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Resident Evil 6 Jacket

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Resident Evil Leon Kennedy Jacket


  • Screen Accurate Design
  • External: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Shirt Style Collar and Front Zip Closure
  • Pockets: Four Flap Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Sleeves: Button Tab Cuffs
  • Color: Black


Prepare yourself to dress like your favorite game character, by wearing this Leon Kennedy Jacket from Resident Evil 6. If you compare this attire with the game, you'll find no difference as it will look totally the same. This is your chance to be the first to wear a gaming black leather jacket among your gamer friends, and by wearing in front of them, you will be a motivator.

Made of PU Leather, this Resident Evil Jacket implies to be of good quality wear. As for features to make similar to the game, shoulder epaulettes on both sides and two Gray lines on both sleeves, which applies to be a signature design of Leon Kennedy.

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More Information About This Product

About The Game Undoubtedly this is the best game of all time. The people gave a lot of positive feedback and reviews and said that they haven’t played such an enticing game ever. Never has there been a game quite like Resident Evil. The Resident Evil franchise released a lot of parts to satisfy and fulfill the demands of the fans in the world. Resident Evil 6 was the fans’ favorite that released in 2012 on the consoles and in 2013 on the computer. The game’s story is told from a narrator Chris Redfield’s, a former founder of the BSAA, point of view and it is about how a group of four people must fight against a force behind a big bio-terrorist attack. The group consisted of Leon S. Kennedy who was an agent for the US govt. Jake Muller and Ada Wong who was a framed freelance agent and Chris Redfield. Together they encounter and try to tackle some of the most toughest and difficult obstacles in their way. They have to fight zombies as well as the people infected with the virus to make them what they are termed as J’avo. Only difference is that unlike zombies, those infected and become J’avo can plan an attack, use weapons and also heal themselves. However, the standout character of the Resident Evil 6 game is none other than agent Leon S. Kennedy. He was considered to be the best character throughout the whole game and great inspirational fashioners wearing the Resident Evil Jacket. About the Character Leon S. Kennedy played many other roles in the Resident Evil franchise but he is better known for his role as an agent that works for the US government in Resident Evil 6. In the game Leon S. Kennedy escapes from Tall Oaks. It is another American town flooded by zombies following a bio-terrorist attack that killed the new U.S. president. Leon then teams up with his fellow survivor and the president's bodyguard, the Secret Service agent, Helena Harper. Together they expose the truth that led to the horrific incident. Later in the game, Leon reunites with a fully grown-up Sherry Birkin, who has now become an operative for the U.S. government's Division of Security Operations. Also Leon teams up with Ada Wong to save the world from a global outbreak. During all of this, he fights the infected beings while wearing a stunning jacket. A black jacket that everyone recognizes it as his look, he wore it in all the scenes of the game. This Leon Kennedy Jacket is his signature look and together with his tea, fought off the zombies and save the world. With such an attractive and cool image, it is no surprise that the game was loved everyone, even though receiving some mix reviews. Nevertheless, this game is tagged to be the best game ever to be created ever. So that really is a big plus point.

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  1. A gift for special friend

    Posted by Deborah A. Munger

    I bought this outfit to gift my special friend on his Bday. I got the idea to buy this resident evil leather jacket while I was thinking that what he will like to have and then I got remember that one time he said me that he loved the game Resident Evil. So I started searching for this and got it to your place at the perfect price. With great service, I received it on time and found it just in the form as promised. When my friend saw this gift, he was so happy that time, and he hugged me so tightly. That’s what a friendship is. Thanks for this……

  2. Yes I’m Going to Do It.

    Posted by Timothy Larson

    Well I’d say the pockets on my new Resident Evil Jacket are very beneficial. I could easily put in my smart phone in it. Infact this is one well made attire that I can’t even think of any other outfits. Party up in the town soon, and I’m going to wear this attire and impress the ladies. You guys nailed it. Thanks a lot.

  3. Can’t Believe I just did that

    Posted by Peter Phelps

    Can’t believe I purchased this jacket. I was like, I actually brought something out of my spendings and its huge. I never buy something that exceeds above $200 and for the first time I used that amount on this piece. Then realized that Worth It. The outlook looks great, the stitching are done smoothly and works absolutely to my body measurement.

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