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Women's Wool Coat

Your cold weather outfit does not need to be bland and uninteresting, try our modern cut wool coat for women, featuring aww inspiring shiloulette and colors that match every taste, from modest black wool coat womens to a red statment pieces you can find it all at FJackets.

When it comes to cuts, we also have a rage of styles featuring different lengths that are as follows

Wool Pea Coats for Women

Peacoats are hip-length double breasted coats of military origin and is now a fashion staple. Wool peacoats were initialy introducted in navy blue but are now available in different colors due to the increasing likness for the outerwear. Colors like red, beige, maroon, geen are highly popular and add a pop of color to any outfit.

Womens Wool Trench Coat

Trench coats are double breasted and have deep pockets and a belt at the waist. They're generally made of cotton, which is lighter and keeps water out. Wool and leather trench coats are also good choices, especially the ones made with wool. They can be used in cold weather and are more durable than the cotton ones. Trench coats are longer than peacoats and sit a few inches below the knee.

Long Wool Coats for Women

Long wool coats or overcoat as the name suggest is supposed to be longer in length and may reach till your mid-shin or below, these coats are warm look fab from a style point of view. 

Frequently Asked Question

What temperature do you wear a wool coat?

Wool coats are perfect for temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees fahrenheit, If properly layered you can also wear it for temperatures as low as 35 degrees fahrenheit.

How to get rid of lint on wool coat?

The easiest way to remove lint is by using a lint roller, lay your coat on a flat surface and use lint roller to roll out all the fuzzy lint. Alternately if you can also go the diy approch by using a razor to scrape it off, it may take more effort but is effective.

How to get wrinkles out of wool coat?

To smooth a wrinkled garment, place it on an ironing board or flat surface and use an iron set to the wool setting. If your iron doesn't have a wool setting, place a soft cloth over the wrinkled area and press over with the iron to smooth out the wrickle.

How should a wool coat fit a woman?

As wool coat is an outerwear it should have enought room for layers you normally wear during cold weather. However it shoulfn't look too loose or baggy on you.

How to clean wool coat?

If the label says to dry clean only, then it's better to hand it over to the dry cleaner. If the garment is washable, turn it inside out and wash it on the wool cycle. If not, then use the gentle cycle.

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