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Tom Hardy Distressed Shearling Coat

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Distressed Bane Leather Shearling Coat Jacket

Do you want a new evil personality? You shall, as we bring you the skull crushing attire of Bane Coat. Yes, the one Tom Hardy wore as the famous the character in The Dark Knight Rises movie.

This Bane Jacket will keep your body very warm. Made from 100% Quality Real Leather, and for the cozy feeling, Shearling Lining has been made as the inner feature of this attire. Other feature includes the broad erect collar with the front closing of button feature added.


  • Body: 100% Real Leather
  • Internal: Faux Shearling
  • Front: Broad Erect Collar, with Front Buttoned Closure
  • Pockets: Two Chest Pockets, Two Flap Waist Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Color: Distressed Brown

More Information About This Product

DIY Bane Costume Guide

The deadly mercenary is hot and favored during the Halloween seasons not just because of his costume but also because of his cold, killer attitude. The chilling personality portrayed by Tom Hardy is still stuck in our mind, and the way he took a pounding on Batman was pure nerve wrenching. The Bane costume guide here will help you in making the perfect outfit in a fun and easy way. In the movie, we saw Bane wearing different attires and all those apparels such as the Bane distressed coat or the widely appreciated black jacket are included in here.

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  1. Second year purchasing 5

    Posted by Chad Doyle

    This was my second year purchasing your products and I could not have been happier. It’s always great when you show up in your costume and people are genuinely impressed!

    Nice job!!!!

  2. Awesome real leather jacket 5

    Posted by Gary Rust

    The jacket is amazing. Real leather, metal buttons, soft fake sheep liner and plenty of pockets. The only 2 down sides are no side pockets to put your hands in while walking and the shipping was a week longer than expected, just choose the free shipping option.

  3. Beautiful 5

    Posted by Kim Jarrett-Kann

    It’s a beautiful jacket and feels like great quality.

  4. Love it! 5

    Posted by Tesha Lehman

    My husband loved his coat that I got him for our 3rd anniversary. It came carefully shipped and on time. The size chart was spot on..fits perfectly! He was thrilled to see that the Sherpa lining was in the sleeves too! It's very warm, but not too heavy so ge can still move quite comfortably in it. Beautiful quality, well stitched, nice buttons..I'm very happy with it, thank you!

  5. Pleasantly surprised! 5

    Posted by Mark Yannetti

    I must admit I was still skeptical after reading the reviews but at 159. with the return policy I figured I’d give it a shot. Jacket is excellent. Leather is soft. Feels very comfortable. Warm. It looks and feels good! If it were real sheerling it would be an absolutely homerun but then the price would jump. Even saying that I can’t imagine finding a better jacket at even twice the price! Good purchase.

  6. All I want for Christmas is… 5

    Posted by Bruce Perry

    All I want for Christmas is this Bane coat. There was a leather jacket that I saw here which really caught my eye. But then I already had a leather jacket. I had no coat so wanted to give this a try. Now that it’s here, I can proudly say that my decision proved to be right. Ever since it arrived, I have been wearing this more than my favorite jacket.

  7. It’s the most comfortable coat I have worn 5

    Posted by Harry A, UK

    Everyone in the family has tried this coat and loved it very much.

  8. Reviews were convincing enough… 5

    Posted by Sean Anderson

    I have a habit of listening to other people’s opinions of something I want to buy. Now since I was convinced enough regarding the price and the benefits, I went ahead with ordering it. According to the shipping details from the company, my coat will arrive in 5 days.
    Now that it has arrived, I’m glad I went with the views of other people. It fits just as expected but most importantly, it is warm and easy to walk in it.

