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Blue Suits

What's that men's classic that is available in every wardrobe? You may be thinking of blue jeans but as I mentioned "men's classic" and what's more classic than a blue suit? A smart formal choice which comes in a variety of shades such as Royal, Turquoise, Teal, Midnight, Navy, etc. The common reason why the blue suit is men's favorite choice is due to its features that make you look like the boss of a corporate company - even if you're just an employee. 

Unlike black, the blue suit is simply made to wear on special occasions and flatters all types of skin tone. But you can't just consider it as a quick option for any place, it rathers needs to be picked up specifically. If you aim for a tailored fit, bossy look and mid-weight fabric, then try out our blue suits for men in high-quality finishing, outstanding features, and 80's vibe. Almost anything goes with featured suits, mix it with your contrast t-shirt, button-down shirts, black shoes or sneakers.

We also take custom orders whether you like it lose or extra fitted, you can contact us for made to measure. Our aim is to makesure you enjoy the best tailoring experience without breaking the bank. 


What shirts go with blue suits?

White is a common option. A good pair would be light blue with maroon tie. A light blue shirt also looks very nice is a blue suit but only when the suit is in dark contrast. Try layering maroon tie or navy blue tie to look awesome. 

What color tie to wear?

Blue, maroon, purple, yellow and orange tie will look good. Black maroon tie looks awesome when wearing blue suit. Another style is black tie with blue shirt and suit.

Are bright blue suits in style?

Yes, they are ideal piece for both semi-formal and formal wear. Try light with dark contrast shirt to look elegant.

Are light blue suits professional?

Yes, they are professional and can be considered for any formal event. 

How do you wear a blue casually?

Try it with jeans, lighter shade shirt in untucked fashion and loafers to create a smart-casual look.