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Leather jackets are highly in demand throughout the world. People actually love to attire or combine their regular outfits with leather jackets to look hot and attractive. However, leather jackets are not only for styling purpose; jackets are also used for protection and sometimes as uniform as well. It is also good for cosplaying things.The category of leather jackets is pretty much famous because of its history maybe. In the 20th century, military guys used Brown Flight Leather Jacket as their uniform and in Second World War, they become known as a bomber leather jacket which was highly insulated and good for cold weather. That time, people used many different hides of animals to make their leather jackets like sheepskin, cowhide, and pigskin.

Today there are many shades like beige, tan, reddish brown and much more, and Fjackets is frequently have these shades in their product list. However, this guide will flow your mind via many shades that you can buy from here. And will help you decide what new shade you will introduce in your wardrobe.






Let’s start with the light brown shade. This shade of brown lambskin leather is much similar to the tan color. This color frequently loved by many people and you can see the reason clearly. Here the model is wearing this slim fit jacket along with his white jeans and shirt inside. This color helps you look bold and is reliable to wear in offices and routine life as well. Men can easily combine their outfit with blue jeans and checkered shirt inside with wearing a dark brown watch and black glasses to have a standard look.



Here the model is portraying the light brown leather jacket women version that is made in attractive style. It has belt lock on the waist with style stand-up collar and buttons all over the jacket. She has worn it with shirt inside and wearing tight jeans. You can wear pumps with it for an attractive look. However, this color will go perfectly with dark blue jeans and glasses. It’s totally on your how you can combine your jacket with the gadgets. You will definitely look amazing in this light brown leather jacket.






It’s the turn of dark brown leather jacket men shade and here is a model in semi-formal style showing you the look of dark color. Dark Brown Leather jacket outfit are good if the jacket is in bomber style or have shearling on it. However, here the model is wearing the brown bomber leather jacket with darkish brown tie and same color of pants. He used contrast here for the shirt, and you’re ready to go. This is a formal style with this shade, but you can use your casual outfit with this jacket easily.



You saw men wearing his jacket formally, and here you can see women wearing the dark brown leather jacket in her casual look. Women can also wear this color of the jacket with miniskirts or with her dress but go casual with it is the best choice. Here the model portrayed wearing broad line shirts with brown and black matching and black jeans with a white shade on it. This completes the biker look that she desired to have with her brown jackets. Women can easily change this style into their formal look by adjusting few gadgets and introducing earrings and watch with it.






If you’re in need to hear the word decent, then go for Tan leather jacket. This style is tremendous in look and pretty much sober for your personality. This color is much popular in the category and people demands for it. This color comes in various designs like tan bikers jacket, tan bomber jacket or even tan trench coats (mostly required in U.K). The model is attiring in complete sober look here with blue denim and blue shirt inside with no extra gadgets. You can quickly add watch hat or any other stuff that you like to combine with it like black jeans and open front look along with the cap.



Women can also portray her in this sober looking jacket like the model is doing here. If you’re going on a routine late night walk, then this shade of leather jacket is best to wear. This jacket is completely sober with no fashionable stuff added in this like belt or collar style. This jacket is collarless with four zip pockets and zipped cuffs. This is nothing that you will see every day, and therefore it stands a standard in your wardrobe. The combination of the jacket with black denim jeans is perfect!






Let’s have a look at this lighter than the light brown color that is beige. This is another color that you won’t see daily a person wearing and walking on the streets. This color can also be a millionaire wear. Haha! The class of this color is amazing and can work perfect with both dark and light color gadgets, but it’s preferred that you wear the beige leather jacket with blue or black jeans. It won't work perfectly with colorful jeans or chinos. Just like the model is wearing lining shirt and blue denim jeans. A smile on face and your day will be perfect.



Bold, attractive and stunning. This is a three in one package for women for sure. Girls will love to have outfits like this in their daily wearing wardrobe. You can see the hotness of the model wearing this leather jacket with white vest and tight blue denim jeans. Wearing the beige leather jacket and walking on the streets will definitely change the direction of many eyes towards you easily. Just don’t forget to let your hair open!






This is another shade of beige leather jacket that is famously known as antique beige, and you will only find it on Fjackets. However, this style is of Poe Dameron who wore this jacket in Star Wars: The Force Awaken but now its here is different but like I said antique shade. This jacket has everything like Finn Jacket including belted cuffs, the antique pattern on sleeves, belt on waist, padding on shoulders and open front style. This jacket is portrayed well by the model wearing dark black color gadgets with a brown belt on. This is the actual style that you should wear with the beige leather jacket.



Don’t forget you don’t have to combine your beige leather jacket with colorful gadgets, be simple and sober always. Here it’s dummy wearing the Finn jacket in women’s version with the white plain shirt and grayish jeans on. You can combine it with black or blue jeans for a better look. Rest of the specs of the jacket is same as men’s version.






The next shade of brown leather jacket is the camel color that is again a very rare leather color. This is mainly too expensive to have but no doubt, it’s stunning to wear. The model here portraying is basically a pea coat that is also a class of jackets. It has double breasted style closure and belted cuffs. There is also a shearling touch in the jacket that makes it more interesting to wear. The model has combined his jacket with black jeans and the burgundy shirt that is also hard to see. This can be your casual wear, and it’s also good for winter wearing.



Camel color is definitely a piece for attraction for both genders. Here a woman is wearing camel leather jacket with an entirely different style of jackets. This style comes in biker’s category with open closure, no pockets in front and not even collar. Let’s not divert our focus on camel color; the main reason for her attraction in this picture is the jacket she’s wearing. White vest and black denim jeans to complete the look of her outfit, this jacket is definitely the one that should be in your wardrobe.






Last on our list of brown leather coat jackets’ shades but still not the least is distressed style. This is like a usual brown, with distress look on the exterior of the jacket that gives it a vintage look. This time, it's Jensen Ankles is modeling the jacket as Dean Winchester in Supernatural TV series that becomes the shine of many leather jacket lovers. It was a car coat with button closure and mid thigh length with shirt style collar. A designer and Fjackets do the distress on this coat is now giving an exact look to you. You can have the coat and wear it with the black shirt and sky-blue jeans with the locket of Dean Winchester on.



Here is our last model of the list wearing distressed leather jacket version. Her jacket is designed in a vintage look with thread locks on cuffs and tremendous working of stitching on the jacket. The usage of the button on this distressed brown leather jacket gives her a very new look and for sure different from thousands or millions. She is not wearing too many gadgets with her jacket except black tights and a white shirt inside. This is all that it will require making you the queen.

However, if you didn't found your styling match here then check out the black leather jacket category of Fjackets. You will definitely find the one made only for you.