  9. Shipping as fast as Flash 5

    Posted by Shelby Madden

    I ordered this coat a little close to my Halloween party where I was dressing up as Bane. I checked many stores and all clearly said that they won’t be able to ship the jacket that soon. Even Fjackets’ customer service team said that it’s a hard and tough job but they will try their best to deliver it before the event. On the fourth day I ordered the jacket, the bell ring and I saw usps guy standing right in front of me with my parcel. I was so happy that time. I immediately unpack the coat and tried to check the quality and the warmth of the product. The coat was heavier than I expected due to the quality and leather. It was a snug fit for me, try to order it one size up for a cozy fitting for your cosplay if you’re buying it for that. After checking my Bane The Dark Knight Rises Coat I grab my phone and email to the team Fjackets to thank you them for a wonderful shipping service.

  10. I got an exceptional piece in my hand 5

    Posted by Mark Gonzalez

    The quality of the bane leather jacket is exceptional as it exceeded my expectations. I was expected a dull brown color coat as it turned out this coat has a shiny appearance. The item looks exactly the same as appeared in the images. It took around two weeks for the leather shearling jacket to arrive at my door here in Sydney, Australia. As the jacket is shipped from overseas it takes quite a lot of time for the product to be delivered to the required address (my own personal experience). Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of my Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy coat that I received. It was a good experience to shop from Fjackets.

  11. Costly but price worthy 4

    Posted by Joe Snyder

    I really liked the jacket. It looks too good and is better than the images. The color of the skin is different, it is dull grey with brown distress on it. The color is optional and can star up and down. There are many other jackets available in the market that are cheaper about $40 but the quality will definitely make you feel regret. This is an exceptional piece, it’s in real leather and it fulfills what it says. The jacket will even keep you warm in 14 Degree Fahrenheit to 4 Degree Fahrenheit. This Dark Knight Rises coat is recommended for all, Bane aside.

  12. This Jacket Rocked For Me 5

    Posted by Ewan Whitehouse

    I’m a big fan of Tom Hardy and this jacket rocked for me. I ordered this jacket in medium size, and it fit perfectly to me. Thanks to the customer team who helped me out choosing the correct size. The material is soft and a bit heavy due to real leather. I’m not expert enough to find that either it’s cowhide or sheepskin, but as compare to weight, I think the coat is made of Cowhide Leather. The detailing is good with perfect tailoring that can be observed while wearing this Bane Coat. But the thing that forced me buy this coat is the price. There are no other places where you can find a leather shearling jacket for that low price, so it’s a profitable deal.

  13. Exact Match 5

    Posted by Corey Howe

    It was a bit too hard to find a Bane Jacket that looks exactly the same like Tom Hardy wore until I found this website. I wore this for cosplay and received lots of positive compliments for this. The price of the coat is very reasonable. You won’t daily find a Real Leather Shearling Coat in that price. I will be looking forward to more coats like this. Thanks!

  14. Worked for me even in freezing temperature 5

    Posted by Morgan Matthews

    This bane coat actually works in even freezing temperature. I'm from London, UK, and I bought this jacket in Christmas season. However, I had to wear a sweatshirt inside this coat. The quality is good, and the material is exceptional. I still have this coat and smells like a new one. Loved it!!

  15. I Came To Know Through Facebook 5

    Posted by Micheal G. Vasquez

    I was just searching for winter jackets and immediately this popped up. I even saw a guy wearing it. I don’t trust online stores because of the quality but I still went ahead with it. And, I don’t regret it! Apparently Facebook came to my aid and your store helped me a lot and delivered it in due time. I will return for more outfits.

  16. Kept Me Warm In The Snow 5

    Posted by Ronald Anthony

    Over here, temperature usually drops to 14F, that’s roundabout -10C so you freeze like anything. But the quality of the leather and shearling was so good that it kept me cozy. All I did was wear a sweater and Bane Jacket and went for shopping for 2 hours. I was comfortable throughout. Worth the price!!

  17. Ruggy with hair 5

    Posted by Kenneth Parks

    Light and ruggy, just my match. I like styling up all rugged, too much decent it aint my thing. I don’t even comb my own hair, leave all messy. This Bane coat helped to improvise my look even cooler. Here comes the Punk.