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History of Café Racer Leather Jackets


The history of Café Racers is full of twists and turns. The name was used been since 1960’s but it was not until the following decades that it became popular. During this time, motocross riders and racers would compete in races between cafes and pubs in London, Manchester, Bristol, Hatfield, Birmingham and other cities. The pub and cafe owners originally organized the races to attract more clients with lots of speed and noise. These Café Racer-style jackets were worn by many during these races — when they weren’t busy drinking their own weight in beer.

A cafe racer jacket will never go out of style as it is a timeless piece with an attitude that people will always admire. Indeed, its popularity can be traced from the sixties till date and across countries and subcultures. Cafe racer jackets have been worn by film stars, musicians and trendsetters from all cultures and social classes over the past few decades.

Origin of café race leather jacket


The café racer jacket seems to be rooted back in the 1950s known as the leather racing shirt. However, the term “café racer” emerged in the 1960s when motorcycle enthusiast would modify their bikes for speed and handing generally for street racing and quick rides over short distances. But this particular style of jacket with mandarin collar and central zip was still not identified as café racer style of jackets, the origin of the name still remains unknown, some say the name was designated later in the 2000s.

Café racer jackets in sub-culture


The Tun-Up Boys were the first ones to introduce café racer motorbikes, but most of these folks still wore the asymmetrical biker jacket. However, there is no denying you could find some of them wearing the collarless jacket. This indicates that the café racer jackets were still not a staple in that period even in the café racer era.

The rise of café racer jackets


Cafe racer jackets didn’t get proper attention and media hype in the earlier days but things have changed, now you’ll find almost every celebrity and model rocking a cool café racer jacket, in fact there are more designs and varieties of café racer jackets produced than any other style of jacket. It won’t be wrong if we say that the style has seen it’s first popularity peak after the 2000s thanks to war of the worlds, Wolverine and mission impossible.

How should a cafe racer jacket fit?

Cafe racer jackets are supposed to fit snugly. If it is very loose or very tight, it will seem awkward and look bad because it doesn’t fall in line with the style of a cafe racer. They come in many designs which make them suitable for any taste. Some even have zippers or a little bit of leather at the elbows which add a lot of style to the whole jacket. And since it is all about aesthetics, one shouldn’t wear something that doesn’t impress them as well as make them comfortable to wear. Here is how it should fit.


The most important measurement, and the one which dictates the size of the rest of the jacket is your chest. If you are going to buy a jacket, make sure you buy one that has an accurate measurement label, to ensure it will fit how you want it to. Generally, a café racer leather jacket is supposed to fit snugly around the chest but should still have enough room to zip all the way up and still be comfortable.



The shoulder seams of a jacket are our main point of focus when checking if the jacket is sized correctly. The shoulders seams can come down a couple of inches to so there’s enough room for layers, but anything more than that will comes as sluggish.



The sleeve length will correspond with your arm length, it’s essential you get this right. If you get the chest and shoulders right the sleeve length is certainly going to be correct too. Ideally the sleeve hem should end at the top of your wrist, neither higher nor lower.



The leather jacket hem should end at your belt or an inch longer, you might feel like it’s too short at first but that’s how it’s supposed to fit.


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I don’t usually post reviews. But this jacket deserves one. I weigh 185 and the medium fits very well. It is slightly fitted, but I consider that a positive as I prefer a slim look. I’ve been looking at jackets at department stores for the last couple of years, and this jacket looks better than what I’ve seen.

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I searched through a lot of jackets and finally settled on this one. I was skeptical of the quality and size and expected the sleeve length to be too long. However, to my extreme delight, the jacket was a perfect fit. The material is so supple, the stitching is exceptional, and the straps at the waist are easily hidden once adjusted. I feel like a hero. Thanks for the amazing jacket

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It looks better in person. Soft and supple, yet strong enough for everyday wear. The edges are mildly distressed and blend in perfectly with the body of the vest. This is very well made. I'm a bit heavier and have difficulty finding things that fit, but I followed the sizing chart, and the jacket fits fine.

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I wear a size 46 sport coat, which fits me perfectly. The above jacket fits precisely in the same manner, almost like its tailor fit. Delivery was phenomenally fast, like two days. And in my opinion, this is a damn good looking jacket.

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People also Ask

Can I wear a racer jacket casually?

Yes, you can wear a racer jacket casually as long as it’s designed for style and not purely made for racing. Fashion jackets are less stiff and more supple, moreover they also fit differently. At the end of the day, it all comes down to choosing the right jacket.

Are leather jackets out of style 2021?

Leather jackets are timeless staples and will never go out of style no matter what’s in trend. You can always rock this bad boy with a jeans and tshirt to call it a day or dress it up with shirt chinos and boots.

Why is it called a café racer?

The term café racer comes from the times when youngsters would race from one café to another, in their lightweight modified sports bikes. However, this is considered as a legend and no one really knows to what extend this is true.

What is the point of a café racer?

Café racers were standard bikes that were modified and made lighter for better speed and handling. These bikes were used by folks who would challenge each other for a race and commute around cafe and bars. These bikes are even popular today.

How much does it cost to get a leather jacket tailored?

The tailoring cost of a jacket varies depending on the degree of alteration, another thing is that that not every tailor can alter a jacket because it’s hard to alter cand can cost from $50 to $300. Therefore, it’s best to get the correct size rather than altering a jacket.