service about the size and asking them all the questions that were on my mind like when will it be delivered and if they got my address correctly noted down and what type it is. I noticed that they are very courteous and kind. They even answered me in detail so I had no issue in learning about the item.

  23. They Got My Size

    Posted by Daniel V. Mason

    usually the problem I have is with my size. I find it very hard that to get a perfect size that I want for myself but it didn’t quiet happen I was still worried. But thank goodness I received helped from their customer services. They guide me well. The jacket fits just right. It falls perfectly on my waist and even the sleeves' length and waist fitting is just comfortable. I'm really happy that I finally got perfect fitting.

  24. Nice Jacket

    Posted by S. Lockman

    The moment I placed my order, I was just too excited for it. My mind was continuously thinking when and how long more will the jacket reach to my place. I couldn’t even stop myself from telling my friends that I’m getting a Chris Pratt jacket. At first they didn’t believe me but when I showed them they couldn’t believe it…even I couldn’t do. I finally own a superhero jacket and that too of Star Lord. I was overjoyed and this online store made it possible. Thank you so much

  25. Great price for a quality Jacket

    Posted by Brian Ulm

    As others have stated, this is a high quality, comfortable jacket beautifully styled to match the Star Lord short version jacket from the movie. I wore it in 4 cosplay events and loved it. It beautifully survived walking an hour during a downpour on Halloween night at West Hollywood's carnaval. Great jacket at a great price that I am going to wear for much more than just Cosplay. Thank you!!

  26. Love it!

    Posted by Unknown

    It arrived really fast and is amazing looking. Definitely worth the price!

  27. Amazing product, especially at the price

    Posted by Unknown

    I initially bought this jacket with the hopes that it would bring my Star Lord Halloween costume together. I can honestly say this is gonna get WAY more use than that. It looks and feels great and at the price, it's unbeatable. The customer service and free (and fast!) shipping was also great. I took one star off because the fit could be a bit better, but I'm on the slim side and worst-case I can get it tailored. I'm looking forward to ordering from this site again because some of this stuff looks amazing!

  28. Awesome Style Red Jacket

    Posted by Jonathan S. Anderson

    It looks exactly like the one worn by Chris Pratt. The quality, and attention to detail, really makes it stand out from the crowd. From the moment you put it on, you won't want to take it off. You will be sure to turn heads, as you travel the galaxy in this beautifully crafted outerwear. If you want to live your own moonage dream, buy one today. You will love it.

  29. Amazing jacket, for a great deal!

    Posted by Jude

    It was at my door in four days. Easy to order, very quick. Looks great and is the closes thing you're going to get to the movie. Compared to other websites, this has the best price and it's not poorly made.The material is great as it's a lighter jacket but keeps you warm. This Guardians of the galaxy jacket gives you compliments from those who've seen the movie and those who haven't. It will make you feel like Star Lord, the legendary outlaw.

  30. Awesome

    Posted by Noah Gillispie

    Price is great, it is comfortable, and even came with a bag to store it in and sunglasses. Shipped on time and looks fantastic. I am very pleased.

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