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Suede Leather Jackets


As the name suggest, Suede is made out of suede leather, which is a special kind of leather finish When and the weather start to change and the breeze turns dry, one can say that suede jackets are a must for every men and women.

These jackets were popular back in 60’s and 70’s and they are now once again in trend. It is actually known for its smooth and Lavish feel.

Getting a suede jacket is a wise investment, but the options are endless. It feels good to touch a fabric of suede as it gives you a soft type effect. It makes you look stylish, keeps you comfortable and allows you to express yourself in a plenty of ways. One can say that suede jackets are a must for everyone.

The material of a suede is sensitive and must be handled with extra care. It’s also hydrophilic so there’s a high chance for it to get wet when exposed to liquid or moisture.

How to Clean Suede Leather Jacket

The best way to keep your suede jacket looking good as new is with regular cleaning and preventative care. Cleaning and brushing will keep your jacket looking as fine as the day you bought it.

The material of a suede is far more delicate than other and one should always take care to avoid getting your jacket dirty

After every wearing or at least once a week, use a soft suede brush on the surface of the jacket to remove loose soil and dust. Brushing it regularly will help delay the need for professional cleaning.

Suede Leather Jacket Styling Ideas

Now that we have a basic understanding of how to clean a suede jacket and know what to avoid, let’s dive into the topic of styling your jacket with different clothes, colors, and accessories. This video is all about styles that you can try with your suede leather jacket men.The flexibility to style it on daily basis in new and exciting ways is not something any other piece of fashion provides, and a suede style jacket is the best example of this. it's also comes in various styles like a bomber, Trucker, Biker etc.

People also Ask

1. Is Suede Leather Jacket waterproof? 

Suede is not a waterproof material. it is a type of leather made from the underside of skin of an animal. It is actually softer and thinner than your typical leather. it absorbs water, avoid cleaning the material with a lot of water or walking in heavy rain.

2. Does water ruin Suede Jackets? 

Not exactly, depending upon how much water we are talking about. Suede is not as wetproof as leather because it is distressed. But one should avoid getting a suede wet because it can get water strains. 

3. Are Suede Jackets expensive? 

No. While it will depend on the type brand or product, suede is less expensive than leather in general. because substandard hides are used more often to make suede while the very best one is selected for leather.  

4. Can you wash Suede Leather Jacket? 

Real suede is leather. Leather is treated and tanned, and stretched before it is made into say a jacket. No, it cannot be washed successfully and more likely would be ruined if you did so as it would shrink, become hard after laundering.

5. Which is better Suede or Leather? 

Every material has its pros and cons but leather is preferred more. Because it’s easy to maintain a leather product, it’s also durable and long lasting, also it gets better by time.

6. How to protect a Suede Jacket? 

Store the jacket in a dry and environment when it is not being used. In order to prevent it from getting faded Avoid storing the jacket including direct sunlight and also near light sources. Brush the jacket regularly to prevent spotting. Also do get periodic professional cleanings.

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