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1920s Mens Suits

In the market, there are few aspiring fashion pieces that every man should own these days. For a contemporary twist, the best option is a vintage style 1920s Suit designed for interviews, high-class occasion and weddings.

Some of 1920's suiting inspiration also comes from movies and tv shows. The Gatsby is one of the top examples of how to properly style clothing in a theme party. Similarly, it also gives ideas for women dresses too, which is both vintage and unique. 1920's men's fashion has a great history, and what we know today has been through many colorful and herringbone textured changes. The important part of 20's suits trend is it was always available, there was not a single moment when the men's fashion disappeared or even less considered.

As of now, it's daily easy to wear the 1930s, 1940s or 20s, even casually. You can often mismatch it with your jeans with a shirt of your choice in slim-fitting. The colors on the other side are also in vast range from classic gangster texturing to modern solid. They are all appealing to new suiting fans but tricky to pick. The fashion evolved in the 1960'sand popular choice in the current era.

It's time you drop your current business look and wear our 1920 suits available in classy designs and colors. Our vintage style mens suits of three-pieces are constructed from soft touch fabric and come with striking features like the checkered pattern, functional buttons, and earthy tones.

These winter-ready 1920 mens suits are versatile enough to enter your daily fashion and you won't get bored of it. Aside from our delightful three pieces, we also have a range of men's leather jacket inspired by Movies and TV Shows. Shop the look today!


What kind of suits did men wear in the 1920s?

They used to wear three-piece with wide lapels. Narrow stripe shirt with matching collar and combination of black or white shoes.

Why did everyone wear suits in the 20s?

Because it showcased power and dignity. People who wore suits were highly respected for their well dressing, even today but the trend is not the same anymore.;

Did men wear jeans in the men's 1920s?

Men wore it not for styling purpose but during heavy duty work. Denim styles was a first initiated as uniform for construction workers which are now pants of everyday commute.

How do you dress like the 20s and 30's today?

It's quite simple. You need to buy a stripped pattern suit with matching trousers. Then get yourself a decent gangster version hat with matching show combination. If you own all the accessories, just get yourself a suit from a clothing collection.

What did guys wear in the 1940's?

Young guys used to style high-waist pants, baggy trousers and jeans along with loafers and t-shirts.