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Super Bat Logo Jacket for Man

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Leather Jacket

  • Screen Accurate Design
  • External: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose lining
  • Front: Erect Collar and Front Zip Closure
  • Sleeves: Zip Cuffs
  • Pockets: Two Inside Pockets
  • Color: Black


Are you ready to cherish your favorite childhood heroes? The new improved Batman V Superman Jacket is finally here. Designed for a true fan of both superheroes, where you will find their logos combined into one and placed on the center chest.

The craftsmen used PU leather to make the Batman Vs Superman Jacket more incredible and long lasting. Embossed lines designs are applied on the shoulders and deltoid arms area that enable to make it look more heroic. So avail this opportunity and style casual in it.

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  1. I Got This Jacket To Match My T-shirt

    Posted by Prsely Cash

    Facebook led me here. I saw this and a t-shirt in my recommended pages, and I was so amazed by it that I wanted to order it. I was super excited when I read the policy and saw the terms and conditions. It was like I knew I was ordering from a secure site. Facebook also gave it a pretty good rating. I was told that it would arrive within the next 6 days after it was processed. Updates were given about my order right down to the arrival. The jacket was identical to the image on the site. I ordered this jacket way after the t-shirt, which was from another store, but it reached earlier. It goes to show how fast they can ship your order even if you are in the same state. Now I have a white BvS shirt and a black BvS jacket. I’m going to wear them till I get fed up.

  2. These Zips Are Quite Strong

    Posted by Richard Garcia

    I have read about these zippers that they use in their jackets, and I must tell you, they are very, very strong. Search up YKK and you’ll come to know why they are the best in zip suppliers. The jacket’s front has a smooth closing. Yes! On the logo’s area, the zip does get a bit rough to pull up, but that’s a good thing. The logo looks better with the little space between it. It is a durable jacket for sure!

  3. Excellent Angles Of The Product

    Posted by Bradley Stokes

    By looking at the images and the way you have displayed the jacket, gave me an idea on which areas I need to check when the package arrives. The main concern I had was the stitching. The image shows that the stitching of the logo is done with red thread, and I got it exactly in that color. The threads look to be strong and are neat. The jacket had a nice finish to it. I fully place my trust and support in this online store.

  4. That’s My Opinion

    Posted by Ricky Johansen

    In my opinion there should be outside pockets.Otherwise the rest is good. To me it doesn’t look like a costume, I can easily wear it out in public with no hesitation of how people react. I like the designs too, something new I’ve come across. I’m in for Team Dark Knight btw.

  5. Waiting for the movie release

    Posted by James Whitmire

    I can’t wait for the movie as I intend to wear this apparel at its screening. This jacket, by the way, looks good. Logo is done in a neat way, jet black overall, and it’s very comfortable in fitting. Appreciate the service you guys provided me too.

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