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Star Wars Finn Distressed Brown Jacket

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Star Wars Finn Distressed Brown Jacket



  • Body: Real Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Zip Closure With Snap Tab Flap
  • Pockets: Three Outside and Two Inside
  • Color: Distressed Brown


This trendy Star Wars Finn Distressed Brown Jacket is now on sale in new color and style. Actor John Boyega played the character of Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and wore this outerwear.

More Information About This Product

For all the die-hard fans of Star Wars here is the complete costume guide to become your favorite character. Use this step by step easy to follow guide to dress up like one of the Star Wars characters for the next comic-con event.

Buy and enjoy star wars jacket with a classy style statement. Get the heroic look sci-fi character's most favorable apparel at fjackets.com.

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  1. Handsome & Well Made Jacket 5

    Posted by Beverly T.

    The jacket is very handsome and well made. It fits me perfectly. I feel like Poe Dameron from Star Wars when I wear it. I also like the handled storage bag it came with to store and protect it.

  2. The Epic Jacket lives on - Space Bros for life 5

    Posted by Joseph Maiz

    So, I forget which system I was in when I got this jacket, but it helped me get to Jakuu no problem. I was captured by the First order & taken back to this very Emo leader that melted my brain. After this Stormtrooper rescued me (Dude had no name.. FN something.. so I just called him Finn) - we had to eject and I lost this jacket on the crash landing. I loved this jacket as it scored me twin Naboo chicks back on Mos Eisley Cantina. Eventually I got back to base and went right to FJackets looking for a replacement jacket. They had it, so I ordered it. shipping was going to be a few parsecs, so I figure just do another rescue mission until it showed up.Dont you know we rescued that Finn guy and he still had my jacket from Jakuu! I was impressed on how awesome the jacket looked on him. I can easily see why I scored with those twins. No way the bro-code takes this awesome jacket from him - Space Bros for life! Dude deserved this jacket, especially since this chick we rescued with him was giving him the 'friends' sign. Besides, I order the other color, so soon I will have another epic jacket to do secret missions with. Thanks FJackets - 2 parsec shipping rocks!

  3. Fits a bit more snug than I expected, however ... 4

    Posted by Michael Dillon

    Fits a bit more snug than I expected, however I usually wear loose fitting jackets. It fits very well, just was a bit snugger than I expected.

  4. Best Star Wars Jacket on the Market 5

    Posted by jake

    Absolutely beautiful leather jacket that fits perfectly, and has a great authentic look to the movie

  5. Great real leather Star Wars Jacket 5

    Posted by Wendell Beck

    Great real leather Star Wars Jacket. Fit is very good. I

  6. Nice quality and look 5

    Posted by Rivera

    Really nice looking. Pull over, no zipper. Great quality material and comfortable.

  7. Poe Dameron is the best damn pilot in the galaxy! 5

    Posted by altavek

    This jacket is mad fly! I get compliments every time I wear it, even from non Star Wars fans. Excellent fit and build. Super soft. Only issue is the hole in the left front pocket. Might sew a piece of matching leather to fill it.

  8. Great Star wars Leather jacket 5

    Posted by Julie Bailey

    My husband was sooo happy when he got this. Came in a nice bag and looks great. He typically wears a L in shirts and I got him a Large. He thinks it will look good for a lot of events that he plans to dress like FYNN for!

  9. Perfect Jacket in high quality 4

    Posted by CaJa16

    It was the present for my boyfriend for Christmas. He loves the Jacket. The stitching are very good. The leather and quality is definitely the price worth.As a Star wars Fan i really recommend it.

  10. I thought this jacket was great, the quality is excellent and it looks very ... 5

    Posted by Jason Servary

    I thought this jacket was great, the quality is excellent and it looks very authentic. However, I purchased it for my son who can usually wear a men's extra small, and it was still too big. The extra small definitely runs very large, I would say it's closer to a men's medium. However, if you're looking for an adult, this is a great Finn jacket.

  11. Do it. 5

    Posted by D Timms


  12. I like it. Fits nicely and will def add that ... 5

    Posted by Michael Manson

    I like it. Fits nicely and will def add that real feeling for my finn cosplay. Arrived on time and protected. Do love the inside pockets that'll hide away things like my wallet. Sleeves are a little longer than I thought but overall feeling of the jacket feels pleasent and not cheap.

  13. Five star quality all round, but a little loose around the chest for my build. 5

    Posted by link6one

    Considering this is a replica jacket, you can't argue with the quality. The leather is soft and the jacket itself is very comfortable, making it totally appropriate for everyday use if that's the intention, and I'm loving that multiple inside pockets have been included (which again speaks to the overall quality of the item). It's not 100% accurate, but it's close enough and the best of what I could find online. I see many comments saying the jacket runs small, but I'm 6"1 and 185lbs, not exactly Mr Muscle, but not skinny either. I got the Large size and I almost considered returning it for a Medium as the width (chest/shoulders) is not as fitted as I'd have liked and rests a little on the baggy side (as shown in the picture where I'm raising my arms). But I decided not to return out of fear that the length of the jacket and the arms would then be too small (which fits perfectly on the Large). Also I don't think a 'slim fit' jacket was exactly the intention, that's more just personal preference. The color is also a bit too light, but then it's technically a new jacket and hasn't yet been weathered by battle of the sands of Jakku, so this isn't unexpected. I think i'll try to darken this by some means or another to make it more Cosplay ready, but I don't think that's 100% necessary. Overall it's a damn fine jacket.

