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Harley Quinn Complete Costume

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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Complete Costume Set

Harley Quinn is widely known for her crazy looks and costume that has introduced unparalleled variations. No need to DIY because we are showing you the most popular Margot Robbie Costume Set which you can acquire at an amazing price.

The costume set includes a Suicide Squad Jacket, gloves, and shirt. All the items are made of high quality, and can depict your personality as the crazy character. This set is not only affordable but also an easy way to cosplay the character. Save up to $7 on the costume Set. 

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  1. Great Store! 5

    Posted by Quinn Kline Felter

    The product I bought from Film Jackets was great. All the items offered to look fantastic!

    check Yes, I recommend this product.verifiedVerified Purchase.
  2. A Birthday Gift for My Daughter 4

    Posted by Mom of 4 Kids

    She's a big fan of Harley Quinn. I got her this costume set, but she wanted the animated one, not the suicide squad. Still, she's happy with it.

    check Yes, I recommend this product.verifiedVerified Purchase.
  3. The Best Suicide Squad Costume 5

    Posted by Tory

    This is the cheapest deal ever. I wanted to play as the crazy Harley Quinn, and now that wish is fulfilled by Fjackets. Just like the picture, it is the complete HQ Costume from Suicide Squad. Gloves are in best shape, t shirt is awesome, and the jacket is fitting. No need to go through tutorials or anything, just buy yourself a wig and order this complete set to save money.

    check Yes, I recommend this product.verifiedVerified Purchase.
  4. This place surely knows how to do good business. 5

    Posted by Mitchum Davids

    I wanted to dazzle my sister by giving her the Margot Robbie costume when she visited town. She was so in awe with the jacket that I decided to give her something much more. I just ordered by giving her size and told the customer service exactly how I wanted the order to be by sending a detailed email. I’m glad they paid attention to it, and everything fit my sister perfectly.

    check Yes, I recommend this product.verifiedVerified Purchase.
  5. Fjackets makes things easier for everyone 5

    Posted by Andrea A. Moniz

    I had already got the boots since I thought it was the hardest part of this costume. But then when I expected to get the remaining items easily, I found them to be expensive, and it was going above my budget. So I returned the glove and belt I ordered from another store and was going to do the same with the heels. That was until I saw a sponsored post that had the complete costume for $169. If I kept ordering from here and there, it was going above $328. Luckily I got everything from here, and it became less stressful. All the items came on time, and it was just right for me.

    check Yes, I recommend this product.verifiedVerified Purchase.

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