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Camouflage Jacket

Fashion inspiration can come from any place, even from the battlefield. You may have ideas of Bomber jackets which were actually a uniform of jet pilots and also called flight jacket as a synonym. But that's not the only fashion you should go for! When it comes to selecting a different off-duty style, a camouflage jacket is a right call which will give an extremely awesome look when paired with matching clothes. 

The military uniform pattern (now translated to streetwear) was invented in 1915. It was donned during WWII which went through different style development, for specific battle and season. After the wars, the uniform became a part of fashion and people started donning it with jeans and other casual dressing. Now, the pattern is modified with an amazing configuration to match the seasonal course. You will find it in hooded, and different colorful contrast. 

These are the coolest camo jackets you can buy and wear it as a go-to military gear on your daily venture. 

How to style camo jackets?

These outfits are mostly worn over jeans and shirts. Also, makes a perfect combination with cargo pants.

Is camo in style 2020?

They've been in style ever since the post-war.

Is it also called a hunting jacket?

They both have different patterns and used for different purposes.

What looks good with camouflage?

It looks good with different contrast shades. Wear it over any casual clothes like jeans, a t-shirt, cargo, and black trouser to name a few.

How many colors are there?

As of now, you will find it in blue, green, grey and red as well.

What prints are available?

It's available in army, leopard, hunter, desert, and sand prints.