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Biker Helmet

Safety measurements are important, and every rider is contended to follow the rules. In other words, it is not an option but rather compulsory, and the first rule for a biker is to wear high-quality helmets. It's a defense tool against road crashes, and according to studies, it reduces the risk of brain injuries by 90 percent.

Not wearing a helmet increases 3 times more likely to get brain injuries in the event of a crash. But does it mean the person who wears a helmet remains safe all the time? That's not always the case!

In order to keep your head safe from harmful injuries, it is essential to buy a helmet with the following things in mind.

Right fit - it should fit firmly and allow your head to move freely.

Full-face - I would not recommend wearing half-face helmets because, during accidents, there is a risk of hurting the cheeks, nose eyes, and chin.

Unbreakable - some helmets easily break after one drop, and in serious falls, the inner structure can cut through the head.

Lightweight - heavy helmets can give you cervical pain and even cause dizziness during the ride.

Internal cushion - some helmets internal structure gives discomfort and hard objects can also be harmful. 

Proper vision - you should have a clear vision of the road and consider night-vision helments but they are costly. 

Branded - avoid purchasing helmets made by local companies. Always check the branding label.

Where to choose good quality helmets that won't break? Your search is over because we have added top branded motorcycle helmets to make your journey safe and stylish. Each comes with its unique features in both half and open faces. Extremely lightweight, incredibly strong, and comfortable to wear. Specially designed to meets today's motorcycle standards and safety laws. Pick your favorite from the added collection.


Which type of helmet is safe?

Full-face helmet is better for bikers. It offers protection to overall face that includes chin, lips, eyes, nose and head.

Is half-face helmet safe?

It's safe alright but does not protect the whole face.

Why are motorcycle helmets so expensive?

A good quality helmet made of carbon fiber material may cost extra because it is strong and light weight.

What is the ideal weight of an average motorcycle helmet?

A full-size helmet weight may sometime weight less or more. A lightweight helmet is better because heavyweight helmet can cause cervical pain.

How much a good quality cost?

A good quality cost can range from $100 to $200.