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Genuine Leather Gloves



When it comes to creating a street style look and keeping the hands safe, wearing genuine leather gloves is very important. It doesn't matter if you do construction work or heavy lifting, having the best leather gloves that offer support and proper grip is all you need.

A glove has many uses, whether it's the luxurious cashmere and silk one worn by the royals or the durable rubber gloves worn by laborers. FJackets is all about leather gloves that lie somewhere between luxury and practicality; real leather gloves can be utilized in many ways such as fashion, driving, cosplay, home tools, DIY, and also to keep your hands warm.

Leather Driving Gloves


A person who drives often knows the importance of a driving glove. These gloves are lightweight and made of real leather to enhance the steering wheels' grip that helps with increased control. A leather driving glove also keeps your hands warm and comfortable while driving. We also have perforated leather gloves and fingerless gloves for warmer seasons.

Leather Motorcycle Gloves

If you're a motorcyclist looking for something to keep your hands warms while riding, there's nothing better than a leather glove. Wool gloves might keep your hands warm, but they aren't wind-resistant. Leather is an excellent windbreaker, and you can always count on it to protect you from chilly winds.

Fashion Leather Gloves


Leather gloves have lots of functionality, but there's no denying that it's also an excellent fashion piece for the winter. Women can nail their winter look by wearing a long wool coat and pairing it with a luxurious lambskin glove. It's something that is both practical and appealing. Men can do the same as well.

Cosplay Glove:

Gloves have been an essential prop for movies and TV series for years, special ones based on special intelligence, detectives, and superheroes. Take the example of James Bond. His gloves are iconic and look highly sophisticated with suits. If you want the same one, you can find it on FJackets. Also, find cosplay gloves of different superheroes as well as Star Wars.

Now the question comes, where to buy leather gloves with such features? Well - we got you covered...

The trend of wearing rocking style gloves is back and you'll soon be wearing one too. We brought you elegant design moto gloves properly stitched and made of 100% genuine leather. Whether you want it for cosplay purpose or like to pair it with you Leather Jacket, these sophisticated real leather gloves is everything you need to compliment your looks. 


Are leather gloves warmer?

Leather gloves are not the warmest of all, but they do provide excellent wind and snow protection. If lined properly, a leather glove can be incredibly warm and protective.

How to waterproof glove

Gloves made of leather can be waterproofed by applying wax, but make sure you adequately research how to apply wax the right way and test a small portion of the material to see how it works.

Are leather gloves heat resistant?

Leather can resist a moderate level of heat of up-to 200F or 93C. With its excellent heat property, you can protect your hand from minor burns while using tools or working.

Which gloves are the warmest?

Leather, wool, and parka gloves are some of the warmest gloves; you can pair two gloves like leather and wool for better wind resistance and insulation.

Do leather gloves stretch out.

Leather is not elastic but does stretch naturally over time with wear. After you've worn your gloves a few times, they will stretch to fit your hand.

At what temperature do you need gloves?

The perfect time to bring out your gloves is 50F, and below, if the temperature is above 60f, it's too warm to wear any glove unless it's for safety.

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