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Leather jackets have been around for quite a long time. It has been introduced in so many styles and colorful variations.

The default color for a leather jacket is black because it's trendy and preferable for all occasions.

In spite of all the cool versions in black, there are other colors you should also try - that includes Brown!

Today, we will discuss how to style brown leather jacket casually and formally. 

Let's get started! 


The actual purpose of buying a leather outer is to style it with apparel that gives it a better attraction. The most common combination is with jeans and in the below picture, you can see the guy wearing it with blue jeans. It's the perfect combo but that is not all, there are other eye-catching ways you can create a perfect look in your brown outer. If you're out of ideas, let me give you a few examples on how to pair brown jacket with your clothes.



One thing to notice is that all three guys are wearing jeans. Because the jacket is more highlighted with jeans regardless of what color shirt you wear underneath, plus, the setting can take you anywhere, even if it's a formal place. You just need to combine with the right jeans. A skinny may not look very well with a cafe racer style. Also, avoid baggy jeans because they're more hip-hop than casual. 



These items are enough to compliment a brown jacket. And I believe, you may already have these three items in your wardrobe so this would save you extra on spending.  



A 9 to 5 working man also needs a jacket to wear over his dress shirt, pant and tie. Today, people still ask can a leather jacket be formal? And the answer is YES, a leather outer is not only designed for a date night, it can be formallly styled.


Whether you want to envy a manager at work or create an impression in your first job interview, just combine above formal clothes that are not too expensive to purchase. Not every job requires you to wear a tie but I've included anyway. 

3 things to keep in mind:


First, check how the shirt fits. If it's bulky, then consider tucking it because the length should not surpass the jacket length. For jeans, avoid pairing with tight or too bulky jeans, the results will be odd. 


A brown is a universal that looks good with any shade, similar to black. Brownish leather jackets will give you more edge if paired with the right shade. 


When you decided to wear a brown outer, check the style whether it will let you blend in the location. A biker jacket may only fit in a casual area but a bomber can go in all places, that is why it is sometimes called a flight jacket - a jacket that let you fly! 

What we did? 

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The page will be updated frequently with more cool designs so keep checking out! 

Here's a quick short note from our delightful customer that purchased a brown leather from us.

Leonard West


"Very fine leather jacket. Soft and supple with beautiful design features. The fit as other reviewers had stated was true. As leather craftmanship goes, great bang for the buck."

Frequently Asked Questions:

What matches with brown leather jacket?

Wear it with a tee and jeans for your daily commute or a plain button down shirt and chinos for a slightly elevated look; you can do both with the brown leather jacket. 

What shoes go with a brown leather jacket?

Look edgy by pairing your brown leather jacket with a pair of brown boots, or keep it casual and comfy with a pair of white sneakers. It all depends on the occasion and setting. However, you should never wear a brown jacket with black shoes.

Is genuine leather washable?

Real leather should be spot-cleaned and wiped. It cannot be washed in a machine.

How do you treat a brownish leather jacket?

A leather product can last many years, only when it is properly cared for. Here are quick and easy ways.

  • Use damp cloth gently to clean the real leather jacket.
  • Avoid using any cleaners. First, ask the supplier or test it on any old leather outfit.
  • When wet, hang it in the open air for quick drying. Avoid hanging in dusty area and do not leave it for a longer time. 

Should I get a black or brown leather jacket?

If you want to get good use out of your jacket, go with black as it's more versatile. However, if you're looking to pair your jacket with muted colors and textures, a brown jacket would make a better choice.

Should leather jacket be tight or loose?

Leather jackets should fit closer to your body without feeling uncomfortably tight; you should be able to work and move around without restrictions. 

How many styles are there?

This is the perfect switch after black. There are many versions of the leather jacket in brown but you must identify which one is suitable for you? For example, a biker man needs something with studded hardware, an asymmetrical collar, and heavy paddings. An average commuter can happily wear a brown jacket with a simple design and no extra paddings.

  • Motorcycle - asymmetrical or belted collar with extra paddings on the shoulders and sleeves area. Cuffs, pockets and waist area have extra zip to offer proper fitting and security.
  • Bomber -  rib-knit cuffs, collar and waist-line. Some bomber jackets have extra attached hoods.
  • Cafe racer -  a standard jacket with less bulkiness and classic combinations. They are easy to wear getup, best for regular or weekend outings.