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Man of Steel Superman Blue Jacket

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Superman Blue Leather Man of Steel Jacket


If you love Superman and want to dress like him, then you got to start by getting yourself the Man Of Steel Superman Jacket. Appeared and worn by Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in the 2013 movie.

The outerwear is made the same as seen on television that can be worn casually and semi-casually.

The Man Of Steel Leather Jacket is made of synthetic leather. To give Superman Jacket more of a heroic look, embossed designs are formed on the shoulders and of course, most essentially the 'S' logo, that marks to be the Son Of Krypton's attire.

So are you ready to be the new Superman? Order now, at this very online store and experience the on-time delivery guaranteed.


  • Screen Accurate Design
  • External: 100% Synthetic Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Collarless Style, along with Front Zip Closure
  • Pockets: Two Inside Pockets
  • Sleeves: Zipped Cuffs
  • Color: Blue

More Information About This Product

About Movie

Man of Steel of DC comics that depicts the story of Superman, released in the year 2013. It has been produced by Syncopy Films and Legendary pictures. It was the foremost installment within the DC film universe. The film story starts on the planet named Krypton that was facing imminent destruction. Clark, currently known as "Superman", came in a ship and the military used the artificial satellite that sent him to Earth in an aerial strike on Zod's ship over place called Metropolis, causing Zod's forces back to the Phantom Zone. Once Clark enters the flying saucers, he utilizes a Kryptonian "control-key" from the boat that brought him to the globe that permits him to speak with the preserved consciousness of Jor-El. Lois and Clark escapes Zod's boat with the help of Jor-El; Clark defeats Faora and another Kryptonian and convinces the armed forces that he's an ally.

Knowing that the employment of artificial social control has ruined their civilization, human Jor-El and his wife Lara launch their newborn son Kal-El to Earth. Zod and also the others eventually acquire a Kryptonian distress call sent from the ship that Clark discovered on Earth. Lois Lane, a top journalist from the Daily Planet newspaper was sent to write down a story about the invention, sneaks within the ship whereas following Clark and is saved by him once she is gashed by its security system. The movie has been considered the biggest hit in the blockbuster and till now it’s going famous that they wish to see more of Henry Cavill to once again play the role of Superman. Highest Ratings has been marked on it and many of Easter Eggs has been found in it, which crazed the fans even more to know what they actually are. Fans loves the new suit and there’s some speculation about the new Superman Jacket available.

About Character

The main character of this story was Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, he was wearing such brilliant Superman Attire that everybody currently needs to dress like him. After Jonathan's death, an adult Clark spends many years living a nomadic lifestyle, operating completely different jobs below false identities whereas saving folks, additionally as troubled to address the loss of his adoptive father. By the time when the film finishes, forming an alias that provided him an access to dangerous things while not arousing suspicion, Clark takes employment as a newsperson at the Daily Planet and adopts a progressive version of his "mild-mannered" look. Editor of Lois, Perry White, rejected the plot of a "superhuman" rescuer. Thus, she maps out Clark back to Kansas with the intention of writing an expose. Later Kal-E was sent to Earth before the devastation of Krypton , which then landed to the house of Kent family which then he got named Clark Kent.

The character Clark Kent who was played by Henry Cavill, have infact impressed the fans with his stunning look onto his new Superman Costume. Words by the fans that it’s better than the previous which the different manner made it more terrific, so basically all credits goes to the designers. Henry Cavil worked real hard in his physique that got him the real shape of Superman. His hard work really paid off, which his muscles actually flexed on his suit, which on the other hand the ladies found him hot. Henry Cavill gained success of playing the role as Superman.

The Man Of Steel Jacket Costume has become so famous that each and every fans are searching for a piece like that.


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  1. First rate company - excellent jacket 5

    Posted by Binkey Barney

    Great experience. Awesome jacket. Luv the look and how it's cut. One minor problem: the jacket is dark blue. It's still a great jacket. Thank you.

  2. It’s a good thing that this was for $119 5

    Posted by Unknown

    I kid you not when I say that I had $120 after getting all the stuff for my new house last week. Seeing that I was nearly a day away till my pay check arrives, it became no problem for me to spend it on this jacket. It’s better than the Batman jacket for sure.

  3. Gonna Take Some Time 4

    Posted by Garry DK

    I got the shirts and the hooded sweatshirts but never a Superman jacket made from leather. This will take some time to get used to.

  4. A loooooooong time coming… 5

    Posted by Hakim Johns

    I waited for reviews on this leather superman jacket so I can be relaxed on my final decision of placing the order or no. I even forgot about it at one point. When that happened, it was more than a month, and then I remembered about it. So a month later I ordered it, and six days later it arrived. I hate the fact that I couldn’t recall that I had a jacket in my cart. After wearing it for a couple of days, even to the club, I was very comfortable in it that I wanted to wear it even more regularly. But then summer came, and I had to put it away. When winter comes again in a few weeks, I will be wearing this for sure.

  5. Looks cool from the back too 5

    Posted by Paul Jr.

    If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s called a bi-swing design. It’s good that this is made that way. At least it doesn’t look dull.

  6. I would pick this over a superman t-shirt any day 4

    Posted by Collins McGrath

    After trying out this jacket when it arrived, I didn’t care about the smell. It fit so good on me that I felt like wearing it more regularly. I had got this for the winter, but then my mind changed, and I started wearing this on alternate days. For summer in Australia or any country where you know that the weather gets scorching hot, wearing this isn’t very preferable. But if you are comfortable with it then give it a go.

  7. One of the Best Superman Jackets I Have Ever Wore 5

    Posted by Mark Hawes

    I have worn lots of leather jackets in my life but haven’t experienced something like this Man of steel leather jacket. It’s smooth, light in weight and is in the best design. Especially the logo that is neatly made on it looks fabulous and gives me an eye-catching personality. Lots of people only notice me because of this logo, and I’m enjoying it. All above, I didn’t face any problems like late delivery or size problem like generally people face when they order something online. Yay!! I’m feeling lucky…

  8. Very Happy and Satisfied 5

    Posted by George M. McNichols

    3 days back in the morning as I opened the package and received this jacket, I started to laugh out loud because for the first time my order went smooth and good. Why I said those because in my last previous online stores I haven’t got the piece I wanted and that happened to me twice. So I’m going to say right now that Fjackets defeated them. The jacket is good and comfortable. Very stylish and worth it. Thanks alot guys, you made my day.

  9. The Big In my Collection 5

    Posted by Homer R. Thomas

    I’m a collectible. I got like loads of Superman’s merchandise and it seems like my new man of steel jacket is the latest addition to my collection. Good working on the outfit and the logo looks Swweet!! It’s a good thing I workout, my arms are literally making the sleeves tight. Excellent!!