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Bomber Jacket Women

Some fashion gets old and replaced while some stay in our wardrobe - including the classic bomber jacket. Also identified as flight jackets by many due to its association with pilots from WW2. There are plenty of cool variations introduced in bomber and each one has its own rule for styling. You will find it in both military and smart casual designs but the fact it is not a military jacket anymore. After the war ended, the idea for never utilized until the end of the 20th century when the fashion industry realized the jacket has potential. 

We now finally know that this outfit has a casual side that can be utilized for a daily commute. Similar to military pilots, women also require warm and stylish outerwear and we have them all under one roof. Whether you want it for your workwear or weekend outings, these jackets are great options to take you from summer to winter. 


Is bomber jacket a girl approved?

They are both styled by men and women. It's typically a go-to outfit.

What to wear with a black bomber jacket womens?

It can go well with both workwear and casual wear.

How should it fit?

It should fit loosely while the sleeves should be above the wrist. 

How many styles available?

Hooded, Baseball, Leather Biker are some of the variations. 

Why is it called a flight?

The pilots used to wear it while flying jets hence given the name flight.