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Cowhide Rugs



Decorating your rooms brings sparks to your house, especially in bringing your friends and family inside with confidence and making them know about the accessories that you decorated your living rooms with. If you have not tried that as yet and wanted to make some changes in your rooms, then start by using these rugs. These are the Cowhide Rugs, which are crafted in a creative manner with amazing designs and colors. No doubt they are of high quality which can be placed not only in your living rooms but your bedroom as well and on any colored flooring, which will surely look brilliant.

A house that looks lavish is usually the talk of the town. It is not the competition that people prefer. It is the reputation. Nobody wants to others to talk wrong or bad about them, especially when it comes to the house. It is all about making it look attractive and pleasing to the eye. Anybody will think that a bad looking house is not worth going to. Community wise that is the most horrible thing ever to happen to a person. So in a social point of view, you do not want to let yourself down in front of your neighbors. Everyone thinks their homes are beautiful but there is always that space of improvement, and that improvement is in the form of a décor item. That item is a cowhide rug. It will make your room look more modish and cozier.


These are certainly much different than other types of rug. The patterns, on the other hand, are different too in an awesome way, and they are flame-resistant, which means you can place near the fireplace or in the kitchen. They are made in the same manner as observed in the site, and thus you will get provided same. They are even furred one, which are so soft that you will sleep on it and so will your pets. You can even rest on it and work on your laptop or perhaps read a book on it. These rugs can be used for many things just to give you the soothing experience that everyone wants daily.

A cowhide rug is a bit more expensive but is the perfect piece for those who do not prefer too much fur to be lying around the room. It is not too wooly, but you can still feel relaxed by touching the texture. It is refined and maintained in such a way that the person will want to feel it. In some ways, having a rug in the house can give the owner a mark of honor and class. And every one of us wants that. It is a desire that very few have the opportunity of fulfilling. An online clothing store like Fjackets is giving those many people the golden opportunity to spend their hard earned money on something will satisfy them in the long run. But to survive that long, one needs to take proper care of something as valuable as this.



As everyone wants their stuff to look like new even if it is there for more than three years, they will take any way out just to achieve that. But thinking like that is going to get you stuck some way or the other. Those who have rugs made of cowhide at their homes are the most lucky people. The good news is that unlike sheepskin rugs, the cowhide rugs are much more easy to clean. Depending on the situation, you need to take care of the rug in such a way that it does not get damaged or looks like you did not clean it properly. Here is how to maintain your rug.

Liquid Spills- The most common problem everyone faces, whether they have a rug or not, is the spilling of cold drinks, water or anything that is in the form of liquid. The kids do it on a regular basis and the adults as well. Whether it is a drop or the entire drink, when it falls on a rug like this, you must immediately clean it. The liquid will be soaked by the leather in no time and will damage the rug in such a way that you would not want to use it again because of how ugly it will look. So when any liquid falls, take a cloth that will absorb it and keep tapping it around the area till it gets little dry. After that, take a damp cloth and wipe on the stain till it is gone. You can use soapy water that is not alkaline. The rug will catch some soap. That can be removed with a cloth dipped in regular water. Then take a dry area of the cloth and try to wipe. Vinegar and water combination is the best solution mixture.

Food Stains-This is one problem that has led to people throwing their rugs out because they damaged themselves. Whenever food falls, it tends to get dry faster. The mistake that people do is that when it gets too dry, they use a knife or a sharp object to try and scrape the dirty off. That automatically leads to damaging it so bad that it rips the rug. The first thing anyone would do is to use a damp cloth to wipe whatever they can and then brush off the excess stain. In cowhide rugs you have to brush it first and then wipe with the damp cloth. For that, they can use a dull knife or a stiff brush. It saves the rug from being more messed up, and the stain is removed.

Grease or Oily Stains-Grease stains are the most irritating stains that can come on a cowhide rug. It is very noticeable even if you have black and brown colored one. The procedure is the same as the food remedy. Firstly, brush off the stain but in the direction of the fibers of the rug. Then you will have to pour some eucalyptus oil on it and wipe it with an absorbent cloth. After that, take a damp cloth that is soaked in soapy water and trying to remove the stain and use another damp cloth soaked in regular water to wipe off the soapy liquid. If you have no success in removing the stain, then you can call a professional to help you out.


