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Wolverine 3 Logan Hugh Jackman Jacket

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Wolverine 3 X-Men Brown Logan Jacket


  • External: Velvet / Suede Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Pockets: Four Outside Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Front: Button Closure
  • Color: Brown

Are you getting bored of wearing a cotton or cowhide leather jacket every time you are required to wear one? If you are, then feel free to take on a brand new outerwear at a reasonable price. It’s the Logan Jacket from the final Wolverine film titled, Logan.

The X-Men Wolverine 3 Jacket is made from velvet/suede leather. That gives the exterior texture to be smooth and soft. Inside the jacket, there is a viscose lining with two pockets. Apart from the cozy texture outside, there is a button closure with four pockets and a classic style collar. Lastly, to match the original color, the jacket is recreated in brown.

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  1. Strong buttons but holes were a bit narrow

    Posted by Unknown

    The buttons are undoubtedly durable and are put very firmly in the jacket but closing them was little tough as the holes were not big enough. Only the last two needed incisions to pass the button through. Nice outfit though.

  2. Ordering this right away!

    Posted by Blake Presley


    One day for size confirmation, one day for order processing, and nine days for the delivery… after that, I think I would recommend this store. In no time, they managed to prove that they are certainly one of the most customer-friendly stores. It’s a new jacket, so I didn’t see it being delivered anytime close to eight days. I was updated throughout the entire time. The jacket looks cool on me, and I’m more than comfortable in it. I already put it through the washing process after wearing it for a week. Nothing has happened to it besides it looking cleaner. Great item and a very friendly store.

  3. Price should be dropped a little

    Posted by Maxwell

    All of the leather jackets are priced accordingly when I talk about the patterns and designs and any fancy thing that isn’t seen on the normal jackets. This was pretty standard but comfortable at the same time. I wore it out when the temperature was 16 but humid. I would normally begin to sweat in a jacket like this, but I didn’t. The weight is even convenient to wear it for hours, nonstop. As far as the price is concerned, the jacket should be around $139.

  4. Ordering this right away!

    Posted by Blake Presley

    Always wanted to own a jacket that had a very comforting texture. I just finished placing my order.

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