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Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker Finn Leather Vest

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Finn Rise of the Skywalker Star Wars Vest


  • External: Real Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Color: Distressed Brown
  • Pockets: Four Outer Pockets, Two Inside Pocket


Here we present you the new look from the Star Wars Episode IX. The latest variation of the famous Finn costume which has now altered into vest worn by John Boyega.

This new edition in Finn Vest is made up of Real Leather with distressed finishing. Two top front pockets, one is zipper and the other is flap, includes opening front to give an awesome look for outing.

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  1. Just what I was looking for..... 5

    Posted by Sean Lescoe   |  Vest: XXXLT-Shirt: No

    This product is amazing!! I am going to be heading to Disney World in August. I was going to use Jedi Robes for when I went to Galxeys Edge. Though I thought it be way to hot for Florida weather. I picked up the best seeing how it would be alot cooler and it will go perfectly for when I will be in the park!!

  2. Five Stars 5

    Posted by Stephanie Emerine

    Father's Day gift and he loved it.

  3. in general a stylish vest. 5

    Posted by Fergie

    I definitely bought a size larger than normal because they do run small. I'm a Large Shirt, but I got an XL vest and it fit perfectly.I love the vest but after having been outside in light rain a couple of times, it does have some light staining so it's now "worn"One other thing to watch out for is that I lost one of the bands for the wrist cuffs pretty quickly.All just things to watch out for.Overall I love the vest.It's actually very warm and I get tons of comments on it from my fellow geeks.in general the style and the ribbed lines up the arms and over the shoulders are really cool. My mother is a quilter and not a star wars fan but she really appreciates cut and fit and all the design of it and it's overall just a stylish vest.

  4. Great quality 5

    Posted by Cornell

    Just what I was looking for!

  5. Four Stars 4

    Posted by Gustavo

    Good quality. Love it. Just a little large.

  6. I am so glad that I trusted the other reviews and went for ... 5

    Posted by Kay

    This vest is well-constructed and totally met my expectations. I am so glad that I trusted the other reviews and went for it.

  7. Four Stars 4

    Posted by Beth

    Sleeves just a little to long, but does not affect the fit. Everyone needs to remember that in a movie there is color overlays and etc, that does change the color of clothing and the lights also. So, this is a nice vest and looks like the movie one that was worn. Note, this item does not come with the vest but in the pocket there is a metal cylinder in the front pocket, that is a E-Cig batter that I got and it fit in the pocket.

  8. The vest was beautiful ridiculously well done superb quality super materials a 5-star ... 5

    Posted by Jordan Stewart

    The vest was beautiful ridiculously well done superb quality super materials a 5-star rating overall. However it was a little tight for me around the biceps and upper back but that's due to my own physique

  9. Five Stars 5

    Posted by FERNANDOWSKY

    It's a beautiful vest

  10. love it! 5

    Posted by Mom of four

    It came on time. My son loves it!

  11. A really nice vest for the price 4

    Posted by Chris

    A really nice vest for the price. The leather and build quality definitely exceeded my expectations and it's surprisingly comfortable. As some have mentioned, the magnets in the vest aren't especially strong but this vest really is designed to be worn open. As long as you're not doing anything particularly strenuous, however, they should stay secured. I will say that the bottom closure on the vest differs from the product photo. Instead of a single, vertical magnet there are two small, horizontal magnets of the type used to secure the top of the vest. I was a little disappointed by this, but it's a minor detail and doesn't really detract from the vest as a whole. Otherwise, I'd heartily recommend this vest. Soft leather, a comfortable lining, good construction, and a really unique style make it a bargain at the price.

