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Prototype Alex Mercer Jacket

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Alex Mercer Prototype Leather Jacket 

Many adore the styles of gaming characters, with their aim to dress just like them. Your wish will be fulfilled, if you check out this "Prototype Jacket" that made Alex Mercer, the fan’s favorite character of all time. It was appeared in the Prototype game, which soon will appear into your lives if you make it happen.

The "Alex Mercer Jacket" is made of High Quality Synthetic Leather with inner lining of viscose. The reason that, Alex Mercer is stylish character in the game, are due to these elements like, red collar, two white lines on both biceps, epaulettes on both shoulders and the red face to face dragons embroidered on the back.


  • Internal: Viscose Lining.
  • Pockets: One Right Chest Zip Pocket, Two Flap Waist Pockets and Two Inside Pockets.
  • Sleeves: Zip Cuffs.
  • Color: Black.
  • External: PU Leather.


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Prototype Jacket Prototype Leather Jacket

More Information About This Product

About The Game You must have definitely heard about the one of the world’s most famous and best games, Prototype. Practically every teenager that had a console would play this game for hours and hours every day after they come home from school or after they do their homework. With its high pace and dynamic graphics, no wonder this game was loved by millions of gamers around the world. It became one of the best games ever to be created. Prototype is an action and adventure game based on the story of a guy that lost all of his memory and desperately wants it back, at any cost. He is ready to whatever it takes to retrieve them. The game takes place in one of the world’s largest cities, New York. But in the city a huge crisis arises. A virus known as BLACKLIGHT is apparently spreading gradually all over Manhattan. The people that got affected by this deadly virus became monsters. And when they did become monsters they started killing people who haven’t yet been infected by the virus. So a team consisting of the people in the army, called BLACKWATCH, is doing everything in its power in fighting with this virus and is even ready to kill anyone who is infected as it poses a great threat. With this interesting storyline everyone is attracted towards playing Prototype. The game-play in smooth and keeps you entertained. Alex was the main character in the game. He seeks help in other people as well in stopping the virus from spreading even more and wears his Prototype Jacket.

About The Character

The main hero, Alex Mercer, has the incredible powers of superhuman strength, durability, stamina and the capability to consume or gain memories of people, their appearance and skills. That means he can shape shift. With the disease infecting the people and turning them into different hideous monsters, he has to have a certain plan to fight with all the infected people to rescue them from a huge blast that was planned by the villains in the game. At the end, he saves the people. Plus, he also gets his memories back and finds out everything about himself like what happens to him etc. His super strength was unmatchable since he could kill humans in a single hit. He was good on the ground as well as in the air with his flips and aerial attacks. He can alter his body to be changed into a weapon. For instance his arm can be turned into a blade and also a shield. He is the ultimate force to be reckoned with, since he has the best attack weapons and defensive weapons, which is all his body. At any time he can use it to fight the infected beings. He has abilities that even thousand of humans cannot match. He is like an alien in a good way. In the game he wore a black leather jacket everywhere he went and fought. It is his classic look that fans are crazy about till today. It is attractive and looks cool. Anyone can identify it as a Prototype Leather Jacket.

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  1. Extremely Satified

    Posted by Peter J. Maximoff

    At first I was skeptical and was going to return it, but I decided to give it a shot to do my Alex Mercer Cosplay and wow, it blew my skeptical right out the window like it was nothing, It's possibly the most beautiful Jacket I ever seen in person too! I should NEVER have doubted the Jacket!

  2. Make Me Feel Proud

    Posted by Stanley P. Simmons

    I bought this attire after playing this game, and I’m happy to have a jacket of what I saw on my screen. Whenever I wear it, I get the flashback of the time when I was playing this game, and that feeling is totally awesome. Except this, I received lots of compliments from my friends as they are also big fans of Prototype. Truly an admirable Alex Mercer leather jacket that no other thing can replace its style.

  3. Everything Is Accurate

    Posted by Eddie Owens

    Yup, it looks accurate to me. The designs, red collar, dragon logos and the white lines, perfect match. What I enjoyed the most is the fitting, as I got a slim figure and it’s giving a great impression on my physique.

  4. Perfect For College

    Posted by Robert Hernandez

    Fact that it’s a game jacket, I utilize it for college. The reason, well if it was little loose I would definitely wear it for Halloween and all, but since it’s a fitting one, I was like “I’ll think of some other costumes for that occasions later.

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