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Suicide Squad Harley Quinn T Shirt

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Get into the love of madness and attire with the grace of beauty and wittiness. Here we have the Harley Quinn Shirt the same that she wore along with her costume in Suicide Squad Movie. 

Made from polyester and cotton, it has three-quarter sleeves like shown in the movie. It has perfect print of "Daddy’s Lil Monster" on the chest, and the left sleeves are faded in blue to give it an authentic look. This Daddy's Little Monster shirt is to be best wear with your costume or daily wear. Along with shirt, grab this fantastic Property of Joker Jacket to complete your Harley Quinn Collection.


  • Fabric: Blended polyester and cotton
  • Sleeves: 3 Quarter Sleeves
  • Logo: Daddy’s Lil Monster

More Information About This Product

About HQ Costume

The Harley Quinn shirt is the most unique yet convenient apparel that any girl would want to have. It’s a t-shirt; it belongs to one of the all time favorite villains in comic book history and is not too old. These are enough reasons for anyone to order this item. Mind you; this is the same clothing item that Margot Robbie wore as part of her Harley Quinn Costume in Suicide Squad. Other than that, this was worn all the way till the end of the film. You could see the design more clearly and know that there isn’t much difference.

Speaking of her costume, Harley Quinn wore more than one costume in Suicide Squad. The first costume was the fashionable look that included this Daddy’s Lil Monster t-shirt and the other was the comic inspired Jester suit. The jester suit is the first Harley Quinn costume. Harley Quinn has appeared only thrice. The first was in a TV series where she spotted a different outfit not relating to the comics. The other was in Arrow where she was in jail clothes. The third was this movie. As the years passed, Harley Quinn became sexier and audacious, in a dressing sense. Her sense of dressing always raised questions about her being worth getting intimidated by or she’s just a distraction. It turns out that she can be both. As reboots took place and the universe expanded to animated series, she became more lethal. Her costume distracted those infiltrated by her charms while she took advantage. From looking like a haunted nurse to looking like plain Harley, she has never looked ugly in any of her colorful suits.

The first costume that Harley Quinn wore was in 1993 and was known as the Jester costume with a black and red color pattern from head to toe. She also wore a mask with it. Then came the dress she wore in 2011. It looked nothing like the menacing Harley Quinn. It was sexier yet scary because of her bleached skin. This is where she started using one of her signature weapons, the hammer. These were the comics where these suits continued for years. Games and animated series maintained the level of making a villain look more attractive while still keeping it evil. Assault on Arkham saw a darker and revamped version of the jester suit while Arkham Knight and Arkham Asylum saw a gritty depiction.


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  1. Loved it.. Don't forget to see the sizing chart.

    Posted by Miriam J. Wilkinson

    I just loved the t shirt, but size runs small. So would recommend every o follow the size chart. But, It wasn't difficult to me as store gab=ve me the option of easy return so thanks to that.

  2. i love it .... but !!

    Posted by malsi

    i really love this one veryy much but i think that if you could add the same detals in shirt as like as the film i will be so happy and i will be so much happier if you made the shoes pleaz
    ! thanke you

  3. The most weird thing happen

    Posted by Jade Kennedy

    I don’t know how but when I put it on...the left sleeve wasn’t reaching my elbow while the right sleeve was comfortably going over it. I contacted the customer service, and they said that they would see a better piece and deliver it. I followed their instructions and got a better piece. Now both the sleeves go over my elbow comfortably.

  4. Good buy. Worth the price.

    Posted by Patrick Hamilton

    This was totally worth the price. My sister wasn’t home so I had enough time to wrap it and make it more gift like. Before I could do that, I took the decision to examine it. For one, it wasn’t a see-through fabric, which was perfect. The logo was printed properly and very neatly. So it was a very good buy. I'm sure my sister will love it.