  12. 1) it looks good on me 5

    Posted by youngmastermatt

    I ordered a size large for one reason: I already have a vest that is that size that fits my 6'4" frame well. I am not obese by any means, but when I slipped on the vest, I found that I could only close the front with difficulty. This was unexpected, but I ultimately decided to keep the vest for two reasons: 1) it looks good on me, and 2) it isn't even really meant to close in front. It's a vest you would wear on a cool day around town, not to go chopping wood outside in the snow!So if you order this vest and it makes you feel a little large, don't panic! Even if you're on the tall side like I am, rest assured that the ghost of Chris Farley isn't hovering over your shoulder singing "fat guy in a little coat". The vest is *meant* to hang open.Now, as for the vest itself:It's a great leather vest, regardless of if you're channeling your inner Solo or not. It's unique enough to set you apart from the rest of the scum and villainy, yet doesn't scream for attention (unlike some *other* Force Awakens vests we could mention! *cough* *cough* Finn). It's made of lightweight leather and seems pretty well put together. There is an inner pocket on both sides, and the liner is comfortable and soft.I would be happy to recommend this vest to even my non-Corellian friends.5/5

  13. Four Stars 4

    Posted by Jorge L Buitrago

    Great vest. Leather quality exceeded expectation of a movie replica item.

  14. Five Stars 5

    Posted by Carolyn Watkins

    Nice, soft leather. My son loves it!

  15. I feel good! And I knew that I would 5

    Posted by Mike

    not much to say... I feel good! And I knew that I would!

  16. Looks good 5

    Posted by S. Brown

    Very pleased with the leather vest.I am 6’6” and 190 LBS. X-Large fit the length of my arms with a slightly short trim for the length Of my chest. As for the pattern definitely authentic/ recognizable. A good layering for wear

  17. Movie accurate fits right what more can you ask for! 4

    Posted by Daniel Lewis

    Looks really good feels very soft. I do wish it zipped up but in fairness to them he never wore it zipped in the movie.

  18. Bought for Halloween, going to wear it every day. 5

    Posted by Richard Watkins

    Very nice fit. I have a long torso and broad shoulders. My size is usually XL and this fits true to size. Good room in the shoulders. A little short, but that's usually how clothes fit on me...definitely not too short. Love the quality!

  19. Amazing. Favorite new thing in life. 5

    Posted by meth ski

    Holy nerf herder!!! I eff'ing loooooove this thing. Did I need to spend 160 bucks? no. Am I glad I did, hell yes.I am a Star Wars nerd, no surprise. I own a full replica Han Solo esb (empire strikes back) costume. Including a vest I bought and have worn for years. It was a Kenneth Cole vest I bought at Costco that just happened to match (blue canvas with front pockets), or some Kenneth Cole designer ripped off the look. I wore and still wear that vest. And no one knows it also doubles as my costume vest, because well, it's a real vest made by a big brand.Here I found this vest. Like other reviewers I've always wanted a real leather vest but never found one that quite fit my style. Finding this on amazon I splurged after reading reviews, this was something I had to have. I am so happy. Worth every penny. Would buy again.One complaint. I ordered a large based on size chart. I'm a tall thin guy (6'4" 215lbs). After purchasing and reading more reviews I saw generally people said it runs small. So I immediately emailed the seller to change to xl. No response. I then saw a day later it had shipped. I submitted a cancellation and finally got a response they had received my email and correctly changed it to xl. Happy they made the change, wish they had told me a little sooner and responded to my first email.It fits me like a glove. I have long arms and they fit perfect. It's like it was tailored to my measurements. As for quality. The smell is amazing. Smells and looks like quality leather. I think they may have made some changes to it because some reviews I saw said it was not distressed looking like the picture. Mine does have some signs of a distressed look, minor they may be. And with the magnet close, to me it works awesomely, but it also has a zipper which I assume they added after a lot of reviews noted the magnets don't stay shut. I mean they're magnets so how strong could it be, but with a zipper too, no worries.Shipping was dhl (from china) but still arrived surprisingly in 3 days.And as others have noted. No one will know. And if they do, they're just a big of a nerd as you!!!

  20. favorite vest 5

    Posted by Liane Jaeger

    I love this vest! It is so soft and comfortable, and it looks great on. It's always nice when someone actually recognizes it, and then we both geek out. I get a lot of compliments, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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