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Sherlock Holmes Coat

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Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch Coat

To give yourself more of a Detective look, we bring you the Sherlock Coat that can also be among your winter outfit collection. Worn by Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlockwhich he mostly utilized it as his winter wear, wearing muffler around his neck. If his style motivates you, then even you can do the same.

It is made available in Wool Fabric, which is of high quality and heavy duty. In order to label this outerwear as the Sherlock Holmes Coat, Red Functional Boutonniere is applied on the lapel collar, to ensure it is unique among all. You can check the other items of Sherlock Outfit here.


  • Screen Accurate Design
  • External: Wool Fabric
  • Internal: Viscose Linning
  • Front: Lapel Style Collar and Front Double Breasted Buttoned Closure.
  • Pockets: Two Vertical Pockets, Two Flap Waist Pockets and Two inside Pockets.
  • Color: Charcoal Gray.

More Information About This Product

About The Television Series

The television series of Sherlock Holmes is one of the all time favored television series that casted Benedict Cumberbatch as the World’s Most Greatest Detective Sherlock Holmes. As compared to the movie version, this television series happens to take place in the modern time. It’s basically a modern alteration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. He lives in London of the 21st Century, where the city is filled with mysteries and crimes that only one many can solve, and his name is Sherlock Holmes. Whenever any crimes and another weird mystery that police can't handle it takes place, they call up Sherlock Holmes who can tackle any mystery easily. He does not work alone; he got his trusted friend named Doctor John Watson, who is ready to help him in whatever danger he faces,. Doctor John Watson is the person who only character trust that he considers him like a Brother. Mr. John Watson’s character was played by Martin Freeman, which he depicted great as Sherlock’s helping man, who together stays 221B Baker Street.

Not only puny mystery is in the series, but also some mass murders from serial killers and deals with some smugglers, as well. He can solve anything, which gave the reason this show has given the high ratings of being the most watch television series of all time. For this television series, many good reviews are given which includes the praises of the writing, performance, and direction. They even praised the style of Benedict Cumberbatch of portraying the character very well, especially the Sherlock Trench Coat that they made him wear to image exact as a detective of modern times.

About The Character

Benedict Cumberbatch successfully portrayed the role by wearing the fantastic outfit of BBC Sherlock Coat. Some facts about Benedict’s role as Sherlock that he was the only one to play on that character that he did it greatly. According to the critics, Benedict did a good job to play a cocky detective who can roam all about with John Watson to solve the mystery and to go all stubborn and irritate Watson like he does best. This what the viewers like about Benedict Cumberbatch that they believe he is suitable for this role, and anyone who places him won’t work well. Benedict Cumberbatch wore the Sherlock Holmes Jacket that worth for £1,000 which in this regard looked handsome and modest like a true detective.

His style, therefore, is in the sense of inspirational that everybody would like to note down. Though he is not the wealthiest person on the television, but the outfits he wore are just sky high. The price did not reflect well to acting clothing, but the way he utilized it made it seem like it’s not priceless. Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the talented stars of today’s world and many want to see more of him that believe that he can progress like one of those big stars in the world. When it comes to real acting, Benedict Cumberbatch is the name, and surely it didn't seem hard to him when he played the Sherlock’s role. He also pay as Doctor strange in 2016. Checkout their guide as well.

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  1. SO SO SO Happy!

    Posted by Naomi

    The coat is BEAUTIFUL. I have never loved an item of clothing as much as this coat. It came quickly, in a nice zipped package and the quality is impeccable. Thoroughly impressed with this company! A+++++++

  2. Question

    Posted by Norman

    Is it completely the same with his coat???only gray?how long will I get the coat?

    Reply by: FJackets
    Hello Norman, You will get exactly what is described on the page. It will take 6 to 8 working days to deliver at your door step, for further query email us at sales@fjackets.com
  3. Awesome

    Posted by David

    Very good product! The size fits perfectly, the cut of the coat itself is tremendous. There are a few differences compared to the original, but too few to really notice. Great job!!!

  4. Love it

    Posted by ADELE

    My Coat arrived yesterday, I absolutely love it. the detail is prefect right down to the buttons and the red stitching around the button holes. The team even sent an email to ensure my sizing was correct. can't wait to wear it.

  5. This Sherlock Holmes Overcoat…

    Posted by Stew Lawrence

    Is the best overcoat. I wish it were available in black, so I could buy two instead of one.

  6. Comfortable and Warm

    Posted by Robert J. Minton

    If it isn’t snowing, then wear it with a simple t-shirt. Otherwise, you will start sweating immediately. I wore it while I was in Toronto when it was cold, but snowfall hadn’t started yet. I wore a sweater and this Belstaff Milford coat and I was slightly uncomfortable. If the weather were chillier, I wouldn’t have sweat so much. Well, I guess it depends on the person’s body. The next week it started snowing and at that time, I was comfortable because it was really warm. So this was my experience. I’m sure not everyone will face this with the coat.

  7. Wonderful Coat

    Posted by Jacob Brown

    I'm absolutely thrilled. My jacket came in a few days ago and the stitching was actually a rather high quality. The material also in quality wool fabric, but it's not the cheap stuff that's scratchy. I paid about $169 and it is very close to the onscreen coat. The exact one, last I checked, was around 2k, so I'm happy to settle. Only real differences are the material itself is a blended black/charcoal gray (actual coat is a VERY fine cross hatch/tweed pattern) and the buttons are a different design (but not noticeable unless someone is REALY looking. I'm very pleased with this coat for $169.

    Living in Chicago I'm glad to say that while not thick, the coat is actually warm enough to wear as a regular coat through our "Polar Vortex" winters.

    I might even order a few more jackets (from the Dr. Who line) now that I know they are well worth the money.

  8. Christmas Outing Style Scheduled

    Posted by Alan Leek

    The material of winter which I kept noticing in every normal winter coat I come across. For real it does keep me warm, which I’m sure will be perfect for Christmas outings.

  9. The Art Of Sherlock's Coat

    Posted by Michael Hart

    The element which I have been noticing before ordering is the red string thingy on the left collar. Thought they won’t put that but they really did. I’m more into art, so as for me finding that red on the black is just a final touch to art magnificence which has been applied on this coat. Really thankful for that.

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