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Soft Lambskin Premium Leather Jacket

When the temperature starts to drop, you will open the wardrobe and bring out your warm clothes so you can stay pleasant in chilly weather. Your coats and sweaters may keep you warm but cannot portray your stylish look.  

When someone is seeking for a stylish appearance, a premium leather jacket would be a fine choice. Because it can help you easily create a statement and fashion sense.

But what is a premium leather jacket anyway?

A premium jacket is made of aniline leather, a form of material that features natural elements that are later dyed to bring out its elegant look. Similarly, our jackets are excellent in terms of both quality and detailing with a robust finishing. An ideal piece that perfectly matches with your casual and official clothing. These jackets are available in different colors and sizes.

The best part of wearing a premium leather jacket is it makes you look tall and tough. Because they're gorgeously detailed that unlocks that style within you. Most of the jackets will help you escape the winter cold without getting sick.  A seriously smart purchase if you ask me!

A simple way to describe a premium jacket is by its features. It is highlighted with biker embellishments that include an asymmetrical collar, heavily padded shoulders, and high-end leather construction.

A leather jacket is a worthwhile investment for any person so make sure to check out our collection.

Get the best range of real genuine leather made from skin-friendly lambskin surface. You can use in parties, events and also for daily commute.


What is a Premium Leather Jacket?

Premium is generally a name given to leather jackets that are superior in quality in terms of hide grade, tanning process, and the amount of work it goes on to make one. At FJackets, you will find the highest quality aniline leather jackets handcrafted to perfection so that every jacket feels like a second skin.

Is aniline waterproof?

All leather jackets are water-resistant to some extent because the material is sturdy, and water cannot get through quickly. Aniline leather provides even more protection against spills because of its unique tanning process. So, if you spill a drink, don't worry you're good to go.

How do you get scratches out of aniline leather?

Damp a cloth in clean water and apply it on the scratches and wait for it to dry naturally this will darken the scratch to create an illusion. Alternatively, you can also use leather polish to even the tone and make the scratches less visible or vanish entirely.

Is aniline leather real leather?

Aniline is considered the highest quality leather because of its supple rawhide with minimal processing. It proudly displays the animal hide's natural texture, which includes scars, wrinkles, scratches, and everything else that can be seen over a rawhide. Therefore, this style is highly regarded by real leather jacket fans.

Is top grain leather aniline?

Aniline leather is a higher quality leather as it retains the texture that you see on raw high, it goes through minimal processing, and transparent dyes are used. On the other hand, top grain leather is sanded and buffed to give it a more uniform look.

What is the difference between aniline leather and Italian leather?

Leathers produced in Italy are known for their high-quality full-grain leather and suppleness. Italian leathers are used in jackets, furniture and interiors, and other things. Aniline leather is dyed with soluble dyes that do not have a topcoat covering the material's surface.

Does aniline leather peel?

Aniline leather is four-time more durable than other leather types, and it's treated with soluble dye, which means it will not peel. We've heard stories of only low-quality bonded leather, and faux leather jackets peel over time. You can also trust other leather grades such as top grain or suede not to peel.

How do you protect full aniline leather?

You can easily find protective leather creams from brands that specialize in leather products, such as colourlock. You can apply their aniline cream, gloss cream as well as waterproofing. Make sure you read the instructions before applying any leather product over your jacket.

How do you maintain aniline leather?

Store your jacket away from direct sunlight in a place where it can breathe. Avoid air-tight plastic bags. Also, apply an aniline protector yearly. Whenever you feel like it's the right time, leather protectors contain oil and conditioning that protects the jacket from UV rays and keeps it hydrated.

Does aniline leather fade?

Products made of aniline leather will last a very long time and look even better with time. However, with constant usage, the dye may fade over time. It's not like you buy it today, and it will fade next year. The jacket will even outlast everything else in your wardrobe.

How can you tell an aniline leather?

This type of leather is supple and smooth and will feel like a second skin. One way to identify this leather is by looking at the surface. You will notice it retains a rawhide texture because of the minimal processing that goes into it.

Is beeswax good for leather?

Beeswax helps preserve the leather's texture and grain by working as a thin protective layer that repels water and keeps leather soft and supple. Make sure you remove the excess coating and maintain only a thin layer so that it does not clog the leather.

Is Semi Aniline Leather good quality?

Semi-aniline is also made of the highest quality grain leather. It highly durable and functional material perfect for a leather jacket. You won't get the fully natural quality but still have the best of both suppleness and a high level of durability.

Is aniline leather hard wearing?

No, this type of leather is even more supple than ordinary leather, so it feels like a second skin while you wear it. On the other hand, it's also much more durable as it's made of the strongest part of the animal hide.

What does aniline look like?

Aniline is a soluble die that gives the leather a color without a smoothing effect on the top coat's surface. So, the result is dyed leather that shows all the imperfections like scratches, pores and wrinkles as a badge of honor.