  14. Awesome Jacket! 4

    Posted by Jonathan

    Great jacket, bought as a gift for husband. He loves it so much. There is no zipper or buttons on front so it doesn

  15. This jacket is AWESOME. 5

    Posted by Boogily Woogily

    Relatively light and very stylish. While the outer pockets are not entirely practical, the inside pockets are great. Very comfortable to wear. This is my go-to light jacket now. I also wear it to any Star Wars events and I get a ton of compliments :D

  16. Awesome Jacket 5

    Posted by Stephen

    Bought this as a cosplay jacket which could be used for day to day wear as well. And it feels good, and fits well. I am very pleased with it. It arrived in some nice packaging and I am very glad I bought the one that comes with the snaps in the front. I think that adds a little extra style to it.

  17. The Rebel's Choice in Fine Leather! 5

    Posted by Jan Hoffman

    First of all, the jacket arrived in just a couple of days from placing the order, which, even with expedited delivery is a rare thing these days! The jacket came well packaged in a garment bag with all the hardware carefully wrapped in tissue paper for protection.I'm 187cm (6'2) and about 120kg (265 lbs) and after reading through the reviews and the sizing charts, I took what I thought was a risk and went for the XL in chocolate brown. - It looked right on paper and it fit better than any off-the-rack jacket I've tried on, ever. This thing feels like it was made for me!The quality of the leather is brilliant- it's so soft you just want to keep stroking it! The stitching is excellent, as is the cut and finish of the panels. All in all, this quality for the price really blew me away. - This isn't just a prop or halloween costume, this is a real proper leather jacket that can be worn every day. And like all high quality leathers, I expect this will only look better with age!With the double-zipper and two push-buttons, the jacket can be worn closed, which is handy in bad weather, or when riding. The closure doesn't seem to be screen accurate, but having a jacket that can't be closed isn't what I wanted, and this still looks the part so convincingly, that I doubt anyone will even know, lest I point it out to them. - I know for a fact that BB-8 didn't notice any difference!The inside pockets are also very well thought out, the phone pocket should fit even the biggest new iPhone, for those who need to compensate. ;)

  18. Great Buy -- Better than Expected 5

    Posted by austinoclv

    I just received the jacket. The photos simply do not do it justice. The product is better than expected and fits well. I ordered according to the manufacturer's sizing chart. One real surprise was the transit time, which was only two days to travel half-way around the world.I look forward to wearing this jacket as often as possible.The attached photos show the quality of construction and details of sleeves, shoulder, and pocket.

  19. who bought this jacket I have to say I love the fit 5

    Posted by Chelsea Burnes

    Being a women who bought this jacket I have to say I love the fit! It is a bit tight around the shoulders but that's fine, due to if I got the larger size the sleeves would just fall over my arms. I love how it looks and feels! the leather is premium and so perfect!

  20. Stylish, functional, and near perfect accuracy 4

    Posted by B. M.

    I collect leather jackets (30+) and I have wanted one like this since TFA first came out. I held back on ordering online as most items appeared to be cheap knockoffs from unreliable sources. BlingSoul has a pretty good track record so I gave it a shot. This is my first jacket from them.First and foremost - the jacket is real leather, as described. But it is also relatively cheap leather. You do get what you pay for and I wouldn't have expected more for this price point. I ordered a small, and it measures and fits as described. The general fit of the jacket is a bit larger than it would appear in most pictures. I wouldn't call it slimming or modern in the styling of the cut, but it is definitely functional and wearable over a t-shirt, collared shirt, or shirt with a thin hoodie. The waxed finish (which appears as more of a bone white than shown in these images) ends up more of an homage to the movie than a replica. This was fine for me, as I plan to have this jacket for regular use and favor functionality over perfect form. It is also definitely recognizable as the "Finn" jacket, and would suit any Halloween costume. However if you're looking for cosplay-contest accuracy, this probably isn't for you as certain alterations have been made (such as the lack of a front blaster clasp), so make sure you know why you're buying this and what the intended purpose is.The detailing is very complete, down to the unusual holster loops and lack of a zipper. This is a key detail - this jacket cannot be zipped shut or closed in any way, and must be worn open. Coupled with the lack of an insulation lining, this piece is appropriate for Spring/Fall weather, but would not be warm enough for winter use in most places. There are three inside pockets and three exterior pockets, though one of those has a large hole in it as part of the design and thus isn't properly functional.Overall I am very happy with my purchase. If you are seeking cosplay-level accuracy or an extremely high end quality, you may be disappointed. If you want something that is 98% as shown in the movie, but styled towards a bit more practicality and functionality for daily usage, this should suit you just fine. Just make sure you measure yourself first and, if in doubt, get yourself the smaller size as the fit is a bit large.

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