Those were the remedies for the stains. Hopefully, those tips will help you out as it does not take too much time after following the instructions. All you have to do is either leave it out to dry or under the fan. Experts say that leaving it out in the scorching sun is a bad move as the UV rays can prove harmful. Therefore an overcast day is the best time to hang it out. If you are very careful about your home’s décor items and love cleaning it almost every day then you can use two methods to maintain your rug.

1. For those who have vacuum cleaners, they can choose the steam cleaning technique. It is very effective seeing that it removes the stains as well as the bad odor. The steam cleaning will make your rug damp because of the heat so make sure your rug is laid flat on the ground instead of hanging it in an awkward position.

2. The second is the most preferred cleaning. For those last minute guests, the rug can just simply be dusted by giving it a shake. That, of course, depends on the size of the rug. If you have a large rug, you can put it on a clothesline and keep hitting it with a stick or a broom to get all the dust out. It is that simple and very useful as well.

Both these techniques are the best to implement on a daily basis depending on the condition of your rug. Those that have a white rug or blend of another with white will probably need to do it thrice a week. It is always good to have people not complain about how everything else is clean in your house or room except the rug. Health wise, it is not safe either so always be careful to put in an extra effort and keep your rug so well maintained that it lasts for years than it is supposed to.



When these rugs were invented, they had to be put in the view of the guests. What is the use of putting a rug somewhere in the house where nobody gets the chance of seeing it? The most luxurious ones need to be in plain sight, and that is either in the dining room or wherever you make your guests sit. This will give them the opportunity to admire your choice of making your home stylish. But for them to be amazed you will need to get a high-quality rug and here is how you can choose.

• In recent times, it is always better to spend a reasonable amount or slightly more to get something that will last for longer than to spend less and get it to last for a couple of years. That is not always the situation, but when you have to buy a rug, it is best to buy from at trusted supplier, as this store. In a manual store, you can literally touch the fur to feel the quality. Online stores are more trustworthy though since you are getting good quality rugs at a decent price than the manual stores.

• After buying your cowhide rug, you can place it either at the entrance or somewhere that people can take the luxury to experience its beauty. Anywhere next to a fireplace or in a lounge is an excellent choice of placing it. A small size one can be put in the bedrooms for a more soothing view.

• Since around the world cows have various colors and patterns, making them appear more beautiful and pleasing to the eye, the same can be said for the rugs. The cowhide patterns make the selection of the person much easier because they already have an idea which pattern would look good with the color of their room and furniture. It can come in the traditional design that has the pattern of one cow, or you can get checkered patches of different shades of one color like gray, black, brown, and white. These are considered to be the modern style in cowhide rugs. They are available in every shape and size to fit accordingly to your room’s dimensions. The best part is that they do not lose its shape.

Rugs are the best thing to relax or rest your feet on. Some of us take relaxing to the next level by lying down on them since they are soft, and anyone would feel relaxed. Even if it is not too fluffy, it still has the comfort factor. Children love walking on it without their shoes on and sometimes will not move from there. The leather underneath the fur gives the rug the grip to stay in place. Since they do not leave a crease when you fold it by mistake, it makes things less troublesome for the owner. The reason people do not mind putting them next to fireplaces or the kitchen is that they are flame resistant.


Cowhide rug are those decor items that can be a match made in heaven for your homes. Have a look at the pictures and see how these animal mats can end up being a huge difference in presentation and make you and your guests feel more welcomed. A cowhide rug maybe expesnive at first but now it isn't. Apart from these, the store also has some reasonably sized sheepskin rugs. So for sure they are comfortable if you intend to buy it. The images here will give you a better idea on how you can use your cowhide rugs in your homes. No matter how long your rug is or in which color or the pattern, you will be amazed by how this décor will make your house look classy.

So come on in and check them out, which suits best for your rooms, you decide and grab yours today.