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Black Bomber Jacket Womens

The style guidelines are keep getting upgraded every year. While new fashion ideas are introduced season after season but one fashion will remain the same and popular is the classic bomber jacket. Also, known by the name of the flight jacket that was first issued to the US military during WW2. In the modern era, not only men but women also rock the style in their daily fashion. Available in multiple colors but the default look is the Black Bomber Jacket for Women.

A year-round essential in a variety of cool designs and construction. We have it in both lightweight and heavy fabric, fully lined with soft viscose and fur lining. Designed especially for ladies who want to off duty and weekend look that will make every direction look cheesy.


How to style black bomber jacket?

A black is a signature color that creates attention.  Styling it is not difficult, it will look good with black and blue jeans. 

How should it fit a woman?

It should fit one size big for extra room. The sleeves should not pass the wrist.

Are bomber jacket supposed to be small?

It should fit loosely so a smaller size might create difficulty and makes it relative tight.

Why do they call it a bomber anyway?

It was first given to pilots during WW2. They used to throw bombs from the jet so it was named bomber after that. 

How style it for work?

It can be styled with maxi, midi dress, shirt dress and other business attire