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Tenth 10th Doctor Coat - Full Length

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Brown Trench Tenth Doctors Coat


  • Screen Accurate Design
  • Material: Cotton
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Standard Notch Collar and Button Closure
  • Length: Full Length
  • Color: Brown


David Tennant wore this coat in the Doctor Who TV Series. He added a little distinctiveness in his look by wearing his sneakers along with it. The 10th Doctor Coat will look perfect with the Doctor Who Brown Suit.

The Doctor Who Coat is made of high quality cotton fabric. It enables you to have a superbly stitched and comfortable trench coat. It can be worn as a costume as well as a regular outfit. The features on this coat are chosen with great quality inspection so you get a proper, long lasting outerwear. Avail this screen accurate outfit now.

More Information About This Product

About Drama

Doctor Who is one of the best ongoing and most watched TV series of all time. Many characters have been introduced since 1963 when the first episode of Doctor Who journey was transmitted. This show was introduced by BBC and is based on science-fiction. It has a significant use of technology and yes, this serial has something that every doctor has used. A Sonic Screw Driver to fight with the evil forces that use to harm innocent peoples and Doctor as a protector of them save them from that bad sources and stop them from changing the history as well. As the doctor is from time-lord, he was capable of regenerating his damaged body can change his appearance whenever he had a chance to do so.

The time traveling machine in which the doctor traveled from planet to planet earth is Tardis. This machine is in the form of famous Police Box and since there in the series from 1963. Every doctor has traveled in this machine to lots of planets still it’s there in the show. The reason that this Drama Series is famous is because there are many new ideas introduced in this series that made it new every time that is best for viewers. There are some plans as known and assumed for bringing some new stories, character and scripts, and of course, introducing the latest fashion like David Tennant Coat which can be adopted by anyone. This series is considered being on the top, loved by all viewers and have been known as the most-watched shows world wild.

About Character

Like every other doctor who has worked best in the series, David Tennant, who portrayed the role of Tenth Doctor has done a perfect job in the show. Coming back after 16 years of absence, the show became a big hit premier in 2005 “Rose”. After when the time came for the second series, the BBC announced that Christopher Eccleston the Ninth Doctor of the show is not going to be the doctor anymore. After this announcement, BBC announced that David Tennant will be the next Doctor of the drama. Since 2005, Tennant has been working in the series as the tenth Doctor and was first to appear as a doctor in the ending scene of “The Parting of the Way”. His appearance was just for 20 seconds to show the regenerate of personality and appearance from Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston to Tenth Doctor David Tennant.

David Tennant’s first episode as doctor was a mini episode Children in Need in 2005, and the Christmas Special “The Christmas Invasion” in the same year. With the coat that he wore, David Tennant made his impressive look of turning formal into a funkier formal version way. He gave his approach onto his coat by wearing sneakers, which normally we don’t see many people wearing sneaking with formal coat. Thus his style of wearing the Dr Who Coat Cosplay and the way of his acting fascinated many viewers everywhere and for that there are talks about he being the perfect doctor ever seen and wish that they don’t see him disappearing but continue to play that role as he fits greatly.

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  1. Very Nice Coat 5

    Posted by Carl Evans

    I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves it. The material itself seems to be of good quality. It’s very soft and arrived unwrinkled even though it was folded in a bag. Definitely recommend taking measurements to get a good fit.

  2. Warm and stylish 5

    Posted by Gregory Palazzo

    This is a great coat and despite only having it for about a week I have received many compliments. I am 5’11” with a muscular build. I wear a 42 in a suit jacket and bought this coat in size large. It fits perfectly. For this price range the quality is solid. The stitching appears neat and strong. My only complaint is that the pockets are a little on the shallow side for this type of coat. Otherwise, the coat is very stylish and most of all, warm. It has stood up to Midwest 39-degree temperatures well. I am considering the possibility of purchasing another coat. I think this is a great quality coat for the price.

  3. Just the perfect weight and thickness 4

    Posted by Alfredo Phifer

    The coat fits me in the chest, but is just a little long in the sleeve, though wearing a suit coat underneath helped with that. The color is perfect, and it is not too thick or too thin.

  4. Bout it as a gift for my son 5

    Posted by Alexander Gray

    This coat is perfect except that I ordered it too small. The size is correctly stated but I purchased it as a gift and didn’t realize my son had added a few pounds. :)

  5. Great looking coat 5

    Posted by David Davis

    Well made coat with a nice look. Will keep you warm and dry. I like the look and feel of these style coats. I’m 5,9” tall and weigh 175 lbs and got the M and it fits perfectly.

  6. Size L Fits Well 5

    Posted by Ron Vandyke

    I ordered an L to fit over a classic blazer, which is cut a bit smaller so closer to a 43. So the fit is good, but lots of room in the waist. The key is the shoulder space, that is it has the room to cover a coat & be comfortable.
    Seems well made and good for 3 seasons, good price. There are others but far more expensive.

  7. I really like this coat. 4

    Posted by Eric Roberson

    I really like this coat. I like the feel of the material and I like the fit and color. I gave it 4 stars only because it has no zip out liner. It is still a very nice coat and I will be keeping it.

  8. Better than the old coats I had 5

    Posted by Bradley Phillips

    It fits pretty well, I bought the small, but I should have gotten the XS and it would have still been enough to let me fit a suit jacket in there too. My fault. The fabric was great, I expected a 100 percent polyester coat like some of my old coats, but this one is actually heavy cotton/denim-like material (the stuff most jeans are made out of). It feels and looks so much better than the 100 polyesters. I'm glad I bought this coat, hell I say it's better than the poly coat I wore before. You don't really have to order a size larger, cuz the coat is pretty big (being double breastfed n all).

  9. Brilliant 5

    Posted by Matthew Barrett

    Super happy with the fit of the jacket, customer service was absolutely fantastic in making sure the item arrived for Halloween.

  10. Perfect for any occasion 5

    Posted by Adam Johnson

    A perfect coat that I love to wear at most important places like my work meeting and last day, I was wearing it at my niece Birthday. This is something every man should get this in order to get ready for any moment.

  11. Accurate Design 4

    Posted by Tarleah

    It looks absolutely similar to the movie. Nothing has bothered me except that I received my order a bit late but that's normal, many shipments come late when shopping online.

  12. Good For Trips 5

    Posted by Ruben Macmillan

    I made a use of it at work. Can’t think of wearing at somewhere entertaining, I really needed this tenth doctor costume because I travel a lot on business trips and mostly I come up with stains on my shirts. I’m happy with it and I thank you all for well correspondence.

  13. My Uncle the Happy Man 5

    Posted by Edward Trujillo

    I gifted this to my uncle and he loves it. Didn't tell him how he’s finding it, as long he’s not complaining about it. As for the service I find it really helpful, and didn't take much time in replying, which I usually get bugged about late repliers.