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Cropped Jacket

5 Important Things To Check Before Buying A Cropped Jacket


Fashion has been around for quite a long. Even If I take you back to 300 years in a time machine, you will still find people, rocking suits, macronis, mohawks and finely tailored clothes. The trend is is still there today because new funky upgrades has also earned a place in our wardrobe. When it comes to customizing fashion, you will find different variations and one of them is a cropped jacket. 

You may easily pair your regular jacket with your fancy jeans or trouser but some styles are rare that are heavily customized. Including cropped jackets, which are only popular among ladies. Cropped moto jackets are at rage now. In other words, we call it short jackets that are reduced to the torso level. They are entirely introduced in more cooler styles and becoming a part of regular fashion in European sides. One of the biggest reasons why men are not fond of cropped style is the fit, it just does not go well with many dress codes like formal. Otherwise, it's a great deal - only if you know how to style it. 

The secret to looking good in a cropped jacket is correct sizing, length, and fit. We have amazing designs in mix and match that you can inject with your clothing. Available in bright and dark contrast in custom designs and rich texture. 

If it's a first time you're buying a leather jacket, let me discuss key points you need to know before buying cropped jackets.


No matter what style you prefer, style is the most important thing before buying a Cropped Leather Jacket. It needs to fit less like a glove because if you picked a smaller size, the whole attraction is fade away. If you opt for a flattering fit, make sure to measure your size before ordering. 


It is necessary to check each feature on the jacket. For example, if you're buying a cropped motorcycle jacket, check whether it have zipped pockets, asymmetrical collar and belted waist.


Reason by cropped is popular is because of its length. They are customly made for ladies to reflect their personal style. You can have the right dimension but checking the seller's product page or trying it out while shopping physically. 


Whether it's a cropped blazer jacket or a jacket, fit is very important because you can't wear a baggy outer in the public. Use size measurement chart to pick the correct size. 


No matter the size or fit, if the quality is low, you've wasted your money. Whenever buying a leather jacket, make sure to pick the right quality, go for a lambskin, cowhide, sheepskin or a good quality PU. 


It's not that we make high quality jackets, we design according to every person's story, style and adventure.  Here's a feedback from a customer who bought a cropped leather moto jacket.

Fit perfectly


"I was doubtful of how this jacket would fit. I'm 5"0 ft and 110lbs im a tiny little woman. And surprisingly I had no trouble with sleeve lenght. I ordered an extra small. I'm also very finicky when it comes to REAL leather and this is soft and smells REAL. Can't wait to sport it"

- Dania Vargas, Fjacket's customer.


Do men wear cropped style?

It is starting to makes its way to men's wardrobe. While it is more considered for street fashion.

What is a cropped jacket?

It is a summer outerwear.

Is there a cropped denim jacket?

Yes, there is also a denim jacket too. 

Can I customized my current jacket into crop style?

We can customize the jackets that are available in our store. We don't do customizing on customer's previous clothing.

how much it cost?

Customizing does not change the price. It is available on the same price as any standard outerwear on our website.