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Burgundy Tuxedos

There are many stylish options in tuxedos, and if you want to elevate your fashion further, go for Burgundy tuxedos. It's a bold choice that fits every men's taste, whether a wedding, party, or prom night. It is currently leading the shows, especially red carpets, due to its tailored fit, attractive shade, and stylish appeal.

There are no actual rules of wearing the suit, you can easily match your burgundy tuxedo jacket with your desired pants or shirt. But for a better combination, always go for black because it's a personal choice of celebrities.

Many people think that only black color should be considered for tuxedos. But if you're a guy with classic taste in menswear, you'd prefer contrast colors that give 80's vibes. And burgundy is one of them. The tone itself is rocked by many celebrities in the red carpet to officially make it a part of a trend similar to black. If in the past you've worn a black suit, then it's time to add some colors to your styles with our Burgundy Tuxedo Collection. We have introduced the color in velvet, wool, and other fabrics that work season-to-season and will help you gain popularity. Pick yours today!


What color tie goes with a charcoal suit?

The tie usually depends on the type of color shirt you are wearing. A blue tie will look good with light blue shirt. 

Can you wear a charcoal to a funeral?

In funeral, it is better to wear black because the theme of the occasion requires this color. If you don't have a black suit, then it's okay to wear it. 

What do you wear with a charcoal blazer?

A matching charcoal or black pant with black shoes. Or style it with jeans for a semi-formal look. 

How to style charcoal suit?

It looks good in both casual and formal occasion. Try blue jeans with white sneakers or give it a formal touch with matching pant. 

What does burgundy color represent?

It is associated with higher class profile men. If you have a taste for fashion, burgundy is the right color for you to wear. And what's better that to wear burgundy suits.